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    Side Quest Guide by TripleJump

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                                   Tales of Graces f
                             Side Quest FAQ by TripleJump
                           Last Updated: April 18th, 2012
                        Contact: triplejumpfaqs[at]gmail[dot]com
                             Copyright (c) 2012 TripleJump
                                     Version: 1.0
     I am currently working on a complete, comprehensive and full FAQ/Walkthrough
     to Tales of Graces f. However, I noticed many people on the message boards
     of GameFAQs with many questions, so I am posting it here.
     If it says anything about an inn request, you can refer to the inn request
     guide I have submitted.
     In addition, the following Side Quests are missable:
     - Side Quest #1
     - Side Quest #2
     - Side Quest #3
     - Side Quest #4
     - Side Quest #5
     - Side Quest #6
     - Side Quest #7
     - Side Quest #14
     - Side Quest #16
     - All Future Arc Side Quests are limited to the Future Arc
                                     SIDE QUESTS
     Side Quest #1: Wishing the Pain Away
     After meeting Kerri for the first time as a child, go to Cheria's house and
     talk to her to complete the event. MISSABLE!
     Side Quest #2: A Private Conversation
     After meeting Aston for the first time as a child, go upstairs to Kerri's room
     and walk into the star. MISSABLE!
     Side Quest #3: The Expendable Son
     After returning to Lhant at the start of Chapter 4, go to the second floor of
     the manor immediately and walk outside your mothers room. No reward.
     Side Quest #4: Mr. Oswell's Secret 1
     Enter the Oswell manor after meeting the president for the first time. Very
     short window of opportunity to see this. MISSABLE!
     Side Quest #5: Mr. Oswell's Secret 2
     After winning at Riot Peak as part of the plot, return to Yu Liberte to watch
     a scene in Oswell's Manor. MISSABLE!
     Side Quest #6: A Cold Night
     Upon your first entry to Velanik and before turning in the 5 strahteme horns,
     go to the inn and rest for a scene. MISSABLE!
     Side Quest #7: Brotherhood
     Upon your return to Zavhert from the Fendel Research Laboratory, sleep at the
     inn. MISSABLE!
     Side Quest #8: Malik's Remembrance 1
     In the south-central area of town below the Katz Plushie in Side Quest #61 is
     a star. This is in Zavhert and before you enter Fendel Tower.
     Side Quest #9: Malik's Remembrance 2
     After completing Side Quest #8, go to the inn and watch the scene there.
     Side Quest #10: Malik's Remembrance 3
     In Kurt's Room at Fendel Tower you'll find this Star if you've seen the other
     two previous Side Quests.
     Side Quest #11: Slim Pickings
     After Fendel Tower, go talk to Fermat in Zavhert.
     Side Quest #12: A Father's Legacy
     After returning to Lhant and are about to leave for Velanik in chapter six,
     go talk to Kerri in her room of the manor for an absolutely beautiful scene.
     Side Quest #13: Unlucky in Love
     After acquiring Cheria and Malik from the first visit to Barona in the future
     arc return to Lhant and check the star in front of Cheria's house.
     Side Quest #14: An Offering of Flowers
     After the boss with the Helmcrusher, you can examine the garden flower beds
     for Assorted Flowers. Turn this in at the Inn Request in Lhant. MISSABLE!
     Side Quest #15: The Unsigned Letter
     After Cheria, Malik, Sophie and Pascal are all in the party at once after
     Chapter 4 begins, go to Lhant Hill and watch the scene. Cheria will receive
     the title of Sympathetic Soul and you will receive the Anonymous Letter for
     the Inn Request. 
     Side Quest #16: Frederic's Lost Treasure
     Enter Cheria's House in Lhant after getting Hubert for the first time. Then
     travel to the Item Shop in Barona for the Beloved Hankerchief item. Return it
     to the Lhant Inn. You will acquire Charbroiler. MISSABLE!
     Side Quest #17: Her Husband's Keepsake
     Go to Barona Catacombs in chapter 8 and get the Ship Model, which is in the
     room before the castle. Return to Lhant and turn it in at the inn request for
     Asbel to get the costume title "Honorary Knight".
     Side Quest #18: Victoria's New Orders
     Check at the Bar (Tactics) in Barona for the Royal Knight's Documents. Return
     to Barona Inn and complete the Inn Request. Asbel gains the title of Teacher's
     Side Quest #19: Malik's Teacher
     On the way back from Barona after you defeat Cedric, stop at the Roadside
     Cottage and talk to the man here to get a scene. You will receive Windor's
     Military History for the inn request, and Malik will acquire his Silver Hunk
     Side Quest #20: What Became of Bryce
     Return to Orlen Woods after acquiring Hubert in the party and go to where you
     fought the Nova Wolf. Talk to the man here and defeat him in battle to get the
     item "Windor Crest". Return this to the inn.
     Side Quest #21: Cheria's Piano
     Go open the chest in Seaside Cavern at the start of Chapter 8 to find a Tuning
     Fork. Turn in the Tuning Fork at the inn request in Barona. You will receive
     the Amber Vestments. Cheria will gain the title of Emotive Pianist.
     Side Quest #22: Bandit Control
     Head into Old Grale Highroad (west of Gralesyde ) and talk to the bandit on
     the middle of the road three times. This will trigger a scene. Simply defeat
     the bandits to complete the event and give Pascal the title of Wind Summoner. 
     Side Quest #23: Tremors at Wallbridge
     Talk to Duke Dalen after Hubert returns to the party. Go to Wallbridge Ruins
     and backtrack to the area where you fought a boss last time. There will be a
     small fight and you will acquire the Wallbridge Evidence. Return it at the inn
     request to finish the Event.
     Side Quest #24: The Turtlez Bozz
     Go to Turtlez HQ and talk to the Turtlez here. Sophie will gain the title of
     Gothic Lolita and you will receive the Businezz Application as a part of a
     Gralesyde inn request. Return it.
     Later, if you beat the Dark Turtlez in the Zhonecage, return to Turtlez HQ and
     talk to the Turtlez here for the Turtlez Flute.
     Side Quest #25: Book of Rare Creatures
     On the Strahta Craglands on your way to Sable Izolle is a man standing by a
     large pit. Talk to him to receive the Book of Rare Creatures, a request item.
     Return it to the inn.
     Side Quest #26: The Secret Proposal
     After getting Hubert back in the party, go to Lhant to Kerri's Room to see a
     scene. After, travel to Barona Castle and enter the east hallway. Talk to the
     man here to receive the Inn Request item "Trade Permit" and Asbel will gain the
     title "Son of a Hero"
     Side Quest #27: Asbel's Strange Hobby
     At the start of chapter six you will go to Oul Raye port. Talk to the man
     nearby and accompany them on the journey. You'll get a scene and have to fight
     a small battle. After the scene you'll acquire the item Sunken Cargo for an inn
     request and Asbel will acquire the title "Expert Scrubber".
     Side Quest #28: Free Spirit
     In front of the Sandshroud Ruins in the Uncharted Sandstretch is an event star
     and a hoarde of enemies. Defeat them in two battles and then you will receive
     an item. Turn it in at Katz Korner to get Pascal the title of...
     Side Quest #29: The Vanished Town
     Enter the research tower in Sable Izolle and walk forwards to the star. 
     You will receive the inn request item "Blue Cryas" and Pascal earns the title
     of Water Summoner.
     Side Quest #30: The Mysterious Power
     After acquiring Hubert in the party, go to Oul Raye and down the stairs from
     the inn to get the event. Hubert will acquire the title of Keeper of Secrets.
     You will also get the Investigation Report, which can be turned in at Sable
     Side Quest #31: A Misplaced Picture
     Go to Barona, on the way to the sanctuary is a residence. Talk to the old man
     inside after the request for the Treasured Picture appears in Sable Izolle.
     You will get the Treasured Picture. Go to North Yu Liberte Port and talk to the
     man by the dock here to get the title "Hot-Blooded" for Hubert. Return to
     Sable Izolle and talk to the man outside the inn to finish this Event and
     receive a Carbon Rod.
     Side Quest #32: Lambda's Remains
     Go to the Shuttle Crash Site, which can be found by scanning the mountain
     island southwest of Fendel around X: -380, Y: 180. Check the star here and
     fight the Humanoid. After his health becomes unknown, run away and guard and
     hope you survive. If you do, you will receive the Proof of Another World inn
     request item and lay this event to rest.
     Side Quest #33:  Sophie's Homecoming?
     In the Residential District of Yu Liberte after Hubert joins is a maid with a
     Side Event bubble. Talk to her to begin this quest. Go to Strahta Desert (West)
     and search by some animal bones near the ruins for the Cherished Locket. Return
     to the inn in Yu Liberte and turn it in for Sophie's "Lucky Girl" title.
     Side Quest #34: Priceless Tools
     After Hubert joins, go to the Commercial District of Yu Liberte and talk to the
     woman with the Side Event bubble here. Trek to Strahta Desert (East) and defeat
     the monster with the Side Event bubble here. Go back to Yu Liberte and turn
     the tools in at the inn for Skit #357 and Hubert's "Steadfast Denier" title.
     This will also open up Miriam's Shop.
     Side Quest #35: The Secret Plan
     Acquire the Hand-Drawn Map from floor 20 of Riot Peak (fourth battle) and give
     it to the inn request at Yu Liberte. Done. You will receive the Gillshiner.
     Side Quest #36: Vault Full of Memories
     Visit the Oswell Family Vault via Shuttle, coordinates X: 5, Y: -315. Defeat
     the enemy here for the title "Scion of Oswell" for Hubert.
     Side Quest #37: Sticky Fingers
     At Riot Peak, take part in the normal arena mode. On the second battle there
     will be an enemy called Scepterista. You must use a stealing attack on her to
     acquire the Daily Medicine. Return it at the inn to get the Kitty Paw and
     finish this side quest. If you are having trouble, use a title that doubles
     your steal drop rate. This is very frustrating so don't give up.
     Side Quest #38: The Pipsqueak Shakedown
     In Velanik, enter the residence building to the east of the inn. From here, go
     out the door to the right side and continue to the right to get a chest with
     the request item "Spoon". The little boy will prevent you from exiting unless
     you give him 1000 gald. Do so and go north to the well, talk to him here and
     you'll receive your money back.
     Return to the residence and talk to the child again here. Talk to him numerous
     times to give him 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200 and 6400 gald. After you give him
     this you will finish Side Quest #38 and Cheria acquires the title of
     "Good Samaritan.
     Side Quest #39: Calling a Spade a Spade
     In Chapter 6, go the the Fendel Mountain Pass. Now head up the left to the
     top to find a man with a Side Event bubble. Talk to him twice and you will
     trade the drill for a spade. Cheria will acquire the Dutiful Daughter title
     and Side Quest #39 is complete. If you do not have the drill, it can be found
     in Fourier's House in the Amarcian Enclave.
     Side Quest #40: Captain Handsome
     Go to the boss room of Bathus Citadel and check the star. You will acquire the
     Drill inn request item and Malik gets his costume title "Model Soldier".
     Side Quest #41: A Natural Mimic
     On Mt. Zavhert, south of the research facility is a fake chest. Open it to
     fight a battle, after the battle Pascal will receive the title of Fire Summoner
     and you will retrieve the item Raw Materials for the inn request. Return them
     to the inn.
     Side Quest #42: Fur of the 'Gong
     After exiting Fendel Mountain Pass for the first time into the Fendel Highlands
     you will encounter a man. Talk to him to beging the quest for the Rockgagong
     Fur. You must fight the Rockgagong and steal his fur. Escape after and give
     the fur to the man in Zahvert at the inn request. Malik will obtain the title
     Imposing Figure.
     Side Quest #43: Smuggling Run
     Talk to the ship captain in Zavhert port and choose "?????" as the destination.
     Win the battle and you will acquire the Strahta Ratchet item as well as gain
     the title "Barmaster Candidate" for Malik.
     Side Quest #44: Pascal and the Spy
     Enter Fendel Tower and take the lift on the bottom right side to Basement 10.
     This is during chapter 8 by the way. Talk to the spy here to acquire the inn
     request item "Evidence of Espionage" and get the title "Patriot of Fendel" for
     Side Quest #45: Sibling Envy
     Upon attempting to exit the Amarcian Enclave for the first time there will be
     a man. Talk to him, then go to Pascal's House. Check the star here for the
     Research Sample item and Cheria acquires the title "Only Child".
     Side Quest #46: Rangers, Move Out!
     Enter the Boss room of Fendel Research Lab and go one screen south, then to
     the east. You'll fight an easy enemy and receive the Pondslopper item.
     Side Quest #47: Lorelia's Grave
     To the left of the Valkines Cryas in Fendel Glacier Ruins is a hole in the
     wall. Take it and examine the grave near the bottom. Malik will acquire the
     "Unable to Die" title.
     Side Quest #48: Spare Parts
     Talk to Psi in Telos Astue's Living Quarters to start this quest. You must
     find some spare parts. Check right of the stairs leading to the Shuttle Bay
     for a quick battle and afterwards you will have the Replacement Part. Turn it
     in at the inn. You will receive the Epic Neck item.
     Side Quest #49: Understanding Hubert
     In the Humanoid Research Center, take the first broken elevator down to B1
     South and enter the first door to the east. Check the star for a scene and
     you will acquire the Drive Unit inn request item. Hubert also acquires the
     "Lover of Lhant" title.
     Side Quest #50: Like a Human
     Just outside Bathus Citadel is a star. Examine it for a scene. You will acquire
     the Broken Brooch inn request item and Sophie will get the title "Stirred From
     Side Quest #51: Version 6.1
     Go to Lambda's Cocoon/Worlds Eye and go to the right, down, and right. Hop in
     the hole and go left twice to reach a star. Examine it to receive the Data
     Recorder inn request item and Sophie's "Version 6.1" title.
     Side Quest #52: Modern Couture
     Behind the Valkines Cryas in Strahta Desert Ruins is a chest. Open it for the
     Liquisilk Fabric. Turn it in at Katz Korner inn and you will acquire the Modern
     Youth title and costume for Hubert.
     Side Quest #53: Innocent Couture
     Outside the Sandshroud Ruins in the Uncharted Sandstretch is a scene. You will
     acquire the Pearl Windthread. Turn it in at the Katz Korner inn request and
     you will acquire the Innocent Maiden title and costume for Cheria. 
     Side Quest #54: Dreaming Big
     In the Beach Resort's Resort Area, you will find an inflatable shark/dolphin
     in the water on the right side. Check it for a Shark Fin. Take it to Katz
     Korner and turn it in at the inn for a scene. You will acquire the Scarlet
     Vestments for Pascal.
     Side Quest #55: The Gentleman
     You'll have to turn in EVERY inn request in the game, which means completing
     the Zhonecage. See the inn request section for help on completing all of them.
     Or if you're reading this in the standalone version, check the Inn Request FAQ
     that should be up along with it.
     After, you will be warped somewhere and have to fight The Gentleman. You will
     receive your pick of either Dragon's Blood, Darkened Ore or Purebright Cloth.
     Side Quest #56: Sophie's Seed Collection
     Examine the area in front of Cheria's house and Sophie decides to plant some
     flowers there. You must collect seeds around the world to plant there.
     - The first set of seeds is located on the way to the harbor, on a shiny spot
       near an old man sitting on a bench (west of the inn). This is in Barona
     - The next set of seeds is in Gralesyde , if you go north from the main square
       they are in the flowerbed to the right.
     - The next ones are found in Oul Raye, by the cactuses to the right of the inn.
     - Another set can be found in Sable Izolle if you walk around the item shop
       owner to the right and pick it up by the cactus.
     - Another can be found in Yu Liberte, in the Oswell manor's garden.
     - Another is at Warrior's Roost, in the bottom right corner at the bottom of
       the stairs.
     - Another is in Velanik's Inn, backstage area.
     - Another is in Zavhert Inn, the far right room upstairs.
     - Another is in Amarcian Enclave, in the Overseer's Chamber north of the
     - The last is in Telos Astue, basement one. Check on the right side of the
       stairs up to the Shuttle Bay.
     - Another optional seed is in Katz Korner.
     Return to Lhant and plant all of the seeds. You will get Magic Carta No. 24 and
     after a while when the plants grow Sophie will get the title Flower Girl. Later
     in the game, check the side of the item shop to get an event star where you
     will acquire melons. The shop will start selling them here.
     Side Quest #57: Hide-and-Seek
     This can begin after Hubert joins the party and is found at Wallbridge (the
     fortress, not the ruins).
     Enter the central tower (up the right side middle and back) and talk to the
     maid here with the Side Event Bubble. Go upstairs after this and talk to the
     Turtlez. Buy a Croquette from him for 411 gald.
     Go back downstairs and two screens north. You'll find a kid by the lever
     out of view because of the Ladder. Now go one tower to the east and you'll
     find a soldier looking under the bed. Talk to him and lend him money. Now go
     one tower south and descend the ladder. Crouching behind the fruit crates on
     the left of the room is a kid.
     Exit to the north without climbing the ladder and talk to the soldier around
     9 or 10 times to make him move. The child is behind him. One further behind
     there and you'll get another one behind the barrel.
     Return one tower south, then climb the ladder two levels, and go south out the
     door. Go one tower south and climb onto the roof. There will be a collapsed
     soldier, give him the croquettes. Continue along to the boxes and check there
     for another kid.
     Return to the tower you got to the roof from. Go inside and down one level. Go
     outside here and northwest (heavily west) to the Turtlez. A child is behind it.
     Now go into the bottom right tower and climb down the ladder. Exit to the
     south in this room. Talk to the soldier here and give him the Life Bottles. He
     will give you a Feather Badge. A child will be just ahead.
     Lastly, enter the door to the south of where you are to talk to the soldier.
     If you have less than 500 gald (which you should because you gave your money
     away earlier). You will get your money back immediately after talking to him
     and the soldier moves, allowing you access to the child behind him. Cheria will
     earn the title of "Hide-and-Seek Honcho".
     Side Quest #58: Magic Carta
     In Sable Izolle there is a man who will play Magic Carta with you. See the
     Magic Carta section of this guide for more info. Available here are the titles
     "Dark Enforcer" for Asbel, "Great Pirate" for Sophie and "Magical Bee" for
     Cheria. Pascal gets "Carta Shark". You'll also get Skit #356. Items available
     are Nature's Scarf and Book of Cuisine.
     To win, you can press pause as soon as you hear the quote. Then go to the
     excellent FAQ by BIGEggman found here:
     Press Control + F to find the quote. When you know the name of the Tales
     character, go to aselia.wikia.com/wiki and search the character's name. 
     You will then see a picture. You now have to find that picture in the pile.
     Repeatedly press start to pause and unpause as you take a look, then when you
     see it, quickly select it. This can be very tough on hard mode.
     Side Quest #59: The Trio of Titans
     Complete the Arena Normal Rank in Warrior's Roost to meet Veigue. Complete his
     inn request, which can be found by completing Side Event #63.
     Complete Zhonecage floors 3 and 9. Turn in the Lost Anklet (Zavhert Port, have
     40 Magic Carta Cards and talk to the old man) and the Hero Staff, found in the
     Sandshroud ruins.
     After turning all of this in, complete the Master Class at the inn to fight a
     battle against Veigue, Amber and Reala. Defeat them to complete this event.
     Asbel will get the "Ultimate Warrior" title.
     Side Quest #60: Opening Night
     The man backstage in the Inn of Velanik wants to put on a play but needs some
     source material to go on. You must find the Princess Stories books.
      - One is backstage in Velanik inn, at the discovery.
      - One in Lhant manor study, center bookshelf
      - One in the northwest residence of Zavhert
      - One in the right side upstairs room of Barona inn
      - Inside the Back of Graylesdale inn
     After gathering them all, return to the playwright to watch my personal
     favorite scene in the game. Malik gains the title of "Best Supporting Actor".
     Side Quest #61: The Sick Child
     In Zavhert, there is a little girl in one of the residences who is sick.
     Sophie promises to get her many plush dolls to make her happy. You will
     collect them on your journey.
     - The first is located around the back of Tactics in Barona.
     - The second is located in Lhant, near the residence building
     - The third is located in Gralesyde, head north toward Duke Dalen's manor until
       you see a red sign on the left. Go left from there and open the chest for it.
     - The fourth is located in Yu Liberte, near the north gate of the city by the
     - The fifth is in Velanik's Residence building in a chest.
     - The sixth is in Zavhert, talk to a kid in town and buy it for 10 gald.
     For the last three, dualize a Venomous Needle with Hazardous Liquid to make a
     Caustic. Dualize the Caustic with a Puffpetal Down to make a Ballon Cloth.
     Dualize a Ballon Cloth with a Puffpetal Down to make a Stuffed Doll, and then
     Dualize a Stuffed Doll with an Imperial Crest, Bizarre Clumb and Toxic Fluid
     to get three unique dolls. Give them to the girl. You'll receive the title
     "Lara's Bestie" for Sophie.
     Side Quest #62: Shot Cube
     At the Amarcian Enclave go left at the start path and talk to the man here.
     Play "Shot Cube".
     Stage 1:
     - The one on the right goes left.
     - The one on the top goes down.
     Stage 2:
     - The one on the top goes down, pushing both in.
     - Both ones on the right go left.
     Stage 3:
     - Bottom right one goes up
     - Top left one goes down
     - Both left ones go right now
     - Both right ones go left now
     You will acquire a Rune Shotstaff. More stages will be unlocked now.
     Stage 4:
     - Left one goes right
     - Top one goes down
     - Bottom one goes up
     Stage 5:
     - Bottom left one goes right
     - Bottom right one goes left
     - New bottom left one goes right
     - Top left one goes right
     - All top ones go down
     - All bottom ones go up
     Stage 6:
     - Bottom left one goes right
     - Bottom one goes up
     - Bottom right one goes left
     - Top one goes down
     - Top left goes right
     - Top right goes left
     You will acquire a Battle Shotstaff now. Three more stages will be unlocked.
     Stage 7:
     - Top right goes down
     - Left one goes right
     - Top one goes down
     - Both right ones go left
     Stage 8:
     - Bottom one on the left goes up
     - Centre right one goes left
     - Top right one goes down
     - Top one on the right goes left
     - Bottom one goes up
     - Left one goes right
     - Top one goes down
     - Right one goes left
     Stage 9:
     - Bottom left goes up
     - Left one on the bottom goes right
     - Top left goes right
     - Top one on the left goes down
     - Left one goes right
     - Bottom right one goes left
     - Top one goes down
     - Top right goes left
     - All bottom ones go up
     You will receive a Platinum Shotstaff. Pascal will get the Puzzle Cracker
     title. Later in the game, more puzzles will open up.
     Stage 10:
     - Bottom one on the left goes right
     - Bottom one on the left goes up
     - Bottom one on the right goes up
     - Both right ones go left
     - Top goes down
     - Bottom goes up
     Stage 11:
     - Left side (bottom one) goes right
     - Right side (top one) goes left
     - Top one on the left goes down
     - Right one goes left
     - Top one goes down
     - Left goes right
     - Bottom goes up
     Stage 12:
     - Top right goes down
     - Bottom left goes up
     - Middle right goes left
     - Bottom right goes up
     - Top right goes left
     - Bottom goes up
     - Right goes left
     - Bottom left goes right
     - Top goes down
     - Left goes right
     After you finish you will receive a Rare Shotstaff and a Winner's Trophy.
     Side Quest #63: Strange Folk
     After Hubert returns to the party, go to Gralesyde inn. Go up the stairs to
     the right and enter the room here. Talk to the kid. Sophie will gain the title
     of Heavenly Emissary. You have to track him down several times around the
     world now.
     - Barona Inn, in the upstairs left room. You will acquire Salisbury Steak x3.
     - Outside Oul Raye Inn, Malik will acquire the "Winged One" title.
     - Outside Sable Izolle Inn, you will acquire Pork Curry x3.
     - Inside Yu Liberte Inn, you will acquire a Battle Sword.
     - East of the Inn at Warriors Roost. You will acquire Sweet and Sour Eel x3.
     - On the stage at the Inn at Velanik. You will acquire Battle Knives.
     - In the room at Zavhert inn. Hubert will obtain the title of
       Senior Younger Brother.
     - Near the inn in the Amarcian Enclave. You will acquire a Mandarin Scarf.
     - In the guest room of Lhant. You will acquire Requiem and lots of Mabo Curry.
     Side Quest #64: Guardians of the Valkines
     Go to the Valkines Cryas in Barona and examine the event star. You will have to
     fight a dragon enemy. Defeat him. Next, go to Strahta Desert Ruins and check
     the Cryas there, you will have to fight a new enemy. Defeat him.
     Lastly, travel to Fendel Glacier Ruins and check the Cryas here. Defeat the
     dragon here to finish this Side Event.
     Side Quest #65: A Sword of Antiquity
     Talk to Victoria in the Knight Academy. Then travel to Turtlez HQ and buy the
     sword back from the Turtlez here for 120,000 gald. Go to Barona Castle and talk
     to Duke Dalen, Asbel will receive the title of "Inheritor of Excalibur". Go
     to the Amarcian Enclave now if you have the Argo Iris (defeat Abysseon in the
     Ghardia Shaft to acquire it) and you will receive Excalibur.
     In the Zhonecage floor four you will acquire the Turtlez flute, which you can
     use to get the sword for free if you want. However, the sword will be largely
     useless by then as you'll have better gear.
     Side Quest #66: Death of a Humanoid
     Go to Telos Astue and talk to the Humanoid on the right side of the first floor
     with the Side Event bubble. After the scene, go to the second floor and check
     the records room. Watch the event there and then gather the following:
     - Artificial Crystal x2 (Rare Metal + Working Gear)
     - Formless Crystal x2 (Rare Metal + Hazardous Liquid)
     - Hyperdense Crystal x2 (Lump of Clay + Dangerous Liquid)
     - Moist Crystal x2 (Common Metal + Water of Absolution)
     - Overgrown Crystal x2 (Torn Page + Anonymous Seed)
     - Soaring Crystal x2 (Torn Page + Pretty Feather)
     Go to B2 of the Humanoid Research facility, head west and then go north at the
     fork. Enter the room here and watch the scene. Turn in the items and Pascal
     will get the "Brainiac" title.
     Side Quest #67: When a Lord Met a Lady
     In the future arc, examine the star by the bookshelf in Lhant Manor's study.
     Side Quest #68: Rest and Recreation
     Find the Beach Resort (Approximately X: -370, Y: -160) and talk to the
     receptionist. Cheria will acquire the Alluring Temptress title.
     Side Quest #69: The Swimsuit Theft
     After completing Side Quest #68, you will get this one. You must recover all
     the swimsuits.
     - Asbel's is in Oul Raye, to the right of the item shop in a vase. Asbel will
       gain the title "Vest-Dressed".
     - Sophie's is in the Southwest corner of Strahta Desert Ruins, defeat the
       Torch Elemental and Sophie will gain the title of "Beach Kitty".
     - Hubert's is in the southeast corner of the Rockgagong, with a felonfake. Beat
       it and Hubert will gain the title "Six-Eyes".
     - Cheria's is in Sable Izolle, check the item shop counter and pay 100,000 gald
       for it. Cheria will gain the title "Seaside Angel".
     - Malik's is at the entrance to Yu Liberte in the hands of man. Talk to him
       for it, Malik gains the title of "Lifeguard".
     - Pascal's is in the Sandshroud Ruins, which is in the Uncharted Sandstretch
       south of Oul Raye. You need the Amarcian Key from Bathus Citadel. Defeat the 
       enemy on the bottom floor of the first room. Pascal gains the title "Deep Sea
     Side Quest #70: The Battle for the Sky
     After completing the game, boot up a main arc file and go to Lhant. You will
     have access to the Zhonecage dungeon. Complete all the floors to finish this
     Side Quest.
     Side Quest #71: Fendel's Newest Minister
     At random sparkles throughout the game you will find Trash items. Go to
     Zavhert inn when you have 15 of them and chuck them in the trash can. You will
     get a scene and Malik acquires the title Environmental Minister.
     Side Quest #72: Barmaster Malik
     After completing Side Quest #43, return to Bar Tactics in Barona and talk to
     the barman.
     Side Quest #73: Hopebringer
     After getting the girls back in Amarcian Enclave in the future arc, travel to
     Barona and watch Skit #309. Then go to the study of Lhant Manor and check the
     star. Asbel will acquire the title "Hopebringer".
     Side Quest #74: Fermat's New Baby
     After getting the girls back in Amarcian Enclave in the future arc, watch the
     skits here. Gather some chocolate from the fountain by the inn and then travel
     to Zavhert. Go to Fermat's house and talk to the husband twice. After, Sophie
     will acquire the title "Godmother".
     Side Quest #75: A Prospect for Hubert
     After visiting the Presidential Palace in the future arc, watch Skit #311 and
     then go to Oswell's Manor. Talk to Oswell to finish the Side Quest. Hubert will
     gain the title of "Legion Commander".
     Side Quest #76: Cheria's Cold
     After Gustwork Ruins in the future arc, go to Gralesyde and watch Skit #312
     upon landing. Go to the inn and check the star for the event. Cheria will get
     the "Blurter of Truths" title.
     Side Quest #77: Lilac Petals
     First, you much watch Skit #313 outside of the Royal Sanctuary afte Gustwork
     Ruins in the future arc go to Velanik and check the star at the inn and then go
     to Zavhert and check the start outside the inn there. Malik acquires the title
     "Retracer of Paths". 
     Side Quest #78: Mecha-Asbel Reborn
     After the Lastalia Shaft becomes available in the future arc, watch Skit #314
     in the shuttle bay of Telos Astue. Fly to the Amarcian Enclave and enter
     Pascal's house. Check the star to get the title "Pastel Pascal" for Pascal.
     Side Quest #79: The Secret Fort
     After getting the girls back from Amarcian Enclave in the future arc, go to
     Zavhert and watch Skit #315 there. After, go to Barona and check the star
     outside the castle. Richard will acquire the title "Benign Conspirator".
     Side Quest #80: Poisson on Top
     In the Future Arc, go to Warrior's Roost and finish the Master Class. At the
     end you will fight Poisson. Defeat her to finish the event. You obtain 150000
     Side Quest #81: Turtlez on Strike
     In the future arc, go to Turtlez HQ and talk to the two Turtlez in the back.
     Give them an apple, banana and peach to get the Turtlez service back up and
     Side Quest #82: Birth of a Turtlez
     After regaining the party from Amarcian Enclave in the future arc, go to the
     Beach Resort and talk to the Turtlez on the beach to complete this.
     Side Quest #83: Victoria the Diplomat
     In the future arc, after the entire party is together go to Sable Izolle and
     check the basement of the research tower. Talk to the people here for the
     event. You will receive 30000 gald.

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