Who is the final squad member?

  1. I have all squad members including Zaeed and Kasumi all are loyal except Jack Currentley recruiting Tali, who is the final squad member in the slot next to Zaeed, I presume it's Ash but I kind of regret saving her

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Accepted Answer

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    You get the final party member near the end.

    The last one is "Recruited" in a final mission. Once you get that one, events are set in motion and you can complete 1, maybe 2 events afterwords before suffering penalties. Make sure you have all Loyalty missions finished before you

    board the Derelict Reaper.
    End Spoiler.

    The final mission before those events unfold is usually that last character's loyalty mission. My first run I was able to do that character's and Zaeed's Loyalty mission without any negative consequences.

    Also, in addition to the Loyalty missions these ones (if available) are also suggested, as they give you upgrades:
    N7: Anomalous Weather Detected -> Damage Reduction- (3rd planet, Dirada System, Pylos Nebula)
    N7: MSV Strontium Mule -> Heavy Skin Weave- E-mail gives location after completing: N7: Archeological Dig Sit - Joab (3rd planet, Enoch System, Rosette Nebula [sic])
    N7: Blood Pack Base -> Heavy Weapon Ammo- Zada Ban (Xe Cha system, The Shrike Abyssal)
    Overlord: Atlas Station (DLC) -> Heavy Skin Weave
    Project Firewalker (DLC) -> Prothean Site: Biotic Damage
    Lair of the Shadow Broker Mission (DLC) -> Heavy Pistol Damage, Damage Protection, Assault Rifle Damage, Shotgun Damage, Sniper Rifle Damage, Submachine Gun Damage

    It is also advisable to save another N7 mission not on that list, as there have been people who completed all missions, but the event did not trigger and they needed to do another mission to trigger it, but had no more to do.

    After the main plot is completed, it becomes a bit of an open sand-box and you can complete any of the unfinished missions.

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