How do you use the M920 Cain?

  1. This heavy weapon is pretty weird. I unlocked it in the research tech lab and decided to equip it for the derelict reaper mission (it's the one nicknamed "the nuke" so I figure it's gotta be pretty devastating!). Only, I couldn't actually fire it. When equipped, the weapon's crosshairs indicated the weapon was upto 89% capacity (I think I was upto 4/5 on the heavy weapon ammo upgrade) but when I pressed the R2 button it just glowed red and steamed for a bit. I couldn't use it on any mission after that either...
    It should be a long range weapon, not like the what am I doing wrong?

    User Info: hikarub

    hikarub - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. The M920 Cain uses up a LOT of Heavy Weapon ammo. Typically, there is enough Ammo for you to collect to shoot it off once every other mission.

    In order to use it, you must have at least 100% ammo for it. You hold down the button and it starts to charge. Once it hits 100% you can let go and the target will get a mushroom cloud

    If you start to use it with less than 100% ammo, then it will charge up, use up your ammo, and not fire.

    I do believe the most Ammo you can get for it is 190%. If you have that for the Final mission, walking in, you can fire it once, find a Heavy Weapon ammo crate to recharge it above 100% and fire it again.

    Personally, I never use the Heavy Weapons because if my ammo is full when I pick up the ammo, I get another 100 credits, which are semi-limited. Or when I look another way, each shot I take costs 100's of credits that I will not earn, which could have been used on 5 probes to get more resources. I have a similar philosophy for Medi-gel, and I don't spend credits on a Medi-gel upgrade back from a store. (Never using Medi-gel in Insanity mode adds another level of difficulty)

    I do however, walk around with the Cain because it looks the best, and I see the back of Shepherd a lot. And seeing that radioactive symbol on a non-radioactive device makes me smile.

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    kuvuplan (Expert) - 6 years ago 0 0

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