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"For less than 20 dollars you should get this."

Bioshock:Infinite the review

The attempt here is to give you a very brief understanding of this game without giving away major plot details or making you read an essay.

Game play

The overall impression of the game play was good. The controls were responsive. There are enough options for weapons and powers in this game to please anyone. Most will be like me and find their favorite gun and favorite power to use. The biggest improvement I found over Bioshock 2 was that they added an actual melee option no more drill that runs out of oil. Speaking of the melee weapon it also functions as a hook you can use to ride rails around various areas. It gives the player more options in a firefight than just duck and cover or go full guns blazing.


I cannot say enough good about the visuals. One of the things I enjoyed the most about this game is it takes everything about the look and feel of the previous games and throws them out the window. You will find yourself just taking in the massive scenes of the giant city in the sky.


The two previous Bioshock games I felt had a great story. This one is no different. I will not get into plot details here but there are many parallels to American history. Your sidekick Elizabeth is who really drives the plot forward and her help in battles is greatly appreciated. Though after completing the game I really failed to see how it ties to the previous games other than a quick scene at the end of the game.


Personally I felt this game was long. But not so long that I did not enjoy it. For a first person shooter game though, yes it tops the list for me in length. The story though never feels like it is being dragged on. I believe it took me around 20ish hours to complete. I also did not do a lot of the side mission stuff. So if you think you can hack this out in a weekend be my guest but in my opinion is would be hard to do so.

Final thoughts.

Overall I really enjoyed this game. I have played all the entries in the series thus far and I loved the first and was not impressed with the second. This one did one thing very right for me, its visuals. I loved how it was mostly in a bright open “utopian” city. I was really getting bored with so many first person games being dark and trying to scare me at every turn. The story is good and the characters are interesting. Plain and simple this game is less than 20 dollars now, I would recommend you just go out and buy this.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/11/14

Game Release: BioShock Infinite (US, 03/26/13)

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