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    Achievement Guide by Hypoxify

    Version: 1.5 | Updated: 04/09/13 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

        ____  _           _                _
     |  _ \(_)         | |              | |
     | |_) |_  ___  ___| |__   ___   ___| | __
     |  _ <| |/ _ \/ __| '_ \ / _ \ / __| |/ /
     | |_) | | (_) \__ \ | | | (_) | (__|   <
     |____/|_|\___/|___/_| |_|\___/ \___|_|\_\
     |_   _|      / _(_)     (_) |
       | |  _ __ | |_ _ _ __  _| |_ ___
       | | | '_ \|  _| | '_ \| | __/ _ \
      _| |_| | | | | | | | | | | ||  __/
     |_____|_| |_|_| |_|_| |_|_|\__\___|                       _
         /\       | |   (_)                                   | |
        /  \   ___| |__  _  _____   _____ _ __ ___   ___ _ __ | |_
       / /\ \ / __| '_ \| |/ _ \ \ / / _ \ '_ ` _ \ / _ \ '_ \| __|
      / ____ \ (__| | | | |  __/\ V /  __/ | | | | |  __/ | | | |_
     /_/    \_\___|_| |_|_|\___| \_/ \___|_| |_| |_|\___|_| |_|\__|
         /\             | |
        /  \   _ __   __| |
       / /\ \ | '_ \ / _` |
      / ____ \| | | | (_| |
     /_/____\_\_| |_|\__,_|     _   _ _     _
      / ____|    | | |         | | (_) |   | |
     | |     ___ | | | ___  ___| |_ _| |__ | | ___
     | |    / _ \| | |/ _ \/ __| __| | '_ \| |/ _ \
     | |___| (_) | | |  __/ (__| |_| | |_) | |  __/
      / ____|     (_)   | |
     | |  __ _   _ _  __| | ___
     | | |_ | | | | |/ _` |/ _ \
     | |__| | |_| | | (_| |  __/
     V 1.5
      _  _                    _  __
     | || |_  _ _ __  _____ _(_)/ _|_  _
     | __ | || | '_ \/ _ \ \ / |  _| || |
     |_||_|\_, | .__/\___/_\_\_|_|  \_, |
           |__/|_|                  |__/
    "Why do you ask what, when the delicious question is when?"
    Version History
    4/2/13 ? 1.0 - Main Guide Completed, Achievement
    4/4/13 ? 1.3 - Fixed Typos, Clarified Some Achievements
    4/9/13 ? 1.5 ? Added Collectible Locations
    |                               Table of Contents                            |
    [INTR] Introduction
    [OVRV] Achievement Overview
    [ACHV] Achievement Guide
    [VOXO] Voxophone Locations
    [TELE] Telescope/Kinescope Locations
    [INFU] Infusion Upgrade Locations
    [GEAR] Gear List and Locations
    ['99T] Tips for 1999 mode
    [COTC] How to contact me
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    |  [INTR]                      Introduction                                  |
    Welcome to my FAQ. This is my first FAQ, and I didn't want to embark on such a
    long quest as to conquer a full fledged walkthrough. This guide covers Bioshock
    Infinite, the third game in the Bioshock trilogy, following Bioshock 2. I am a
    big fan of both, and I thoroughly enjoyed the games that came out before those
    two, System Shock 1 and 2. The purpose of this guide is to help all you
    achievement hunters out there who are  interested in netting a 1000g for this
    game. This is a simple game to ace, except for  two achievements which will
    consume most of your efforts. Thank you for reading this, I hope that this faq
    helps you.
    |  [OVRV]                    Achievement Overview                            |
    Number of Achievements: 50 (For now)
    Achievement Difficulty: (from 1 - 10, 10 being the hardest) 5
    Least amount of playthroughs to get all Achievements: 1 (If you really try),
    probably 2
    Number of Missable Achievements: 0 (they carry over through checkpoint select)
    Story Related Achievements: 10 - 15 (depending on difficulty)
    Details: At the time of this writing, none of the dlc's have come out.
    Generally, each dlc includes 10 new achievements worth 200g. I don't know what
    the case will be with this game, but I do know that I will be covering those
    when they come out. I will make this faq 99% spoiler free, covering the story
    related achievements last, and I will also have to include spoilers in the
    ending analyzation (obviously). If there happens to be a spoiler in a
    particular section, I will warn you with something like *SPOILER*.
    |   [ACHV]                     Achievement Guide                             |
    The bulk of this faq, I will now list every achievement and how to unlock it.
    First, I will create an example of an achievement so you understand how this
    section will work.
    Achievement: This is the name of the achievement
    In - Game description: What the description of the achievement in game is
    What you have to do: Sometimes the description in game is wonky, here I will
    Gamerscore: How much gamerscore this achievement is worth
    Guide: Here I will tell you how to earn the achievement, giving you the area
    where you can unlock it and giving you tips on how to unlock this achievement
    Lets get started.
    Achievement: Tin Soldier
    In - Game description: Completed the game on Easy difficulty or above
    What you have to do: Simply finish the game on easy difficulty.
    Gamerscore: 10g
    Guide:  When you start the game, select easy difficulty. When you complete
    the final battle, this achievement will unlock.
    Achievement: Saw the Elephant
    In - Game description: Completed the game on Normal difficulty or above
    What you have to do: Simply finish the game on normal difficulty.
    Gamerscore: 25g
    Guide: When you start the game, select Normal. When you complete the final
    battle, you will unlock this achievement.
    Achievement: Stone Cold Pinkerton
    In - Game description: Completed the game on Hard difficulty or above.
    What you have to do: Simply finish the game on hard difficulty.
    Gamerscore: 50g
    Guide: When you start the game, select Hard. When you complete the final
    battle, you will unlock this achievement.
    Achievement: Auld Lang Syne
    In - Game description: Completed the game on 1999 mode.
    What you have to do: You have to finish the game on 1999 mode to unlock this.
    Gamerscore: 75g
    Guide: There are two ways that you can go about unlocking 1999 mode. The first,
    recommended way is to complete the game. When you finish the game on any
    difficulty, you will unlock 1999 mode, and you will have experience with the
    game in order to simplify your run. The second, quicker way is to input the
    konami code at the title screen.
    I received an email from Valeska stating that the cheat will need to be
    inputted after the screen with Bioshock Infinite on it, with Press Start
    underneath. Input the code on the second screen. Thanks Valeska!
    The konami code on xbox is:
    Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A.
    The code on playstation is:
    Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, X, O.
    Anyways, complete the game on this difficult difficulty(!) and this hefty
    achievement will pop. (For tips and hints on how to deal with 1999 mode, please
    visit this ['99T] section of the FAQ.) Also, if you play on this mode and beat
    the game, you get all achievements for easier difficulties as well.
    Achievement: Should Auld Acquaintance
    In - Game description: Unlocked 1999 mode.
    What you have to do: Unlock 1999 mode.
    Gamerscore: 10g
    Guide: There are two ways that you can go about unlocking 1999 mode. The first,
    recommended way is to complete the game. When you finish the game on any
    difficulty, you will unlock 1999 mode, and you will have experience with the
    game in order to simplify your run. The second, quicker way is to input the
    konami code at the title screen.
    I received an email from Valeska stating that the cheat will need to be
    inputted after the screen with Bioshock Infinite on it, with Press Start
    underneath. Input the code on the second screen. Thanks Valeska!
    The konami code on xbox is:
    Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A.
    The code on playstation is:
    Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, X, O.
    Achievement: Industrial Accident
    In - Game description: Killed 20 enemies with a Sky-Hook Execution.
    What you have to do: Go into the brutal execution animation 20 times.
    Gamerscore: 5g
    Guide: If you get an enemies health down low enough, a skull appears above the
    enemies head. Click and hold the right stick in order to go into an animation
    where you execute the enemy. Sometimes, this skill could be rather hard to
    see, so make sure that during your melee you are always holding the right
    stick. Repeat this 20 times in order to unlock this achievement.
    Achievement: Aerial Assassin
    In - Game description: Killed 20 enemies with a Sky-Line Strike.
    What you have to do: Go into the Sky-Line Strike animation 20 times(if you kill
    Gamerscore: 5g
    Guide: Jump onto a skyline. Keep swinging until you get close to enemies, and
    slow down by pulling back on your control stick. If you look at an enemy, then
    an "A" will appear above their head. Press A. You should be flying towards
    them at a rapid pace, and when you get close, you strike them with your
    Sky-Hook. If you kill the enemy (because bigger enemies won't be insta-killed),
    then you did it! Now just do this twenty more times.
    Achievement: A Real Pistol
    In - Game description: Killed 25 enemies with the Broadsider Pistol
    What you have to do: Pick up a pistol and kill people with it.
    Gamerscore: 5g
    Guide: The moment you get the pistol at the raffle, kill people with it. This
    gun is outclassed by literally every single other gun in the game, and as such
    you should get this achievement over as soon as possible.
    Achievement: Passionately Reciprocated
    In - Game description: Killed 150 enemies with the Founder Triple R Machine Gun
    or Vox Repeater.
    What you have to do: Pick up either of these two machine guns and use them to
    kill 150 enemies.
    Gamerscore: 5g
    Guide: Find one of these guns and use them to kill 150 enemies. Your choice
    is which one you should carry. The Founder Triple R Machine gun has more ammo,
    but it does less damage. The Vox repeater, on the other hand, has less ammo,
    but it can kill people faster due to its higher damage.
    Achievement: Street Sweeper
    In - Game description: Killed 50 enemies with the Founder China Broom Shotgun
    or the Vox Heater.
    What you have to do: Pick up either of these two shotguns and use them to kill
    50 enemies.
    Gamerscore: 5g
    Guide: I find the shotgun to be much easier to use for this one. You find the
    China Broom way to late into the game, and it only has 10 shots max. Anyways,
    use the shotgun to kill 50 enemies and this achievement will pop.
    Achievement: Big Game Hunter
    In - Game description: Killed 100 enemies with the Founder Huntsman Carbine or
    the Vox Burstgun.
    What you have to do: Kill 100 enemies with either of these two weapons.
    Gamerscore: 5g
    Guide: Pick up either of these two guns and use them to kill 100 enemies. I
    believe that the Huntsman Carbine is much better for this achievement because
    it has more range. The Vox Burstgun is 3 round burst, and as such it is harder
    to hit distant targets. The carbine doesn't suffer this range loss, and can be
    used both in close range and long.
    Achievement: Loose Cannon
    In - Game description: Killed 25 enemies with the Paddywhacker Hand Cannon.
    What you have to do: Pick up the hand cannon and kill 25 people with it.
    Gamerscore: 5g
    Guide: I personally don't like the hand cannon, but one of the areas that you
    find it in (Good Time Club) is fairly close quarters and you should use it as
    much as you can in this area. Once you kill 25 enemies, this achievement will
    Achievement: On a Clear Day...
    In - Game description: Killed 30 enemies with the Bird's Eye Sniper Rifle.
    What you have to do: Put 30 enemies out of their misery by sniping them.
    Gamerscore: 5g
    Guide: Find a sniper rifle. This achievement is not generally hard to get, but
    if you are not the best sniper then find a high perched spot away from all the
    action, and this will give you time to line up your shots. Then, kill 30
    Achievement: Here Little Piggy
    In - Game description: Killed 30 enemies with the Founder Pig Volley Gun or Vox
    Hail Fire.
    What you have to do: Have 30 enemies meet their demise by using either of these
    Gamerscore: 5g
    Guide: Both of these guns are similar, so I don't think that either one is
    easier to use than the other. So, find either of these weapons and fire off
    some rounds on enemies. When you kill 30, this achievement will pop.
    Achievement: Master of Pyrotechnics
    In - Game description: Killed 20 enemies with the Barnstormer RPG.
    What you have to do: Pick up an RPG and blow 'em to smithereens.
    Gamerscore: 5g
    Guide: This achievement is easily unlock at
    The hall of heroes, where you unlock shock jockey.
    In this area, there are enough enemies to kill with the RPG to net you this
    achievement, and you can ditch this gun after this. Of course, you could also
    just find one lying around in the heat of battle and use it to kill people.
    Kill 20 and this achievement is yours.
    Achievement: Seasoned to Taste
    In - Game description: Killed 30 enemies with the Peppermill Crank Gun.
    What you have to do: Pick up this bad boy and unleash its insides on 30 unlucky
    Gamerscore: 5g
    Guide: The only way to find a Crank Gun is to loot a patriot, or have Elizabeth
    open a tear which will give you a crank gun. Thus, whenever you kill a patriot,
    pick up its crank gun and kill people with it, and when you run out of ammo,
    ditch it. There are more than enough patriots to get crank guns, so as long as
    your accuracy doesn't suck too bad, you should be able to get this achievement.
    Just kill 30 people with it.
    Achievement: Well Rounded
    In - Game description: Used all 8 Vigors against enemies.
    What you have to do: Find and use every vigor against an enemy. (Actually hit
    an enemy)
    Gamerscore: 10g (Finally! Something not worth 5g!)
    Guide: This one could be hard. Sadly, some of the vigors are missable. Let's
    list'em off.
    Bucking Bronco: Can't miss it, on path
    Devil's Kiss: Can't miss it, on path
    Possession: Can't miss it, have to pick it up to progress
    Murder of Crows: You COULD miss it, if you try. It's right after the first
    crow-man fight.
    Shock Jockey: Can't miss it, needed to progress in main story
    Charge: MISSABLE:
    After you open the tear without Chen Lins tools, you have to return to his
    workshop. After the first area is completed, exit through the door. In this
    area, there will be glass right in front of you. Walk around it, and look in
    the display case. There, you will find Charge.
    Undertow: Can't miss it, on path
    Return to sender: Two ways you can get it.
    First: At one point, closer to the end of the game, you will reach the Salty
    Oyster pub. Remember where this area is. Now, go on with your quest until you
    reach an optional toy store, which you can miss. Elizabeth will warn you
    however, so be aware. Enter the toy store, and go to the lower floor. Scout
    around, and you should find a Voxophone which will give you an optional side
    quest to access a hidden door. Return to the Salty Oyster. Look on the left and
    you will see a cash register. Walk up to it, and on the left you will see a
    hidden button, which will open a door. In that door is Return to sender.
    Second: When you go to Comstock House, one of the paths will have a vial on the
    right with Return to Sender in it. (This way is far easier, but the other way
    will net you an infusion upgrade.)
    Use each of these on an enemy and this achievement will pop.
    Achievement: Combination Shock
    In - Game description: Performed all 8 of the Vigor combinations.
    What you have to do: There are 8 combinations with vigors. Do all of them.
    Gamerscore: 50g
    Guide: You don't need Return to sender for this. There are 8 combinations that
    you can do with vigors. Let's see all of'em:
    Possession and Shock Jockey
    Possession and Devil's Kiss
    Devil's Kiss and Charge
    Murder of Crows and Devil's Kiss
    Murder of Crows and Shock Jockey
    Bucking Bronco and Devil's Kiss
    Bucking Bronco and Charge
    Undertow and Shock Jockey
    Go down the list doing each of the combinations. In order to do a combination,
    use one vigor, and then switch and use the other. Some combinations are hard to
    do. Here they are:
    Bucking Bronco and Devil's Kiss
    This one may be hard to pull off because the enemy is in the air and you need
    to hit them with devils kiss. To make this easier, launch the enemy into the
    air and create a Devil's Kiss trap right below them.
    Undertow and Shock Jockey
    You have to reel the enemy in with a charged Undertow in order for this
    combination to work.
    Bucking Bronco and Charge
    You have to hit the enemy with charge while they are floating with Bucking
    You will be told when you do a combination for the first time, and if the
    achievement doesn't unlock, then go through the list again.
    Achievement: Vigorous Opposition
    In - Game description: Killed 75 enemies with a Vigor or while they are under
    the effects of a vigor.
    What you have to do: Kill 75 people with vigors or kill them during the effect
    of a vigor.
    Gamerscore: 50g
    Guide: This game has been (sorry for the term) "Call of Dutyified," and as
    such, you can beat the game without vigors. To get this achievement, USE YOUR
    VIGORS! Start as early as possible, and hit every enemy you see with a vigor if
    you have salts to spare. This is not a hard achievement, as it should come
    naturally if you play the game as it was intended.
    Achievement: More for Your Money
    In - Game description: Lured 3 enemies into a single Vigor trap 5 times.
    What you have to do: Put down a vigor trap and have it effect 3 people. Do this
    5 times.
    Gamerscore: 25g
    Guide: This should come to you if you use traps often, but if not, then don't
    fret. I find that murder of crows is easiest to use as it has the most AOE
    range and as thus it is easier to hit 3 enemies at once. As you progress
    through the story, there should be clusters of enemies that you can use a trap
    on. Because you only have to get 3 enemies and you only have to do it 5 times
    means that this isn't a difficult achievement to get. A SUPER easy way to do
    this is to load up CH 19 where you're in the good time club, about to fight the
    first wave of enemies. Before they come out, head up to the curtain place a
    vigor trap right there. About 8 enemies come out of this one door, and you can
    get all 8 with one well placed vigor trap!
    Achievement: Mind Over Matter
    In - Game description: Killed 20 enemies using possessed machines.
    What you have to do: Possess any turret, and have it kill 20 enemies while
    Gamerscore: 10g
    Guide: This is a difficult achievement. This is much easier on easy(!). When
    you find a turret with enemies around it, take cover. Find a piece of cover
    that will allow you to shoot the enemies but without the turret shooting you.
    Now, weaken the enemies as much as possible, but without killing them. Possess
    the turret! It will tear everything apart as you sit back and watch while
    gathering kills for your achievement. Repeat this until the possessed machine
    kills 20 people and you have yourself an achievement!
    Achievement: Tear'em a New One
    In - Game description: Opened 30 tears.
    What you have to do: Have Elizabeth open 30 different tears.
    Gamerscore: 25g
    Guide: This is a very simple achievement as long as you remember to open every
    single tear that you come by. There are over 45 tears in the game, and you have
    to get 30 of them. The tears all have to be DIFFERENT. The tears that you open
    to progress in the story count as well. Overall, not a hard achievement.
    Achievement: Strange Bedfellows
    In - Game description: Killed 20 enemies using allies brought in through a
    What you have to do: Have Elizabeth open a tear that brings in an automatic
    turret. It has to kill 20 enemies.
    Gamerscore: 10g
    Guide: This achievement is almost identical to the Mind Over Matter
    achievement, except you don't need any salts. However, you can only do this
    achievement if the corresponding tear is available to use. So, get enemies down
    to very low health, and then open a tear that will kill them. Do this to 20
    enemies and the achievement is yours!
    Achievement: On the Fly
    In - Game description: Killed 30 enemies while riding a skyline.
    What you have to do: Get on a skyline and kill 30 enemies.
    Gamerscore: 25g
    Guide: First, find a skyline and hook up to it. Then, find enemies and kill 30
    of them while riding the skyline. This is easier if you slow down as much as
    you can, and this is much easier if you have the THROTTLE CONTROL gear. Bata-
    bing, Bata-bang.
    Achievement: Bolt From the Blue
    In - Game description: Killed 5 enemies with a headshot while riding a skyline.
    What you have to do: Get a headshot 5 times on a skyline.
    Gamerscore: 25g
    Guide: This is the most pointless achievement in the game. You can get it the
    instant that you have access to skylines. Just hook yourself up, then slow down
    as much as possible. The enemies won't even move, making this achievement even
    easier. Just do this and get it over with, I'm mad that this one even exists.
    Achievement: Hazard Pay
    In - Game description: Killed 10 enemies by utilizing environmental hazards.
    What you have to do: Use environmental hazards to kill 10 enemies.
    Gamerscore: 25g
    Guide: What? Environmental hazards? Where? I thought this during my first
    playthrough. It turns out that there are, *VERY RARELY*, tears and gas leaks
    that you can open or set on fire to kill enemies. Whenever you see a tesla
    coil, these actually fry enemies, and it counts as an environmental hazard.
    Also, there are oil leaks which are scattered around but hard to find. You can
    light enemies on fire with this leak. Finally, there are tears which open up
    water puddles. Have an enemy stand in the water puddle and electrocute it. Just
    like in Bioshock 1!
    Achievement: Bon Voyage
    In - Game description: Killed 20 enemies by knocking them off Columbia.
    What you have to do: Knock 20 unlucky beings off of the wondrous Columbia.
    Gamerscore: 25g
    Guide: This is my favorite achievement in the game. This is one hard nut to
    crack if you aren't sure how to do it, mostly because it's very difficult to
    make somebody fall of by using only bucking bronco on them. The way you do
    this, is by using bucking bronco, and then charging into the enemy while they
    are in the air. This is easiest at the final battle. Also, make sure you are
    attacking heavy hitter (bigger) enemies, or you will kill them with charge.
    Achievement: Skeet Shoot
    In - Game description: Killed 5 enemies while they are falling.
    What you have to do: End 5 people's lives by killing them while they fall.
    Gamerscore: 25g
    Guide: This is a difficult achievement because of the timing required. Use
    bucking bronco on an enemy, and wait for them to fall down by watching them
    with a shotgun. The *INSTANT* they pop out of bucking bronco, unload a round of
    the shotgun into their gut.
    Odstrings submitted an alternate method to unlocking this achievement:
    The skeet shoot achievement can easily be obtained with shock jockey and
    undertow. It works best on normal soldiers. In other words, undertow lifts
    them up into the air, and you can kill them this way.
    Do this 5 times and the achievement is yours.
    Achievement: Lost Weekend
    In - Game description: Killed 5 enemies while you are drunk.
    What you have to do: While you are drunk, use up all the stupidity in your
    brain and shoot a gun.
    Gamerscore: 10g
    Guide: I am almost positive that the bar in Shantytown is the best place for
    this. Get into the bar and drink all their alcohol. There are exactly 5 enemies
    in there which you can kill, so kill them an this achievement will pop.
    Achievement: David and Goliath
    In - Game description: Killed 20 "Heavy Hitter" enemies.
    What you have to do: Kill 20 Crow Masters, Handymen, Sirens, Patriots or
    Gamerscore: 10g
    Guide: You simply cannot miss this. You have to fight multiple heavy hitters
    throughout the story, so you can't miss this.
    Achievement: Heartbreaker
    In - Game description: Killed a Handyman by only shooting his heart.
    What you have to do: Only shoot a Handyman in the heart, and kill him.
    Gamerscore: 50g
    Guide: This is by far the hardest non completionist achievement in the entire
    game. This will take you many tries. First off, set the difficulty to easy.
    Next, you can approach this achievement one of 2 ways:
    1. The legit way: Load up the first Chen Lin checkpoint (CH18). When you leave
    his  workshop, take a left and then a right into a clock shop area. There will
    be a sniper there. Pick it up, and upgrade it TO THE MAX using the vending
    machine. Now, leave the area. Take a left and walk forth until the Handyman
    spawns. This is your first chance! Zoom in with the rifle, and unload a shot
    into his heart while he stops moving! Now, run away. Every time that he smashes
    the ground, he will linger for a second, cough, and cover his heart. The second
    his hand moves away from his heart, shoot him. He will take about 7 bullets to
    down on easy. Dang. (You can also do this with the hand cannon, but it would
    require you to stand closer to him as it has a bit of spread.) If you fail
    to hit him in the heart or you think you did(as there is no indication whether
    you did), then simply reload your checkpoint.
    2. Glitch: Get the sniper and upgrade it, like in the first option. Then,
    summon the Handyman, and run into the back right area, to the right of the Good
    Time Club. There will be a freight hook, so launch up to that. Then, jump to
    the roof. Run to the end, and do a complicated jump to the barrels in the back.
    Shoot your gun so the Handyman notices you again. Now, move as far right as
    possible. The Handyman should get glitched so that he doesn't move at all, and
    you can shoot him. If this was confusing, then use this video tutorial:
    Anyways. That's it.
    Achievement: Dress for Success
    In - Game description: Equipped a piece of Gear in all four slots.
    What you have to do: Find 4 different body types of gear, and equip them.
    Gamerscore: 5g
    Guide: No wonder this achievement is worth so little, you can't miss it.
    Achievement: Kitted Out
    In - Game description: Fully upgraded one weapon and one Vigor.
    What you have to do: Buy all possible upgrades for one weapon and one vigor.
    Gamerscore: 10g
    Guide: Find a vending machine when you have a lot of money. Don't worry, you
    can reload your checkpoint if you don't want to spend your money. Find the
    pistol upgrades, and buy all of them. Then, find a Vigor machine and buy the
    two cheapest vigor upgrades. (End game vending machines have the most
    upgrades.) The achievement is yours.
    Achievement: Raising the Bar
    In - Game description: Upgraded one attribute to its maximum level.
    What you have to do: Get enough infusion upgrades to maximize any attribute.
    Gamerscore: 10g
    Guide: I really didn't think I would do this, but (See Infused with Greatness)
    Achievement(s): Infused with Greatness/Sightseer/The Roguish Type/Eavesdropper
    In - Game description: See below.
    What you have to do: Get all Infusion Upgrades/Use all Telescopes and
    kinetoscopes/Pick 30 different lock/get all voxophones
    Gamerscore: 25g/50g/25g/50g (That's a whopping mother F***ing 150g)
    Guide: Here, I have created a list of all the Voxophone locations. These will
    be in order of appearance, so don?t worry about missing any of these, as they
    are on the way to your objective. After that are the Infusions and the
    Telescopes. Let me quickly point out that you do not have to pick up any of
    these collectibles all in one go, as they will carry over into other
    playthrough. You do, however, need to reach a save point or they won?t be
    saved. This doesn't count for Infusion Upgrades, as you have to collect them
    all in a single playthrough.
    | [VOXO]                      Voxophone Locations                            |
    Voxophone 1 "Love the Sinner"
    Right when you exit your capsule, turn left. Then, turn right at the chapel's
    altar. The voxophone is in this little room.
    Voxophone 2 "Undeserving"
    After you exit onto the main square with the statue, look in the back left
    for a store named Hudson?s Clothing Boutique. Look in the back behind the
    counter and you will see the voxophone next to a safe.
    Voxophone 3 "Everyman, All at Once"
    Progress through the town until you get to a sign that says ?Columbia
    Raffle Fair.? Go up the steps and turn left. There should be a garden,
    and under the table with the umbrella is this voxophone.
    Voxophone 4 "For I Am Lonely, Too"
    Just before raffle square, you will be prompted to hold X and observe a
    statue. Head up to this statue, and under it there is a bench. On the bench
    is the voxophone.
    Voxophone 5 "Solution to Your Problems"
    After you get the pistol, keep advancing until you get to a Vigor vending
    machine. Here, there will be two cages with a table between them, and on
    it is the last voxophone for this chapter.
    Voxophone 6 "Half a Jew"
    Right after you get the shield from Lutece, go to the kitchen of the Blue
    Ribbon restaurant and find the voxophone on a counter.
    Voxophone 7 "Otis' Nimble Fingers"
    This voxophone is in the Lansdowne Residence. You will have a battle on a
    series of rooftops, where you will obtain the machine gun. During the
    battle, you will reach a rooftop with a skylight on it. Drop in through
    one of the windows and go down the stairs until you reach a bathroom on
    your right. Head forward into the smallest bedroom. You will find a small
     room containing a locked chest. On one of the shelves is this voxophone.
    Voxophone 8 "A New Hunt"
    After you pass through the Montgomery Residence, there will be a small
    outdoor stage with a green cart drawn my two horses. This voxophone is
    on the small stage with a green cart drawn by two horses.
    Voxophone 9 "The Gift of the Emancipator"
    Pass the statue of Comstock killing a snake. Pass the building, and turn
    left to find a small room containing the voxophone. Easy.
    Voxophone 10 "The Lie of the Emancipator"
    As you enter the main chapel, there will be enemies waiting for you.
    Head up to one of the benches, and this voxophone will be lying there.
    Voxophone 11 "Symbols of our Lady"
    The last voxophone of this chapter is before you encounter the mini
    crow boss fight. Head onward past the altar and you will find a
    projector room. Enter the door on the left, and under a seal that says
    Protecting Our Race is the voxophone.
    Voxophone 12 "Another Ark for Another Time"
    During the tutorial that appears about the skyrails, head to the gondola
    control station where you clear the second skyrail of cargo. Head right
    after getting of the skyline and you will find a small side room. There
    is a voxophone in the back of the upper office.
    Voxophone 13 "Tiger by the Tail"
    Once you enter Monument Tower, look to the left of the big statue and you
    will find this voxophone in the open locker.
    Voxophone 14 "TO: R. THOMPSON RE: FUSES"
    Pass the huge machine and go through the first set of doors. Then, take
    a left through a SPECIMEN IS DANGEROUS door and head up to the growth
    chart. This voxophone is directly to the right of the chart on a desk.
    Voxophone 15 "A Reward Deferred"
    Head through the second set of doors into a large room with a huge tesla
    coil machine in the center. Head forward, this voxophone is on the desk.
    Voxophone 16 "The Source of Her Power"
    Pay attention to when Elizabeth opens the tear to France. The next
    observation room is the location of this voxophone, on the right chair.
    Voxophone 17 "Born in the River"
    This voxophone is under a red and white striped booth on the beach, next to
    a pair of rowboats. This is before you enter the arcade.
    Voxophone 18 "Heaven"
    Head into the amusement facility?s employee entrance, behind the Cage of the
    Bird challenge. Keep going forward past some doors and you will find a
    storage room. This voxophone is in a laundry basket.
    Voxophone 19 "A Dog?s Loyalty"
    As you progress through the arcade you will find restrooms that you can enter
    through two large double doors. Head into the men?s restroom, on the left, and
    you?ll find this voxophone on the counter.
    Voxophone 20 "Take Her Alive"
    After the interaction scene at the ticket office, kill all the enemies. Head up
    the stairs, but don?t turn left. Instead, head right, and you?ll find this
    voxophone on the desk.
    Voxophone 21 "The Golden Path to Heaven"
    Right next to the ticket master?s office is a pair of double doors which lead
    to a storage area. Head down the stairs and loop around the left to find this
    Voxophone 22 "A Place in the World"
    This voxophone is behind the locked door on the left of the Welcome Hall. This
    door required 1 lockpick. After you open it, head through it to find a safe.
    The voxophone is in the closet opposite the safe. Just in case you were
    wondering, the safe is locked by 5 lockpicks.
    Voxophone 23 "I Am His Mirror"
    Locate the Dimwit and Duke Ice Cream and Soda shop. Find the empty table in
    front of the cashier and on it you?ll see this voxophone.
    Voxophone 24 "Viewing the Infinite"
    Find the big Founders Books sign and enter the bookstore. This voxophone is on
    the little archway above the cashier.
    Voxophone 25 "Never Seen the Face"
    In the Hall of Heroes welcome area there is a locked door which requires a
    single lockpick. Watch out as there is an automated turret in there as well as
    your voxophone.
    Voxophone 26 "A True Soldier"
    Enter the ticket building, and go onto the second level. Here, you?ll see a
    carbine leaning against the railing. The voxophone is right next to it.
    Voxophone 27 "Vox Contraband Inventory"
    Locate the Fellow Traveler restaurant and bar, and enter it. Inside the
    kitchen, you?ll find this voxophone hammered to a cabinet.
    Voxophone 28 "Their Sun is Setting"
    As you progress through this area you?ll find the Code Book for the Hall of
    Heroes. Backtrack to the Fellow Traveler and open the big door. This voxophone
    is on the meeting table.
    Voxophone 29 "A Final Stand"
    Outside the entrance to the inner Hall of Heroes, you?ll find a trolley at the
    platform. This voxophone is inside this trolley.
    Voxophone 30 "Comrades of Necessity"
    Inside the ticket booth with a dead man, this voxophone is on the table by the
    Voxophone 31 "Unconditional"
    Enter the Murder of Our Lady exhibit and look next to the fireplace. There is a
    voxophone on the chair.
    Voxophone 32 "A Soldier?s Death"
    This one is a hard to describe. Find Slate?s message, WE DESERVE TO DIE AS
    SOLDIERS, and face it. Then, turn 90 degrees left. Go through the door and
    you?ll find this voxophone in the workshop.
    Voxophone 33 "Calling You Out"
    You?re going to be ambushed by some enemies as you wait for you access for the
    gondola. Here, take the sky rail to the upper floor with a tesla coil. Turn the
    coil on and look for the recorder on the bed.
    Voxophone 34 "God?s Blueprint"
    As you walk towards the warehouses, there will be a Delivery Center to you
    left. There are two desks and between them is this voxophone.
    Voxophone 35 "Shame of My Service"
    Look out for when Elizabeth vanishes one last time. Then, turn left and find
    this voxophone on a desk.
    Voxophone 36 "A Product Like Any Other"
    Find the stationmaster?s office, and check behind the counter for this
    Voxophone 37 "Seed of a Lie"
    At the lower floor of the train station, there is a room marked Employees Only.
    You?ll find this voxophone in the green locker.
    Voxophone 38 "We?ve Need of a Shepherd"
    After the door to Chen Lin?s shop, there is a recorder on the counter of the
    Voxophone 39 "The Invisible Color"
    At the plaza, you?ll find some cargo in the corner where two train cars are.
    This voxophone is past the cars, against a saw in the corner.
    Voxophone 40 "Changing My Tune"
    Right after the stage door exit, you?ll find this voxophone on a table in the
    dressing room.
    Voxophone 41 "His Design for Cruelty"
    Head to the Good Time Club?s boiler room, and navigate to the interrogation
    room. The recorder is on a table outside of this room.
    Voxophone 42 "A Truer Allegiance"
    You found the Code Book in the Good Time Club, right? If not, head back there
    and check the boxes near the furnace of the Good Time Club?s Boiler Room. This
    voxophone will be yours after you head to the big clock and solve the puzzle.
    The ?phone is inside the hidden safe.
    Voxophone 43 "Fanning a Flame"
    Enter the Graveyard Shift Bar. This voxophone is in the cellar.
    Voxophone 44 "Trapped"
    Outside the Impound Building, take the sky rail to a person?s shelter. You?ll
    find a bloody bear trap. The voxophone is here.
    Voxophone 45 "Terminated"
    On the first floor, go past the tear which opens the cover and turn left. At
    the Columbia Police seal, take another left. This voxophone is under a table.
    Voxophone 46 "That Goddamn Key"
    On the second floor, this voxophone is just past the medical kits and next to a
    locked chest.
    Voxophone 47 "Kindling"
    You?ll pass a tear in the impound lot, this voxophone is on a table next to a
    Columbia Authority seal.
    Voxophone 48 "The Eternal Shore"
    Head back to the Graveyard Shift bar, but don?t enter. Instead, find the corpse
    of the handyman. He holds this voxophone.
    Voxophone 49 "Drawing Dead"
    Now, enter the bar. This voxophone is on the counter by the boxes.
    Voxophone 50 "All Debts Paid"
    At the entrance to Chen Lin?s warehouse, this voxophone is on the shelves next
    to the blocked door.
    Voxophone 51 "A Child Needs a Protector"
    At the start of Fink?s Offices, this voxophone is in the corner opposite the
    Voxophone 52 "Apology"
    Right after Elizabeth kills Daisy Fitzroy, you can enter the room that was
    previously locked. Remember where Daisy killed Fink? This voxophone is in that
    Voxophone 53 "Coming for Comstock"
    After you fight the first wave of hostile Vox, head up the stairs, past the
    vending machines. You?ll find a sign; Founders will perish, next to a dead
    policeman. This voxophone is by the graffiti near that corpse.
    Voxophone 54 "Whispers Through the Walls"
    You?ll find a huge archway that says GRAND CENTRAL DEPOT. There is a news
    office near here, and in that office is this voxophone opposite the safe.
    Voxophone 55 "A Window"
    When Elizabeth asks you whether you want to proceed through the one-way doors
    or explore the bookstore, head to the bookstore. It is locked by 1 lockpick.
    You?ll find a teddy bear, and next to it is this voxophone.
    Voxophone 56 "Sally"
    Now, head to the basement of the bookstore. This voxophone is on the reading
    room table. Backtrack to the Salty Oyster Pub.
    Voxophone 57 "One and the Same"
    The previously acquired voxophone told you that there was a hidden button below
    the cash register in the pub. Sure enough, there is, so hit it. This opens up a
    hidden room that contains this voxophone, an infusion upgrade and a vigor.
    Voxophone 58 "A City, Suspended"
    The area in which you fought the Handyman has a skyrail, so hook yourself up to
    it and use it to get to the top level. Here there is a locked door which
    requires 3 lockpicks, but once you open it you?ll find this voxophone between
    two storage boxes.
    Voxophone 59 "Beyond Redemption"
    Near the sniper-controlled plaza called Emporia Towers, you?ll find a green
    building across from an underground lounge. Enter the green building and find
    the voxophone behind one of the sofas.
    Voxophone 60 "Out of Thin Air"
    This voxophone is inside the floating building close to the Memorial Gardens
    Voxophone 61 "The True Color of My Skin"
    On Downtown Emporia street, get on top of the pedestrian bridge and find the
    Art Store, across from the Duke and Dimwit Stage Revue. This area is locked by
    3 lockpicks, but inside this voxophone is on a counter.
    Voxophone 62 "Pen Pal"
    At the statue of Lady Comstock, this voxophone is at her base.
    Voxophone 63 "Child of Science"
    Inside of the Lutece Lab, this voxophone is by the tear after it vanishes.
    Voxophone 64 "On the Entropy of Genes"
    Inside of the Lutece labs? lower floor, this voxophone is by the blackboard.
    Voxophone 65 "A Theory On Our ?Death?"
    Tired of these one-liners yet? Too bad.
    This voxophone is in the Lutece Lab?s bedroom, between the bed and the stand.
    Voxophone 66 "The Imagination of God"
    There is a codebook in Huson?s over in Downtown Emporia, so head on over there
    and pick it up. You?ll pass through a vault on the way to your objective, and
    this code book opens a secret room which contains this voxophone.
    Voxophone 67 "No Longer"
    See the tear in the Bank? There is a small deposit room to the left of that.
    This voxophone is behind the safe in that room.
    Voxophone 68 "A Broken Circle"
    In the Bank of the Prophet, this voxophone is on the base of the statue after
    the tear disappears.
    Voxophone 69 "The Customer is Late"
    After you get inside the photography store, open the tear. You?ll find this
    voxophone waiting for you on the table.
    Voxophone 70 "A Leash"
    There is a voxophone in the elevator to you objective after you pull the
    security lever in the Warden?s Control Room.
    Voxophone 71 "The Value of Choice"
    The room that contains this voxophone is past the second Boy of silence and is
    next to the torture chair room. The voxophone itself is on a wooden coffin in
    this room.
    Voxophone 72 "Debts"
    This voxophone is just behind the fourth Boy of Silence. It?s below the gear.
    Voxophone 73 "A Last Chance"
    The room with the (working) movie projector is the home of this voxophone. It?s
    just next to the projector.
    Voxophone 74 "Smothered in the Crib"
    This is in the Warden?s Chair in the control room. After you pull the lever,
    Voxophone 75 "Ending It"
    On you way back, this voxophone is on the LEFT of the elevator, the other one
    was on the right.
    Voxophone 76 "Pavlov?s Bell"
    Rescue Elizabeth and head up to the two stairs that you used to free her. The
    door between the two requires 3 lockpicks, but past it lies an infusion upgrade
    and this voxophone.
    Voxophone 77 "An Ultimatum"
    On the way to Comstock?s airship, you?ll find a locked door at a building that
    requires 3 lockpicks. This voxophone is in the back room between the desks.
    Voxophone 78 "What?s Done is Done"
    On Cokstock?s airship, take the first skyrail to the second level. Locate the
    door labeled Engineering, which requires 1 lockpick, and enter it. This
    voxophone is on the workbench in the back.
    Voxophone 79 "The Mirror of Sin"
    After the short scene with Comstock, check the large desk with a chalk board on
    the middle level of the catwalk. This recorder is on the desk.
    Voxophone 80 "The Prophet is Dying"
    After the short scene with Comstock, check the bedroom on the middle level of
    the catwalk. The last voxophone of the game is on the bed.
    At this point you will earn the Eavesdropper Achievement for 50g.
    Now, if you want you can start another playthrough and get all the telescopes,
    or you can follow this guide and get all collectibles at once.
    Now I will cover all the Telescopes and Kinescopes in the game.
    |   [TELE]                Telescopes/Kinescope Locations                     |
    Sightseer 1 "Father Comstock?s Gift of Prophecy"
    Remember Hudson?s clothing store? Maybe? It?s in the back right of the big
    Comstock statue. Anyways, this machine is near the front counter of the store.
    Sightseer 2 "Beware the False Shepherd"
    After you pass the parade, you?ll find a grocery store. This machine is near
    the store, next to a False Shepherd poster.
    Sightseer 3
    Take the left after you receive the telegram from Lutece and you?ll find this
    telescope next to the benches.
    Sightseer 4 "The Envy of all His Peers"
    At the entrance to the street fair, you?ll find this voxophone on the right.
    You can?t miss it, which is why my description is so short.
    Sightseer 5, 6, 7 A Look Back at Opening Day, The Prophet Stands Up to Foes,
    Within and Without! and We Secede From the So-Called Union"
    All three of these machines are in the tavern of the first room in this area.
    Sightseer 8 "Danger on All Sides"
    Past the Montgomery Residence, there is a white shack on the side where the
    small stage is. This machine is behind the shack.
    Sightseer 9
    As you exit the Fraternal Order of the Raven, you?ll find this telescope on a
    floating police barges? bow.
    Sightseer 10 "Uncanny Mystery in Columbia"
    This machine is at the entrance of this area. Look at the end with no vending
    Sightseer 11
    On the skyrail tutorial, stop at the first blue lit platform (Monument Tower
    Maintenance). There is a telescope on the edge of the station where you
    Sightseer 12 "Battleship Bay"
    The maintenance building between the first and second halves of the beach is
    the home of this machine, in one of its hallways.
    Sightseer 13 "Solving the Irish Problem"
    This machine is at the end of the amusement center?s hallway, past the
    Sightseer 14
    At the end of the trolley ride, there is a telescope on the observation
    platform where the entrance to Soldiers Field is.
    Sightseer 15 "A City in the Sky? Impossible!"
    In the Welcome Center, before the metal shutter, there is a machine in the room
    with a model of Columbia.
    Sightseer 16 "Mighty Songbird Patrols the Skies"
    Find Dimwit and Duke?s Ice Cream and Soda Shop on the boardwalk. Right outside
    of its door, take a right and find this machine by the railing.
    Sightseer 17 "Who Are the Vox Populi?"
    In the Tickets building, there is a machine on the side of the ground level.
    Sightseer 18 "Who Needs the Power Company?"
    At the entrance to the Hall of Heroes, there is a machine on the side porch.
    Sightseer 19 "Behold the Miracle Child! A Prophecy Fulfilled!"
    After you get the ability to open tears, you find yourself in a room with two
    vending machines. This machine is here.
    Sightseer 20 "The Lamb is the Future of the City"
    This is the second machine in this same room.
    Sightseer 21 "A City Mourns..."
    The Gift Shop counter has this machine, make sure to kill the patriot first.
    Sightseer 22
    When you regroup with Elizabeth, look for a telescope next to a trolley at the
    station platform.
    Sightseer 23 "The Path of the Vox Populi"
    This machine is in the same room as the vending machine in the Induction
    Sightseer 24 "Crime Comes to Shanty Town"
    Inside, this voxophone is right next to the gun vending machine on the first
    Sightseer 25 "The First Lady"
    This machine is next to the vending machine by the two bathrooms on the ground
    Sightseer 26 "Gun Smith Set Free!"
    This machine is in the exact same spot as number 24, but after you pass through
    the tear.
    Sightseer 27
    This telescope is on a balcony across from the front of the impound building.
    You can use the freight hooks to get up there, and you?ll also find a sniper
    rifle by there as well.
    Sightseer 28 "Fitzroy spotted!"
    In the Impound, you?ll find this machine by the side offices near the front
    Sightseer 29
    After you sabotage the zeppelin, head up the stairs and take a sharp right.
    Now, turn around. Here, you?ll find a telescope pointing towards where you
    previously found the zeppelin.
    Sightseer 30
    In area where you fight the handyman, you?ll find a tesla coil and a light
    bulb. This telescope is on the railing past the light bulb.
    Sightseer 31
    This telescope is on the ground to the right of the trolley you take to Port
    Sightseer 32 "Lutece?s Brother Arrives"
    The Salty Oyster pub is the location of this machine, and it is locked by 3
    lockpicks. The machine itself is in the back.
    Sightseer 33
    This telescope is near Comstock Gate. Go past the gate to the street and turn
    left to find a telescope looking at Comstock House in the distance.
    Sightseer 34 "Sunrise"
    Near the second Boy of Silence, this machine is by the big column away from the
    objective marker.
    Sightseer 35 "Hummingbirds"
    Past the two turrets at the Warden?s Office there is a hallway. There is
    machine in this hallway, before the room with all the motorized patriot heads.
    Sightseer 36 "Battleship Falls"
    On the way to the Warden?s Office, you?ll pass through an examination chamber
    made to look like a living room. This machine is past this room at the end of
    the hallway.
    Sightseer 37
    The final telescope in the game is by the police barge you use to get to
    Comstock?s Airship.
    At this point you will unlock the Sightseer Achievement worth 50g.
    Now, I will go through all the infusion upgrades in the game. If you want, you
    can start a new game, or pick up all collectibles in one playthrough.
    | [INFU]                   Infusion Upgrade Locations                        |
    Infusion 0
    This infusion is ?technically? the shield, so I?m just going to throw it in
    here. The shield is a story item, and cannot be missed.
    Infusion 1
    At the main chapel of the Fraternal Order of the Raven, there is a phial on the
    main altar right next to the key to the Lansdowne Residence Chest (PICK IT UP).
    Infusion 2
    You took the key mentioned in the previous infusion location, right? Head back
    to the Lansdowne Residence and use this key on the chest in the small room with
    the voxophone.
    Infusion 3
    On the skyrail tutorial, jump off at the first blue lit platform. The phial is
    on the desk inside.
    Infusion 4
    This phial is behind the desk where the voxophone is, in the room with the huge
    tesla coil.
    Infusion 5
    Inside the Ticket Master?s Office, which you can access from the back, you will
    find this phial inside.
    Infusion 6
    This phial is behind the locked door in the Welcome Hall which required one
    lockpick. After you search the office a bit, you?ll find it on a desk.
    Infusion 7
    You need the Code Book for the Hall of Heroes which is on a cannon in the
    building opposite to Shock Jockey. Use it to open the secret room in the Fellow
    Traveler. This phial is on the side.
    Infusion 8
    In the room with the Comstock Statue where you get ambushed, head into the area
    from which the enemies came. You?ll find this phial in the back of this room.
    Infusion 9
    After you fight the enemies in the courtyard, take a left at the ?We Deserve to
    Die as Soldiers? sign. Go through the door into the workshop and find the phial
    in the toolbox by the voxophone.
    Infusion 10
    Before you take off to Paris, this phial is on a desk on the First Lady.
    Infusion 11
    In this area there is a door that leads to the lower cells. It isn?t hard to
    find. This phial is in one of the cells.
    Infusion 12
    This phial is on one of the desks.
    Infusion 13
    On the bottom floor of the club, there is a private bar past some doors near a
    Dollar Bill vending machine. This phial is inside next to a Free Sample sign.
    Infusion 14
    The code book from the Good Time Club allows you to open the huge clock face
    which contains this infusion. See the voxophone section to get the Code Book.
    Infusion 15
    There are two guys robbing some people on the street. Check the crate behind
    them for this phial.
    Infusion 16
    In the Impound Building?s second floor, this phial is just past the medical
    kits by the voxophone, in a chest. The key to the chest is in the Graveyard
    Shift bar cellar, where the guitar is.
    Infusion 17
    Next to the medical kits on the second floor of the Impound Building, there is
    a phial in an evidence room locked by 5 lockpicks.
    Infusion 18
    After Elizabeth kills Daisy, enter that room. This phial is on the table in the
    front of the clock tower.
    Infusion 19
    After you get into Prosperity Plaza, there is a locked gate that requires 3
    lockpicks to open. In this area, there is a phial in a bathtub.
    Infusion 20
    In the optional Founder?s Bookstore, which requires a lockpick, there is a
    voxophone on the bottom floor, which gives you an optional side quest. Head
    back to the Salty Oyster bar and hit the hidden butt  on under the cash
    register. The phial is in this hidden room.
    Infusion 21
    This phial is inside of Wilson Bros. and Company Bottling Works, which requires
    3 lockpicks.
    Infusion 22
    There is a codebook in downtown emporia, in Hudson?s Clothing Boutique. Grab
    that, and head into the Bank of the Prophet vault. In here, there is a HOARDER
    graffiti. Use the code book to open the secret area by the graffiti.
    Infusion 23
    Inside the Lutece Lab, head to the second floor bedroom. This phial is in this
    Infusion 24
    The final Infusion Upgrade in the game is secured behind a door between the two
    stairs that house the power generators for Elizabeth. Between them, this door
    can be opened with 3 lockpicks. This phial is on the desk.
    At this point you will earn the achievement Infused with Power, for 25g.
    Now, I will cover the equipment and the locations for it, for Dress Fore
    Success, which requires you to equip gear in all four slots. This should come
    through the story anyways, but I will list all the locations and what they do
    if you are having trouble.
    |  [GEAR]                   Gear Locations and Description                   |
    First, I will explain what all of the known gear does.
    Then, I will list the known gear locations. A special note about gear:
    The locations of where the gear appears are always constant, but the actual
    gear that appears is always different. With this knowledge, you can see that it
    is possible to easily exploit what gear you get by reloading checkpoints and
    collecting gear until you get what you want.
    This section is coming soon!
    Achievement: Grand Largesse
    In - Game description: Spent $10,000 (ten thousand) at the vending machines of
    What you have to do: Buy 10,000 dollars worth of stuff.
    Gamerscore: 10g
    Guide: Buy everything. This is actually hard to get, but luckily it stacks
    through your playthroughs. There is however, a glitch:
    Spend as much money as you want, then keep reloading the checkpoint. Waddaya
    know. This will actually count towards your progress.
    Achievement: Coins in the Cushion
    In - Game description: Looted 200 containers
    What you have to do: Loot 200 containers
    Gamerscore: 10g
    Guide: Loot EVERYTHING. Starting from the beginning of the game, you should get
    this around the second to last mission. There are WAY MORE than 200 things to
    loot in this game, so this shouldn't be a problem. Remember, EVERYTHING.
    Achievement: Scavenger Hunt
    In - Game description: Completed the game in 1999 mode without purchasing
    anything from a dollar bill vending machine.
    What you have to do: Above.
    Gamerscore: 75g(!)
    Guide: Ah, the brass balls of Infinite. This isn't as hard as you think it is,
    because vending machines don't even help you that much anyways. Plus, you can
    still use Vigor and Weapon upgrade machines. See ['99T] for tips.
    The following achievements are story related and cannot be missed:
    Written in the Clouds - 5g
    Welcome to Monument Island - 10g
    Shock Tactics - 10g
    First Class Ticket - 10g
    Armed Revolt - 10g
    Working Class Hero - 25g
    Blood in the Streets - 25g
    Higher Learning - 25g
    The Bird or The Cage - 25g
    And that, my friends, are all the achievements in this game. Moving on.
    |   ['99T]                     1999 Tips                                     |
    1999 mode is hard. How do you survive?
    Conserve Money - Don't waste money on vigors you won't use, or weapons upgrades
    you don't
    Upgrade you Shields - Shields replenish, nothing else does. Elizabeth will
    throw you health and salts anyways.
    Beat a Fight, then restart you checkpoint - Now that you know enemy spawns,
    movement, and how you can beat them, don't waste all that money and beat them.
    Search Everywhere - There are almost no resources in 1999, so look everywhere.
    After every fight, you will need to find food.
    Use these vigors:
    Bucking bronco - Immobilizing the enemy for a few seconds while you relocate is
    another way to stay on top of a fight.
    Possession -  You want all the help you can get. Turrets shoot, and distract
    Murder of Crows - Great AOE distraction move, combined with crow nest upgrade
    is deadly.
    Undertow - That sniper keeps getting you? Those rockets annoying you? Pull'em
    in with Undertow, and kill them.
    Weapons - Always use a short/middle range gun and a long range gun
    Conserve Ammo, Scavenge for ammo, and upgrade only the weapons you are using.
    Upgrade gear that will help you the most - Don't use pointless gear (thats a
    Have a plan for Hard enemies -
    Sirens - Shock Jockey + Hiding and popping out
    Patriots - Possess one and they'll kill each other.
    Handymen - Run away, turn around for a second and shoot him in the heart,
    YOU CAN RELOAD YOUR CHECKPOINTS! This makes tons and tons of achievements
    easier. Basically, all the achievement that require you to kill enemies still
    count if your reload the checkpoint, allowing you to farm kills.
    |   [COTC]                     Contact ME/Legal                              |
    If you found an error, want to contribute or have a question, feel free to
    shoot me an semail at peterzuk(@)gmail(.)com . I won't hesitate to include you
    in the faq!
    This was written by Hypoxify, aka Peter Zukerman.
    THE END!!!!!!!

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