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"The game to define a generation"

This will be an in depth look at Irrational Games new Masterpiece, Bioshock Infinite.

STORY (10) The game starts with a very engaging and interesting scene. You can expect this kind of draw in throughout the entirety of the game. They really pull out all the stops in the storytelling. The character development is fantastic and it is just a beautiful thing to watch unfold. The pacing is great and it really keeps you wanting to play. Watching the relationship grow between Booker Dewitt and Elizabeth gave me the same sort of feeling that TellTale Games gave me with The Walking Dead series and the relationship they created between Clementine and Lee. The Voxophones you find throughout the world really flesh it out. The hundreds of lines of story you will find in them is worth it.

Gameplay (9) First off, why isn't this a 10? For the simple fact that for some of the optional "quests" you will have to backtrack and without being able to prioritize objectives it can be a little confusing trying to remember where you need to go back to. That is the only drawback in the entire game and why I have scored it 9/10 instead of 10/10. Another mechanic added into Bioshock Infinite is the inclusion of a shield. No, not a big metal one, it's a magnetic field that surrounds your body and will take damage before you health. Once it depletes it will regenerate after a short amount of time. Health does NOT regenerate. Onto more gameplay. The gunplay is excellent. I love that they didn't take the overused L1 Aim R1 Shoot mechanic that near every FPS uses these days. It really gives more originality to the game and makes you feel like you are really playing something special. The guns themselves are fun and quite diverse. There are your run of the mill FPS guns, IE, machine gun, pistol, shotgun, etc. But, then, you have things like the Heater that shoots a cone of fire, or the Hail Fire which shoots a projectile and when you release the fire button it explodes. These are just some of the fun yet effective weapons you can expect to find in Bioshock Infinite. Of course, it wouldn't be Bioshock without the Vigors. The vigors are pretty unique and can be combined up to 8 different ways to create mass carnage against your foes. To give a little peek without spoiling anything you can expect, water, fire, air, and some other more out there vigors to aid you across Columbia.

Presentation (10) I have never in my life played a game where it was so apparent that the love of the developers was in every single pixel. The game is rendered beautifully. The first glimpse you get of Columbia you will most likely be left in awe at how beautiful everything is. The combination of the sounds, textures, background, and lighting leaves you constantly in awe. At least it did for me. Countless times I found myself just walking slowly and looking around. I've never seen such a well crafted universe in any game.

Other notes:
There is replayability here too. For the hardcore or just the Bioshock enthusiast there is a "1999 Mode" that is unlocked either but inputting a cheat code or completing the game. This mode is definitely not for the easily angered. It is definitely the most hardcore FPS experience in years. The AI is scaled up in difficult considerably, ammo and health are sparce, it costs more money to be revived and if you can't afford it you go back to the main menu. Also, if you like collecting things it is unlikely you will find all of the Infusions and Voxophones on your first run.

The GUNS. In addition to different guns there are also a substantial amount of upgrades that you can purchase from vendors. Each gun has a few level 1 and 2 enhancements. Ranging from recoil, damage, spread, and reload time. You most likely won't be able to buy them all though, so it's best to stick to a few key weapons you really like.

The Vigors. Like the guns, the vigors can also be upgraded by vendors. Each vigor has a few upgrades that are pretty great and unique to them. A few examples would be increased damage, spawning extra bombs, costing less salts to use, increased duration etc. All the vigors have their uses and it's up to you to find out when which vigors work best and which work best in tandem with each other. But, like the guns you will not be able to buy all the upgrades so it's best to find your favorites and choose wisely.

Overall this game has it all. A fantastic story, Beautiful world, amazing gameplay. It's all here in Bioshock Infinite.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/02/13

Game Release: BioShock Infinite (US, 03/26/13)

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