Miranda Vs Jack?

  1. How much Paragon/Renegade do you need to make it settle down and make both loyal in the end?
    I got 75% of paragon (blue) on my first attempt and wasn't able to solve the fight without sending 1 to hell.
    On my second try I waited to the very last posible momento to do Jack's loyalty after Legion's (thats the last posible mission you can actually do before the IFF test) I had 100% Paragon and the option was still grey.
    I even tried talking to the kicked one afterwards but the option was still unavailable, so, is here a way to solve the fight? Or is it glitched?

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    erdvilla - 6 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    I already have Platinum, but I was wondering if it is posible to have a fully loyal team... for Mass Effect 3 possible effects.

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    erdvilla - 6 years ago
  3. Clarification Request::
    Yes, it's possible, just difficult.

    In order to do so, you must choose a Path, Paragon or Renegade, and never miss an opportunity to gain points for your chosen alignment. If you miss too many early on, then choices like this come up where you will end up with the Loyalty of one companion, and not another, by the end of the game.

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Accepted Answer

  1. I've clarified now. I've done a playthrough all paragon with a few occasional renegade points coming in somehow, and I've got the paragon option in the argument and have got past it. You've definitely got to choose one morality over the other, and cease every opportunity to get those chosen morality points. Every opportunity missed to get more morality points, the less likely you are to get the paragon/renegade option in conversation. I got the paragon option in the tali/legion argument too. This IS the answer to your question. Choose one morality: Paragon or renegade, and cease every opportunity to get morality points for it. Try not to miss ANY opportunity to get your chosen morality points!!! Follow this advice, and you're sure to get at least one of the options in the argument. Hope I helped.

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Other Answers

  1. It's tough, but beatable.

    Waiting for the last possible moment may have hurt you actually. (See further on for an explanation on that)

    Question: What bonuses to Negotiation do you have? Any armor equipped (Probably doesn't help in the ship anyways), what about your main class, was it fully upgraded for the 100% boost?

    From the FAQ's: (www.gamefaqs.com/pc/944906-mass-effect-2/faqs/58971)
    "Reports on exact morality requirements to use persuasion options are conflicting; I've heard that even near max Morality has had problems, but personally have never had a problem with at least 80%."

    From another place I read, though I cannot find the source explains how the Target level changes based on the amount of Paragon/Renegade points are possible at your current point.
    Each time you enter a new area, the game knows how many Paragon/Renegade points are possible in that zone, and the Target number to beat is based on that total value of possible points in all areas you have visited. If you miss some points, then you get further behind and miss more opportunities, thus greying out even more options. However, if you haven't missed a thing, then some challenges will be easier early on, as you have not fallen behind the curve (yet).

    Here is a guide on where all the points can be acquired. You can go through it and notice where you missed points, and then don't miss them on your next run.

    h t t p://masseffect.wikia.com/wiki/Morality_Guide_%28Mass_Effect_2%29

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  2. What is your main concern here? You should already have the achievement unlocked for either character's loyalty before.Did anyone die in the suicide mission? If you're worried about the "No One Left Behind" trophy, just don't select either character for the fireteam leaders (Miranda) or biotic specialist (Miranda or Jack). Leave Jack on the defense team in the final battle and she'll survive. Apparently, I heard Miranda will survive whether she's loyal or not in one of the FAQs. The only member not loyal in my first playthrough was Jack (lost it in the Miranda vs Jack argument) so I just didn't select her for any of the final mission positions and she survived. On my second playthrough now so I too would like to keep both girls loyal, but if I can't....well, whatever.

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  3. You can have a fully 'loyal' team, Surprisingly Miranda wasn't loyal for most of the second half of the game because I chose Jack's side, and Miranda was giving me the cold shoulder until just before the last mission, But I just kept checking back with her and eventually the blue Paragon option was available, Hope it helps I know it doesn't explain much but if you keep playing you should be able to get your paragon high enough to salvage the situation

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  4. I know that it's possible. It's to do with your ratio of paragon to renegade. You have to have a higher ratio of one to the other I think. That then gets converted into a percentage chance that the paragon/renegade option will be available in conversation. For example, let's say there is 1500 points. If you have 1000 paragon points and 500 renegade points, the chance that you'll get the paragon option in conversation will be quite high. What i'm trying to say is you'll really want to focus on either paragon or renegade alone. I believe that is how it works. It's not about having more points in paragon than renegade, rather having a higher ratio of one than the other. I think that's the system. It's worth a try at least.

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