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    FAQ/Walkthrough by IceQueenZer0

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    --------------------------[ RATCHET & CLANK: ALL 4 ONE ]-----------------------
    ---------------------------------[by Ice Queen Zero]---------------------------
    -----------------------------------[Playstation 3]-----------------------------
    Sonic and Dr. Eggman/Robotnik have done it. Mario and Bowser have done it. Even
    Megaman and Dr. Wily have done it on few occasions. Now it's Ratchet n' Clank's
    turn to team up with their archnemesis, in this case Dr. Nefarious to find their
    way off of a distant planet. Along with Captain Qwark it's All 4 One and One 4
    Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One and its characters are trademarks of Insomniac Games
    and all copyrights belong to them.
    This FAQ is the sole copyright of Andrea "Azul Fria" Castillo aka Ice Queen
    Zero and cannot be put on other sites or posted without my given permission
    nor can it be reproduced without proper consent.
    For my other guides: http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/74803.html
    From Gamefly:
    The greatest duo in the galaxy has been forced to team up with their greatest
    foe. Ratchet & Clank may have to suffer, but everyone else gets to experience
    the thrill of the franchise's first-ever co-op play. Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One
    finds all the weapons pointed in the same direction as Ratchet, Clank, Qwark,
    and Dr. Nefarious unite after one of the Doc's plans goes wrong. Travel through
    an action-packed world with four times the firepower. Team up to solve challen-
    ges and blast enemies as the characters trade weapons and work together. Drop-in
    -drop-out play means friends can jump in at any time or you can carry on solo.
    Left Analog - Move (Navigate menu) [can also use D-pad for menu too]
    [] button - Melee Attack
    /\ button - Swing shot
    >< button - Jump (press twice to double jump) [Select Menu item]
    >< then [] - Slam Attack
    () button - Hold to use Vac-U 4000 Suck, hold while still to catch then press
                again to shoot. (go back in menu screen)
    L1 button - Target lock (Change page during quick select)
    L2 button - Call Teammate/Show stored bolts
    L3 button - Sprint
    R1 button - Fire/Use Gadget (change page during quick select)
    R2 button - Hold to ready throw then press [] to throw weapon
    Right Analog - Weapon Quick Select (hold d-pad left, up or right to assign)
    Start button - pause
    D-pad down - Swap last weapon/gadget
    D-pad up, left, or right - select weapon/gadget from quick slot
    -Chase Down the Z'Grute
    -Defeat the Z' Grute
    -Apprehend the Z' Grute Using the Air Taxi
    -Fend off the Minions
    -Complete Weapon Certification Program
    -Access the Fusion Turrets atop Zogg Tower
    =Rooftop Ampitheater=
    Right off the bat, you earn a Bronze Trophy for starting a single-player game.
    Run right and destroy the robots and lights for bolts. Jump over the blockage
    you come across. You will learn to Sprint and double jump. Utilize the first
    double jumps by doing so where you see a spot where you see up arrows. You will
    soon get a lesson in using bolts to buy weapons followed by how to use melee (of
    which you were doing already) and the swingshot. Use Swingshot to get over the
    gaps but you must hold the /\ to hang on. In this section, if you fall to your
    death with Ratchet, Clank will finish the swings for you and you'll reappear in
    the next section. Keep smashing the bots and crates for bolts as you need these
    for buying and upgrading weapons. Cross the bridge then continue right and then
    double jump to a spot where you will learn the smash attack. Execute it with
    the [] twice while airborne. Smash the red containers. The broken road piece
    will not hurt you if you into it as long as there no pit. Hop over the gaps and
    watch out for exploding blocks. Hold R1 and press [] to throw your melee weapon
    from afar. Double jump the gap to cross it safely.
    The Z' Grute will eat some Lumenoids and send the rest after you. Defeat them
    all and continue to the right. Throw the melee weapon to kill the Lumenoids from
    afar and hop over the gap. Use L2 to call your partner. Smash the container and
    you throw your weapon at the exploding blocks. You can double jump here or run
    up the stairs to the right. Smash the thing with the green top to flip it over
    then smash the other which had just flipped over just now (your partner may do
    that for you instead). When they are both flipped, a bridge will form. Cross it
    and defeat more Lumenoids. Use the Swingshot to get across. Use Nanotech to get
    some health back if needed then proceed through the path until prompted to throw
    your weapon at the bell to call a taxi. Move left or right to steer it. You'll
    earn a bronze trophy for getting it through the obstacles without taking damage.
    Slide down the zipline and lean to avoid sparks.
    Flip over all green tops to proceed to the next area. Defeat the Cleaner Minions
    or better yet let your teammate do it but you can help by tossing your weapon at
    them. Cross the bridge and a store will open. Buy the Combuster for free. Now
    you will do a weapon Cerification program. Fire at all targets then at the end,
    fire at the orbs with your partner to move on. There is a weapon refill pod just
    ahead if needed. This next section consists of you shooting your way to safety
    including facing a new enemy called scout minions. These guys are tough. Take
    cover if they start firing. Defeat the remaing bots to earn the Public Menace
    skill points. Use the swingshot and just hang on for the ride as you face the
    Boss Fight: Z'Grute (Round 1)
    Keep shooting at the Z'Grute. Be sure to jump when the electrified floor tiles
    come your way. They start waving from the right, then waving towards you, then
    waving to the left. Z'Grute will electrify random tiles next and occassionally
    use a double swipe attack. Do enough damage to it and it'll use the generator to
    heal itself. Destroy the generator and it'll take massive damage and retreat for
    the time being.
    Run to the right quickly before the bridge falls. Stand on the vault to spring
    onto a antigravity slide tube. Lean left or right to avoid the lightning bursts
    Z'Grute spits out and jump to avoid the ones surrounding the tube. At the end of
    the ride, Z'Grute will get stuck for now.
    Head forward and blast past the Minions. Stand on the shop pod and watch the
    infomercial on the Plasma Bomb Launcher at buy it for 500 bolts. Leap over the
    gap and kill the minions until Z'Grute finishes off the rest of them.
    Boss Fight: Z'Grute (Round 2)
    Same as before except you can just stay in one spot and use team Comubuster fire
    then move or jump whenever it's really necessary (floor tile comes your way or a
    random tile lights up). You can take it's health down to zero this time but it's
    not out for the count yet.
    Replenish your health and ammo and cross the bridge. Step on a circle inside the
    dome and ride it up. Z'Grute will try to break in but sees an energy source and
    heads to it to recharge. Fight your way up the Zogg Tower until you get to the
    fusion turrets.
    Boss Fight: Z'Grute (Final Round)
    You and your teammate(s) will blast at the generators with the fusion turrets
    using the team shot. Destroy all four then shoot Z'Grutes health down to zero.
    It won't act like a sitting duck though. It will start spewing out energy bursts
    everywhere. You can destroy these bursts. Just aim at the ones heading towards
    you or your teammates. Once Z'Grute's health is down to zero, it will make one
    last attempt to go after you. Use a smash attack on both its claws to send it
    tumbling to its death and ending the level. You get the Intergalactic Tool of
    Justice trophy.
    ~ALDAROS PLAINS, Planet Magnus~
    -Escape the Training Center
    -Regroup with Susie at the End of Sector Seven
    -Complete Gadget Certification
    -Defeat the Minions
    -Trek to Susie's Village
    -Travese Aldaros Plains
    -Destroy the Gravity Bot to Restore Gravity
    -Meet up with Susie
    -Explore the Tharpod Village
    -Rescue Susie
    -Follow the Gravoid
    -Search for Susie.
    =Detention Cell=
    Get on one of the pads and press /\ and this spring you to another platform. Get
    all the goodies as you go until you reach another pad and press /\ to ride the
    platform. When it stops, something will scan you then subject you to a Gadget
    Certification. Keep fighting your way down this level until you are about to
    use a swingshot to clear the gap. Proceed ahead and after the cutscene, go to
    where Susie is and follow her to a door which she'll open. Collect all the goods
    as you run through the tunnel and use the swingshot twice to cross the large gap
    and when you are safe ground, move ahead into the next room and enter through
    the automatic doors. Use swingshot at the end of the ledge and head right. Enter
    through the automatic doors. You will eventually enter a cutscene where you'll
    obtain the vac-U 4000.
    Teleport the enter the room, use your Vac to suck some exploding ords towards
    you. Arm one of the orbs and shoot it at the well. Do the same for the rest of
    the orbs and head to the next section and move across the bridge to the balcony.
    Get on a console then activate the path to the above room by using the vac. Go
    inside to go to a cutscene. Vaccuum up the enemies to make bombs appear. Suck
    them up and drop them all into the well. Get the Hero Bolt that appears then
    stand on the pad at the top of the area. Press /\ to teleport to the next area
    and use the vac to suck up your teammate and launch him across the gap then
    swingshot to the other side yourself. Use the vac on the access panel ahead to
    pull a ledge towards you. When the ledge is within range, launch your teammate
    across then use the swingshot to reach safe ground and there is a cutscene after
    you go to the right.
    Use your vac to launch your teammate at the green panel and have him land on it
    then go through the opened door. Stand on the pad and teleport then go into the
    room to the right. You will be temporarily killed by a bolt of electricity. A
    teammate will revive you. Head to the next room and collect the goods and suck
    in some creatures. There is another Hero Bolt in this room. Get it then ride on
    the moving platform at the end of the next room and head over to Susie. She will
    open the doorway. Kill the Rift-Jumper minions inside. After the second round of
    minions, go into the next room and shoot your teammate at green tops to open
    the door. Get the goods here and keep moving until you come fade to with a new
    minion called the Blade Minion which look exactly like the green tops but alive.
    You can kill it by using the vac to shoot your teammate at it. you can also use
    a Smash attack to kill it too.
    Proceed forward and kill more of the Blade Minions the same way. It's best to
    kill the Cleaner and Scout minions first then kill the Blade Minions. Once all
    the minions are gone, exit stage right and use the vac on the shielded console.
    Keep the trigger pushed down so your teammate can go to the next one and keep
    using them till all enemies are crushed to death. A scanner minnion appears and
    you'll collect the bonus and end the level.
    =Outside Receiving Station=
    There are some creatures to suck in. Collect them and all the bolts as you go.
    Head to the other side of the tunnel. Soon you will be able to purchase the Arc
    Lasher. Proceed down the normal path and collect the goods and hop over any gaps
    you come across until a cutscene happens involving you heading over you going
    over to Susie's village. As you continue forward, enemies will start to rain
    down from the sky. Kill them all then launch your teammate over the gap and
    swingshot to safety yourself. Get ready to do that again. Kill the minions then
    use the Combuster together with your teammate and blast the Cleaner Minions to
    kingdom come. It's possible to take cover. Use the vac on the console, then use
    swingshot to get to the above platform. Ignore the pads on the floor and go to
    the top of the area Stand on the pad to begin a minigame of guiding the creature
    to safety. If a creature falls or gets hurt, the puzzle resets. In this case,
    you will lead the creature by using vac-U 4000 on the consoles and hold them
    there till the creature makes it. You earn a RYNO part.
    Get the Hero Bolt carefully and use the vac to activate the console. Swingshot
    on the hook points and swing around until you get enough of a momentum to swing
    to the next safety using the Right Thumbstick.  Get past the crumbling floor and
    a cutscene will appear again. Shoot at the Pyromites first then kill the large
    robot above you. Once it's dead, walk to the edge on the upper left and launch
    your teammate across and join him using the swingshot. Run on the anti-gravity
    wall and kill the Cleaner Minion above you at the end and then use a swingshot
    to get across the gap. There are three swingshots to make. Proceed to the right
    until a cutscene tells you to Destroy the gravity bot. You can now jump higher
    into the air. Just hold the >< button and press it again to go higher. Use this
    to your advantage to get through the next scene that involves facing a Gravity
    Miniboss Fight: Gravity Minion
    It takes 6 Combuster Team explosions to kill it. Stay alive by strafing left and
    right. Strafing = jumping side to side to lure and avoid enemy fire.
    When it's down, proceed to the right and a scanner minion ends the level.
    Collect everything then use the store to buy or upgrade the Plasmabomb or the
    Combuster. Swingshot on the spinning hook and rotate the right thumbstick to
    clear the gap. Kill the Cleaner Minions and use the spinning hook again. Kill
    the Blade Minions then swingshot on the copter and ride it to the next area.
    Get on the pad and get sprung onto a series of springs. Just hold right and you
    will be safe the whole trip. The Voltergeist appears but it's not an enemy. Use
    the vac-U 4000 to shoot it into the blue orb then cross the bridge and refill
    your ammo if needed. A gravoid comes into play. Kill the first one you see froma
    afar and swingshot across. Melee the other one to death before it destroys the
    ground then shoot your teammate across and swingshot to him. Repeat the same for
    the next series of chasms. Soon you will shoot your teammate to an upper ledge.
    Do so and swingshot to him and get ready to shoot him again and rejoin him.
    Swingshot to the next platform and kill the three gravoids. Use the vac on the
    console to make some swingshot points appear to spring you above. Ignore the
    Gravoids here. Make a break for it and hop the gap.
    Use the hookshot on the spinning hook and vault yourself to a new section. If
    you want the Bomb Disposal trophy. Use vac on the bomb blocks to safely blow
    them up. There is a fork, going to the right leads to a Hero Bolt which will
    unlocked the Future Ratchet skin (you have 5 total). Going left is the correct
    path with a voltergiest and a console to pull out the orb. Launch the volter-
    geist at the orb to unveil swingshot springs that vault you into battle with
    Scout and Cleaner Minions. Destroy the Scouts first then take cover to get
    rid of the Cleaners. There is a Clearner Minion far away. Use vac on the far
    left console to draw it in then destroy it. Take the Voltergeist and use it on
    the blue orb to form a bridge. Cross it and regain your ammo. Use a series of
    four swingshots then run forward. Kill all the minions here then stand on the
    pad to be vaulted to the next area. Use swingshot to ride the zipline. Kill the
    Pyromites and their creators then face off against the Gravoid Brute.
    Miniboss Fight: Gravoid Brute
    Run left and right as you shoot the Gravoid Brute. This is an easy fight and it
    should take about 3 team explosions to defeat it.
    Use vac on the consoles to pull the land towards you and use the cluster cannon
    to get blasted across the canyon and the scanner minion appears to end the level
    =Village Entrance=
    Run up the antigravity wall and buy the Dopplebanger. Collect bolts and there's
    a Hero Bolt nearby. Yes the fire will hurt you, it would go against physics if
    it didn't. Now to get to the Hero Bolt, cross the bridge on the right and move
    past the unstable ground and it's at the end of the ledge. Go back and cross the
    next bridge. A gravoid kidnapps Susie. Kill the minions. Going right just leads
    to more bolts so you really want to go left and step on the pad to launch to the
    next area. Collect all bolts and critters and carefully hop on the platforms as
    they rise and fall. Kill the minions then use vac on the console to pull the
    land towards you. Jump on it and shoot your partner across and join him. Make
    a run for swingshot springs and get vaulted to safety. You will see some Glob
    Lobbers ahead. Use the console to pull the land to you and collect them. Use
    them to shoot a glob target to lower the land then use the swingshot springs to
    vault up. Refill your ammo and run across the volcanic rock before the missiles
    destroy the ground. Destroy the Gravoid Brute then shoot your teammate across
    the gap and rejoin him. Use Glob Lobber to lower the lands and then use vac on
    the console to raise the glass surrounding the Voltergeist and then shoot your
    teammate across and he will shoot the Voltergeist to you then you shoot it at
    the blue orb. Jump up the platforms and continue stage right across the unstable
    ground and soon a dome will surround you. Defeat all the enemies here to clear
    the level.
    =Village Outskirts=
    Collect all bolts and creatures. Don't forget the Hero Bolt. Safely hop across
    the moving platforms. Go to the right of the volcanic rock and play another mini
    game involving critters which will earn you another RYNO part. This minigame'll
    make use of the Glob Lobber. Once done. Kill the minions and go down the left
    path. Pull the land to you with the console then kill another set of minions
    and launch yourself up. Suck in your teammate and run for end and shoot him to
    the other side before the gravoids make the platform fall away. Kill the enemies
    and use the vac to pull the land to you and destory the Pyromite gang. There is
    a lot of crumbling ground to cross. Make it to safe ground and run through the
    Graveroid and use Glob Lobber to get to the next bit of land. You'll see Susie
    fly by momentarily. Hop off the moving platforms carefully then use Swingshot
    and you'll be in for a series of those especially two spinning ones in a row.
    Run across the unstable ground and refill. Run across more unstable ground and
    face the boss.
    Boss Fight: Octomoth
    Whenever a tile turns green, a tentacle will appear from underneath. Get over to
    a safe tile and blast away at Octomoth's tentacles as they pop up. When you see
    Octomoth open its mouth. Fire shots into it until there is a team explosion only
    there won't be an explosion. Octomoth will close its mouth instead and protrude
    its tentacles again. After the third round, you should be able to reduce Octo-
    moth's health down to zero and the fight is over. You get the Anyone for Sushi?
    Swingshot across and get the bolts and then swingshot onto the copter and ride
    it to safe ground. Remember that medallion with the Glob Lobber symbol? Now you
    can shoot it to lower the bridge. Cross it and the level will be over shortly.
    -Find the Subterranean Railway Station
    -Descend into the Deadgrove
    -Locate the Path to the Mining Camp
    -Jetpack Down the Access Shaft
    -Search for the Railway Station
    -Defeat the Wigwump
    =Orthani Gorge=
    Buy the Warmonger then exit the store. Double jump to clear the gap and shoot
    the Dreadgrub from a distance before jumping over to its platform. Kill all
    Dreadbugs you come across as they drop down from the sky and climb up the hill
    ahead. There will be some Dreadbugs rolling up the hill so just kill them with
    your melee attack as they get close. Run down the hill and jump on the round
    platform. Run down the path ahead of you and run down the hill on the left and
    jump on a ledge after you kill the Dreadbugs. A cutscene will follow that shows
    the Grove Beetle. Jump on the spring platforms that glow. Use these to vault
    onto the rock. A Grove Bettle appears. Wait for it to charge at you then smash
    attack when it is flipped over from  a missed charge (double-jump over it first
    to make it hit the wall). Afterwards, you will soon come to a ledge where you
    must shoot your teammate across and rejoin him. Kill all of the Dreadbugs and
    drop down the lower platform. Shoot your teammate over the gap and rejoin him
    and destroy another Gravoid Brute. Move down the ledges collecting creatures and
    you will see a Proton Turret drinking water before it spots you and runs.
    At the bottom, draw its fire then let your teammate destroy him from behind and
    collect the bolts you come accross. You'll soon come across Quakehammer gadgets
    which act like jackhammers. Use it on the marked X to clear the rock pile. Jump
    on the glowing springs and run down the hill to the left to kill another Photon
    Turret. Jump on the pad to get sprung up then get rid of the Grove Beetle then
    spring up again onto a vine which you slide down. Move ahead and jump down the
    ledge and use vac on the box and continue downward until you reach solid land.
    You will be domed in and have to face four waves of enemies. Ending with the
    Gravoid Brute. After you survive, shoot your teammate across and regroup. Defeat
    the two Proton Turrets by getting one to kill the other first. Then have your
    teammate defeat the other while distracted or vice versa. The Dopplebanger will
    work too. You'll eventually obtain another Hero Bolt that by now will earn you
    the Ninja Ratchet skin. Use Quakehammer on the X's to clear a path that leads
    to the end of the level.
    =Root Cavern=
    Launch your teammate across and regroup then use Quakehammer on the X's to fall
    through the floor. Suck up the explosive orb and use it to blow up the wall to
    the right. Then use another one to blow up the second wall. Eliminate all the
    Dreadbugs and Quakehammer through the floor. You will bounce down some plants
    and shoot your teammate onto a bouncy plant to the right and regroup as he goes
    up to get the Hero Bolt nearby then go back down and run right. At the ledge,
    shoot your teammate and regroup then Quakehammer the X to make the explosive
    ball fall. Blow up the wall and you can repeat the process for the second wall
    and get some more bolts. Quakehammer to the lower level and defeat the Grove
    Beetle. Shoot your teammate across and he'll wait for you to shoot an explosive
    ball his way then he'll use it to destroy the wall. Regroup and continue to the
    right. Swingshot across two hook points and stay on higher ground to get behing
    the Photon Turret then destroy it while your partner distracts it. Take one of
    the explosive ball and destroy the wall. Run right and shoot your teammate to
    the other side and regroup. Use Quakehammer to make the ball fall and destroy
    the next wall.
    Take out the Grove Beetle below first the move underneath the Proton Turret and
    take it out. A Wigwump is in the background. Swing across hook points then Run
    Forest Run to the right while the platform collapses. You'll be bounced to the
    lower area. Let your teammate swing across first then shoot the explosive over
    to him and let him destroy the wall and swing over to him yourself. Quakehammer
    on the next X to land on a big spring. Shoot your teammate over to the left and
    regroup. Get the Hero Bolt. Run right and defeat the Grove Beetle and the Proton
    Turret. Quakehammer the red X and you'll fall and slide down to the bottom and
    end the level.
    =Access Shaft=
    Quakehammer the X and slide down and get the Jetpack. Descend to the bottom and
    avoid the flames on the left then Quakehammer the X at the bottom. Descend again
    and you can use R1 to wall slam. Carefully descend past the saws and flames. USe
    the wall slam on the glass to get the Hero Bolt. Soon you will fight the Photon
    Excavator. Two wall slams will kill it. Destroy each one you come by. At the
    bottom, Quakehammer through and make it to the bottom as you now have to worry
    about the Photon Excavtors in addition to the fire and saws. At the bottom, use
    the wall slam on the pane of glass then drop down to the bottom and go left and
    get on the glowing spring to continue downward. Rolling saws will start to chase
    you. Break for it and survive until you get to the checkpoint. Fly through more
    danger until you reach another X to Quakehammer. Make it to the bottom here and
    you have survived. The level ends.
    =Mining Camp=
    You now have the ability to buy the Blitzer. Get it then go forward. Ignore the
    pad and go to the minigame and get the Hero Bolt here too. Complete the minigame
    then Step on a pad and get launched over the gap. Kill all Dreadbugs as you go
    downhill. Refill and you will go against a new minion called Mortar Minions.
    Fight them like you fought against the Gravoid Brute. Avoid the mortar strikes
    as you use team explosions to get rid of them. Go forth and shoot your teammate
    across the gap and rejoin him (I forgot to do this and luckily landed on the
    flower when I jumped) then get on a pad to be launched into a new area. You'll
    fight through four waves of enemies in the dome.  Go down the left path and
    eliminate the Dreadbugs as you keep making left turns. At the top, get on the
    moving platform and the level ends.
    The Wigwump appears and chews the railing thus making Ratchet and Clank fall
    Boss Fight: Wigwump
    Descend down and avoid the fire. When the Wigwump appears avoid its laser beam
    and wall smash it when safe. After a few hits it retreats. Stay to the left to
    avoid the thorns then wait for Wigwup to pass by. Stay to the right to get some
    Nanotech if needed. At the bottom, Wigwump appears to attack again. Smash it in
    the head to make it retreat again. Stay to the right to avoid the thorns and now
    zigzag left and right through the thorns all while avoid Wigwump's chomps. When
    it starts comping from above. Avoid its chomps or it's instant death for you.
    At the bottom, smash through the glass. Wait for it to emerge and the real fight
    Avoid it's fire breath and stay off the floor it touches then continually use
    the team explosions to do massive damage to it. It will occassionally send out
    some minature enemies that look like Dreadbugs with thorns. Use the spring pads
    when they appear to wall smash it with your jetpack. This will stun it. Take the
    advantage to use the Blitzer on it. When it's health is zero, it will be dead.
    Hop across the rocks and enter the alcove to complete level.
    -Defeat Commander Spog
    -Find a Way Inside the N.E.S.T.
    -Defent Moxtor Outpost
    -Infiltrate the Sorting Facility
    -Descend the Security Tower
    -Search the Facility for Commander Spog
    -Escape the Security Center.
    -Defeat Mr. Perkins
    -Track Down Commander Spog
    =Elerox Pass=
    Buy all three new weapons if you can afford them all. Swingshot to spring upward
    and go up the mountain and get the creatures as you go then use swingshot on the
    hook springs to boost upwards. At the top of the mountain, use a Glob Lobber on
    the sign to make a bridge come down and cross it. Go to the far right and walk
    to the signs and fire Glob Launcher at one as your teammate shoots the other one
    to make the gate open. Go inside. Shoot a Glob Lobber at the yellow sign to make
    it lower. A target will appear behind where it once was. Throw your melee weapon
    at it. This will loosen a boulder. Cross the bridge and kill all the minions
    coming at you. Cross the next bridge and kill the minions there and Shoot a Glob
    Lobber at the sign when halfway acroos the bridge to reveal a new target. Throw
    your melee object into to loosen the boulder. Run away from the boulder quickly
    and run to the side to let it roll past you. Cross the bridge. watch out for the
    purple goo. Stepping on one will encase you temporarily.
    Shoot the sign with the Glob Bloober and throw an object at the target and a
    platform will come down. Make your way to the pads and you'll be launched over
    the gap. The Weevoids make their debut. Kill it from afar preferably with the
    Combuster + team explosion. Cross the bridge before it falls and kill all the
    minions then as you proceed right, bounce on the plants to the next ledge then
    go right and bounce on more plants. From here, jump over the goo and kill all
    more Weevoids. Use the Glob Lobber at to make a platform come down and get on
    it and use a double jump to reach the next ledge. Swingshot to the get launched
    to the next area. Take out the Hunter Minions and go to the waterfall. Launch
    your teammate over the gap and rejoin him. Leap over the goo and kill some more
    Weevoids. Launch your teammate over the next gap and regroup then jump onto the
    next set of ledges and you fight off the minions and a platform lowers. Rotate
    thumbstick to make it rise and the level ends when your teammate reaches the
    You can get the Hero Bolt before hand or wait till the next level.
    =Moktor Outpost=
    Launch teammate upwards and regroup. Defeat several brands of minions. Go left
    and kill more Mortar Minions. Head down the path a rather than fight several
    Scout Minons, shoot the sign with the Glob Lobber to knock down the tower thus
    killing them all in one shot. Go up the stairs and go right to climb some ledges
    Continue killing enemies as you venture forward. Cross the bridge before it
    falls and kill several waves pf enemies within the dome ending with the large
    Gravoid Brutes. You'll reach a spot where you will swingshot along several hook
    When you reach the spinning ones. Rotate the thumbstick to launch yourself ahead
    to the next section. Stand on the platform and rotate the thumbstick to raise it
    up and jump to the next ledge. Get the Hero Bolt here and go left and stand on
    the pad and get launched onto a sliding pipe. Be sure to jump over the electric
    rings then jump left to the next pipe and avoid the electirc rings and soon you
    will complete the level.
    =Vertigus Cliffs=
    Buy or upgrade a weapon then, shoot your teammate over the gap and regroup. Kill
    the Rift-Jumper Minions as you proceed down the path. Shoot the Voltergeist into
    the blue orb to activate the bridge. Cross two more bridges as you kill several
    Rift Minions. At the end of the second, launch your teammate across the gap and
    regroup then shoot him to the left so he can get the Voltergeist and shoot it to
    you. Shoot the Voltergeist into the orb. It'll form an elevator that is too far.
    Shoot your teammate to it and regroup there and ride it up. Proceed forward to
    face the Bouncer Minion. The Blitzer works great on them. At the fork, take the
    high road to avoid fighting altogether unless you want bolts and creatures. Use
    Swingshot for the high road. Proceed forward and go towards a forcefield. Kill
    the Bouncer Minions then flip over all green tops to lower the forcefield and
    step on the pads and get balsted. Run to the left as the bridge falls and get
    blasted and run for safety again and get blasted a third time. You are safe now.
    Run ahead and collect bolts and creatures and shoot your teammate onto the ledge
    and regroup. Defeat the turret with a mortar attack when its top turns green. It
    takes three of those to defeat it. Swingshot onto the hookpoint copter and ride
    it. It'll lead to the end of the level.
    =N.E.S.T. Entrance=
    Buy or updgrade your weapons and head forward and kill several of the RiftJumper
    Minions. This is a good time to earn trophies related to weapons. When they are
    all dead, your teammate will arm the console and you will shoot the Voltergeist
    into the orb to open the gate. Watch out for the Sentry Minions scopelight as
    if they see you, they'll fire an instant death beam. Get behind it and kill it
    from there. At the second one, shoot your partner over the gap and let him do
    away with it. Regroup with him then shoot him to the left and regroup. You'll
    see two more Sentry Minions. Shoot your partner ahead then let him kill them
    off then regroup. Enter the building ahead and face a miniboss.
    Miniboss Fight: Tank Minion
    Hop over the beams as you use a explosions with the Combuster to do massive
    damage to it. It will also launch missiles at you so just stay mobile. When its
    health is down to 0 it is destroyed but watch for any missiles still in flight.
    Launch your teammate across and activate both consoles together. Get on the pad
    and ride the platform. It will be diverted to the Rehabitation center. Avoid the
    gases. Hop across the other platforms and make it to the far left and get on the
    elevator. Kill the Rift-Jumper Minions. Hop across the newly-made programs then
    get on the pad to ride down. The elevator will drop you but you can let the fans
    blow you back up. Keep the circle green soon you'll be back to safety. Proceed
    ahead and watch out for the Sentry Minions. Use the Plasmabomb Launcher to beat
    them this time. Kill the remaining Rift Jumper Minions and use the vac on the
    fan in the middle. Go back and use the spinner to lower the elevator and stay
    behind the wall as you use the Plasmabomb to destroy the Sentry Minions. Vac
    the fan again and lower the elevator some more. Blitz the Bouncer Minions. Now
    to face Mr. Perkins.
    Boss Fight: Mr. Perkins
    Launch your teammate at the two tops to weaken Mr. Perkins. Then use the Critter
    Strike on Mr. Perkins for an instant victory.
    The level ends immediately.
    =Rehabitation Center=
    You can now buy the Darkstar Fission Tether. Cross the orange bridge and ride on
    the moving platform to the end of the ride. Move forward and go right to kill a
    bunch of Cleaner & Bouncer Minions that appear then enter the next room. Get rid
    of the Hunter Minions and use the vac on the console that appears. Keep holding
    it while your teammate enters inside the door and activates the other console to
    keep the door open. Go inside the tunnel and kill all the minions inside and use
    vac on the console while your teammate will Smash attack the green top. Stand on
    the pad, and make the platform rise up then double jump over the gap on the left
    go up the pipe. Shoot any enemies you come across and use the Plasmabomb
    for the Mortar Minions above then activate one console while your teammate will
    activate the other. Run up the metal path and get on the ledge above. Run to the
    edge and swingshot to the right. Rotate the thumbstick when at the spinnig hooks
    to launch yourself on to the sliding pipe.
    Hop over the electric ring and hop left to the next pipe. Hop between pipes to
    avoid objects and electric rings on the pipes. Get on the left pipe as the one
    on the right comes to an end then after the loop, get back on the right one. Now
    shift to one side and jump over any objects then jump to the next pipe and hop
    over the electric rings and you'll land on the ledge ahead. Destroy the Mortar
    and Scout Minions and go left and step on the pad. Shoot the Voltergeist into
    the blue orbs to raise the platform. Kill the Weevoids and Bouncer Minions. Now
    take out the Gravoid Brute. When at the next area, step on the pad and make the
    platform rise. Get ready to face...
    Boss Fight: Commander Spog
    When Commander Spog hovers, run from under him to avoid being smashed. Double
    jump over his lasers and run away from the targets you see on the floor because
    he will shoot mines there. Use vac-U 4000 on the mines and shoot them back at
    him to damage him. Also use the Combuster to chip away at him between the mine
    attacks. After enough damage, Commander Spog will retreat to a new area of the
    floor. Keep fighting him as normal but be sure to leap over the saw blades.
    Soon Commander Spog will send Bouncer Minions. Take them out and proceed hurt
    the boss. He'll retreat again to a new area. Finish him off. You get the Spog
    2.0 trophy.
    There is a bug somehow that kills you if you run towards the screen to far.
    Cross the bridge and step on the pad and make it lower. Collect the Hero Bolt
    nearby and launch your teammate onto the green top to flip it over. Do the same
    for the other one to open the door and the level is over.
    -Locate a Railway Station to Terawatt Forest.
    -Head into the Tharpod Fishing Village.
    -Ask a Tharpod for Directions to Terawatt Forest.
    -Use the Feeding Cannon to Reach the W.A.S.P.
    -Destroy W.A.S.P.
    -Destroy Charging Dock Gamma
    -Destroy Charging Dock Beta
    -Destroy Charging Dock Alpha
    -Access the Lighthouse Railway Station
    -Navigate the Reef with your Escape Raft
    -Cross the Ship Graveyard
    -Go to the Octonok Lighthouse
    -Use the Shock Towers against the King Sepiad
    -Defeat the King Sepiad
    The Omegatech Frost Cannon is now available for purchase now for 25,000 bolts.
    Buy or upgrade your weapon and get on the turtle shell. Double-jump onto the
    ledge and fight Flabberfish along the docks until you reach the last dock. Toss
    your melee weapon at the tower to make the turtle appear and get on its shell.
    Use swingshot on the hook points to get across to the next ledge and get the
    Hero Bolt. Run forward on the dock and defeat a new enemy called the Slorgs. You
    can toss your melee weapon to knock them into the water and that's all to do. At
    the end, swingshot over the gap and keep going. Kill the Slorg and hop over the
    gab and walk to the fishing pole. Your partner will vac on the reel as you use
    the get to collect bolts. Head right and swingshot across the hook points. When
    you land, attack the enemies and get the Hero Bolt. Reel up more bolts and jump
    onto the trampoline to get over the gap. Jump onto another trampoline to get to
    the next area. Kill all the Slorgs here and get the platform that just lowered
    and throw your melee weapon at the tower to make it rise.
    You now face an Armored Slorg. Use the Critter Strike to deal with it and head
    right. Move to the right and go down the slope. Take a ton of minions that will
    serve for skill point and trophy-related farming. Get on the upper ledge then
    toss your melee weapon at the tower and ride the moving platform over to the
    next area. Once you get there, kill more enemies then double-jump over the gap.
    At this point, fight your way forward and hop over the gaps that the tentacles
    create and defeat more minions. As you are going forward, be sure to throw your
    melee weapon at tower to make the turtle appear and get on its shell to get to
    the next area and get ready to hop over the next gap left by a tentacle and kill
    more enemies. Use the vac on the panel to raise the gate and jump over the gaps
    then fight your way to two panels which your teammate will take care of one of
    them while you vac the other. Enter the door and jump onto the trampoline to go
    to the next ledge. Go fishing then kill every enemy you see. Get on the conveyor
    belt and ride it to the bottom and exit to the right. Go to the next one and go
    the next platform. Throw your melee weapon at the tower to make it rise then get
    on the next conveyor belt and get on the platform. Throw your melee object at
    the tower and ride it to the top. Go down the next conveyor belt and jump on the
    next two you come across and on the left ledge from the last one, go fishing.
    As you go forward, jump on the trampoline and this bounces you to the next ledge
    and you can proceed forward to meet the Bomber Minions. Use strafing techniques
    as you blast away at it. When they are all dead. Go to the top right and use the
    vac on one console and your teammate takes care of the other one. Go through the
    dooe and do some double fishing and leap over the next gap. Get on the conveyor
    belt and defeat several enemies here and launch your teammate over the gap and
    regroup. Go left and hop over the gap. Jump onto the trampoline and then throw
    your melee weapon at the tower to make the turtle appear. Get on its shell and
    throw another melee weapon at another tower and ride to the tower and use the
    melee weapon throw here to and jump the surface. Run up and throw your melee
    weapon at the tower and get on the turtle shell and throw your melee weapon on
    the left. Get on the tower and swingshot across the hook points and kill the
    Bomber Minions once you land. Continue left on the conveyor belt and go fishing
    twice along the way. Jump on the trampolines and eliminate the Bouncer Minions
    in the dome then head to the far right. Go down the narrow strip then run across
    the converyor belt and swingshot on the hook points to the next section and the
    Sepiad appears.
    Boss Fight: Sepiad
    Blast it from afar and double-jump away from its strikes. It will attack in a
    pattern by sometimes attackings the sides then slamming the middle then slamming
    its tentacles in a some sort of sweeping pattern. After enough damage, it will
    retreat. Throw the melee object at the tower to bring it back. It will sometimes
    expose it's underbelly. Take advantage and blast it while it is stuck. It will
    on ocassion come from the left and try to suck you in so run away from it. Do
    damage to it again till it retreats again. Once again, throw your melee weapon
    at the tower to make it reappear and now you can finish it off. The Combuster
    is the best weapon in this fight as its main weak spot is its mouth when it
    underbelly is not exposed.
    After the towers rise, throw your melee weapon at the one on the right and get
    on the turtle's shell as it comes into view then throw your melee weapon at the
    other one. And use it to reach the next ledge. Continue forward to complete the
    The final weapon, the Thundersmack is now available for purchase. If have spent
    your money right, then you get a gold trophy called "For the Zombie Apocalypse"
    as early as here. Step on the pad and get launched into the tornado. Run to the
    far right and shoot your teammate actoss the gap and regroup. Then swingshot to
    the next ledge. You'll fight alot of minions. Blast em' and blitz em' run to the
    gate and up to the fan. Run against the current and the fan will eventually wear
    out and turn blue thus shutting it off. Run off to the right and get behind the
    fan. Grab the hero bolt and run towards the three fans. When the barrier heads
    towards you, get behind it and this will protect you from getting blown away and
    jump over the gap and smash attack the green top when the large fan shuts off.
    Your teammate does the same for the next one then you will smash attack the 3rd
    one. Your teammate will smash the 4th one. Get on the platform that comes down
    and ride it upwards. The fan will sometime interfere with your progress so some
    green tops will reset themselves and have to be smashed again. Once on top, kill
    all the RiftJumper Minions then move on ahead.
    Use Glob Lobber on the glowing panels and throw your melee object to destroy the
    panel then go to the other side and do the same thing. Get through the electric
    floor by walking on it when the tiles are black. Use the vac on the console to
    make a barrier move and your teammate will walk in front of the fans. When he's
    at the other side, regroup with him the same way you've done it when you shoot
    him over gaps. Carefully jump through the moving platorms then kill the Bouncer
    and Rift Jumper minions on route to anotehr charging that you'll shoot with the
    Glob Lobber. Throw your melee weapon to knock it down. Move left and right to
    avoid getting zapped. While you knock the Charging Station down. Eliminate the
    Missile Minion the same way you dealt with the Gravoid Brute. Strafe and fire.
    Smash attack the green tops afterwards to start a timer. Wait for the fans to
    stop and shoot your teammate at the green tops above to destroy the fan. Go past
    where it used to be and leap over the electric objects as they approch you. Go
    through the door and flip over a green top while the teammate flips over the
    other to make the timer start and when the fan stops and jump over the electric
    objects till you get to the other side and launch your teammate onto the green
    tops above again to destroy this fan as well. (On both occasions, time may hit
    0 and you get blown back but any tops flipped over inside will stay flipped but
    you must flip over the ones outside again). Go through where it used to be and
    get onto the moving platform. Go to the green top then shoot a teammate over the
    gap then smash attack the green top to release the blue orb which your teammate
    will get the Voltergist and shoot it at the orb.
    Regroup then swingshot to the next area then smash attack a green top as your
    partner activates the other. This will turn the fan off for 30 secs. Go inside
    the room and wait for the floor to turn black then jump onto the moving platform
    and let your teammate smash the green top then as you get on the platform in the
    middle and then get the Voltergeist and shoot it into one blue orb then jump to
    the other green top and call your partner then repeat the process quickly before
    time runs out. If time does one out, any side that was activated will stay that
    way for next time. Timer resets at 0:30. Let the floor turn black and shoot your
    teammate at the above green tops. Go into the next room and kill a bunch of the
    RiftJumper Minions and the Bouncer Minions. Use Glob Lobber onto the glowing
    panels then throw your melee weapon at it to make it fall. Defeat the Missile
    Minions then cross the bridge. In the next room, jump onto the yellow raft. It
    end the level here.
    =Reef Shallows=
    You'll land on a raft in the water. Use the vac on a panel corresponding to the
    direction you want the raft to travel. Make it go forward and pass through the
    gate that falls then move to the land to get the Hero Bolt and go right through
    the next channel and steer left and stay along the wall to avoid the spikes in
    the water.
    Go right and throw your melee object at the tower. The creature blocking your
    path will submerge and allow you to continue forward and arm Combuster to shoot
    the spikes ahead of you to clear a path then go left. Steer around the creature
    wading in the water then steer to land and play the minigame. Get a speed boost
    and Go around the left corner and proceed when the gate opens. Get another speed
    boost then steer between the spike on the right. When you reach the creature,
    throw your melee weapon at the tower to make the creature move away and continue
    forward. Shoot the spikes away on the right as you approach the tower and toss
    your melee weapon at it to get rid of the creature. Destroy more spikes and try
    to steer around the creatures. Kill the missile minions you come across when
    rafting then steer to the far right to be back on dry land and visit the shop
    if you want to.
    Bounce on the trampoline to reach the ledge and go uphill and then go downhill.
    When you reach the bottom, kill the Bomber Minion then move to the far left and
    shoot your teammate over the gap and regroup. Rid of the Slorgs ahead. Jump on
    the trampoline and kill the Slorgs in this area then throw your melee weapon to
    call the turtle forward then shoot your partner over to the tower and regroup
    and get on the turtle. Throw you melee weapon at the next tower to ride it to
    another raft. Get rid of the mines that Mine Minions drop. Ride over the turbine
    and it will spring you over the mines to safety. Dock the raft and get back on
    land. Swingshot to the right and then get ready to do it again and get onto the
    ship top. Shoot your partner across and regroup. Follow the normal cannon and
    use the cannon to fly through the air and the level ends upon landing.
    =Octonok Lighthouse=
    Buy or upgrade your weapon then go right and swingshot across the gap. You will
    see King Sepiad cameo for now but you will fight him later on. As you waterski,
    steer left and right to smash boxes to get bolts and jump to avoid the mines.
    Jump over the King Sepiad's swipe. When it does, it will sweep its limb across
    the water. Get in close to the shock tower and press /\ and rotate the control
    stick to shock King Sepiad. Steer through the electric barriers and turtles.
    When King Sepiad dives, steer to the far side to avoid being attacked underneath
    you. Get ready to shock him again. Use the ramps to avoid some spikes and jump
    over the rest. Steer away from King Sepiad's object swipe by going to the other
    side away from his tentacle and once again avoid his bites from below. One more
    shock and King Sepiad is down. But I'm not sure he's out yet since no trophy has
    appeared yet. Ski to the ramp to get on dry land and refill energy if needed.
    Run down the bridge and just as I thought, King Sepiad lives and that bastard
    just ate your new friend. Run up the lighthouse on the antigravity wall and use
    the console to cover the electric area as you avoid King Sepiad's swipes. At the
    top, the real fight begins.
    Boss Fight: King Sepiad
    Hw will smash the button and send Slorgs at you while swiping at you. After you
    knock some Slorgs into the hole, activate the beacon on the side then press ()
    near the King Sepiad's mouth and that'll open it. Feed him Slorgs. He has no
    lifebar yet so he'll fall after 6 Slorgs. Finish him off and the level ends.
    =Top of the Lighthouse=
    Stand on the pad and the platform will lower. At the end of the ride, get to the
    deck and lookie here, your friend survived after all. Yipeeee~!! ^v^. Get the
    Hero Bolt and proceed down the normal path and hop over every tentacle that'll
    block your path. When you use the swingshot, it leads to the end of the level.
    -Search for signs of Dr. Croid's Whearabouts
    -Explore the Forest
    -Confront Dr. Croid in the Hall of Paradoxology
    -Cross Gorthon Crater
    -Power up a Guardian
    -Traverse Rossa Field with the Comet Shard
    -Restore Power to the Hall of Paradoxology
    =Kaleero Trail=
    Run forward and collect creatures and bolts then face off against Anthropods.
    One melee shot is all it'll take. Buy or upgrade your weapon and move ahead
    and use the Orthomatics and you will don an armor to look like Samus's morph
    ball from the Metroid series. Conduct a current on one side and your teammate
    will do the other. Get launched and face a Shard Beast. Avoid the shards that
    are coming from below and destroy them. Attack the Shard Beast afterwards. Now
    head back and go right and bounce on the plants to the right, and get ready to
    kill another Shard Beast before bouncing upwards. Defeat the enemies inside
    the dome and get the Hero Bolt. USe the Orthomatics here and get launched to
    the pads and press [] to bounce back and forth on them to safety. Activate the
    console and a Guardian will take out the smaller minion. Run past the beam when
    safe to avoid that same fate.Fight the Croidbot by blasting it with Combuster
    and avoid it's laser fire. Afterwards, smash attack the green tops.
    Stand on the platform that came down to make it rise back up and proceed forward
    down the path. Blast away the razormoths and once again, stay out of the spot-
    light of the Guardian after you've launched your teammate and regrouped. Kill
    the RiftJumper Minions and carefully head for the Hero Bolt by running down the
    far side of the rock then continue forward up the hill. Defeat another one of
    the Croidbots then shoot your partner onto the ledge and regroup. Kill all the
    Razormoths. Activate the console then use the Orthomatic and get launched into
    more targets. Avoid the spotlight and activate the console. Swingshot quickly
    to safety and take out the Anthropods and the Shard Beast. Bounce up the plants
    and kill another Croidbot. Avoid the spotlight and smash attack the green tops.
    Get inside the ship quickly.Buy or upgrade your weapons and head forward to end
    the level.
    =Rossa Fields=
    Ride the platform and blast away at the Razormoths. Afterwards, use the vac on
    the floating ring. Guide into the station in the far left. Your goal is to keep
    the comet shard lit. Carry the ring down the normal path and let your teammate
    shoot the enemies. If energy gets low then take it to a repository. When it's
    dark the wild plants will come to life. We don't want that do we? One bit leads
    to instant death. The ultimate goal is to guide the comet shard into the main
    repository. It will be transported to illuminate the area. Stay in the light to
    keep the plants down and at the top. Kill the Anthropods and get to the Ortho-
    matic to turn into a ball and continue to stay with the light and activate the
    stepping stones. Eventually, you'll get the comet shard back. Steer it straight
    to the repository across the bridge to end the level.
    =Gorthon Crater=
    Insert the comet shard ring into place then press /\ then rotate the controller
    to send a jolt into the back of the guardian to activate it. You almost end up
    getting killed but you get saved in the nick of time and end up on top of the
    guardian. Grab a turret and destroy both the spotlights to lower the shield then
    destroy all the bricks to proceed. Kill the Razormoths and Croidbots. Don't let
    the Guardian health reach 0. You also face some fusion cannons. Continually go
    after the spotlights and gates. After 3 gates. Get rid of the Croidbots and take
    out an enemy Guardian by shoot the orbs that appear. Fend off more Guardians the
    same way. The Guardian will eject your character and that ends the level.
    =Exploratorium Power Station=
    Upgrade your weapons then run forward and use the Orthomatics to bounces off
    the barriers to the next area. Drag the cylinder screw into the socket then use
    the vac on the fan to turn on the bulb and use the beacon that arrives to lower
    the platform. Now out the two cylinder screws in place and do the same for this
    area. For the one on the right, twist it so that the little arrow will align
    with the lighting and pass on to the left one. Success leads to three platforms
    appearing. This next spot is tricky. Shoot your teammate over the gap and then
    let your teammate activate the fan and go around and vac the console. Hold it
    and let your teammate get the cylinder screw and drag it to safety. Put it in
    place and activate the fan again to light the bulb and lower the platform. Ride
    it up and kill the Croidbots. Launch your teammate at the green top and use the
    cannon to turn into balls and launch across the barriers. Launch your teammate
    over the gap and regroup. Connect the plugs together then use the vac on the
    console and take the platform to the beacon.
    Activate the beacon to go up and put the first screw in place and this time it
    looks like your partner will be the one to shoot you upwards. While you get the
    other screw, your teammate activates the console. Grab it and twist it into its
    place to activate the cannon and fire it ahead. Go to the launch base to become
    balls and bounce off the barriers. Kill the Razormoths and launch again. One of
    you will activate the fan while the other will become a ball. A timer will then
    appear. Activate the rods to power up the beacon. Use the beacon to go up and
    smash attack the green tops then take the Power Director and twist it into place
    so it reaches a plug then guide both of the plugs into place and fire the cannon
    ahead. Two down. One to go. Kill the Croidbots.
    Launch across the barriers in ball mode. Kill the Croidbots and Razormoths and
    do it again. Get back in ball mode and activate the rods. Put the Power Director
    in place and activate the fan with the vac. Use the left-right position first
    for the Power Director and then position it up-down and use the fan again to get
    the bulb activated. Step on the pad and ride up. Now bring the two set of plugs
    together then use the vac on the bulb and drag it to the far right. Ride up the
    new platform and use the vac on the console to bring the far away area to you
    and connect the plugs. Fire the cannon. Get the Hero Bolt and kill the Croidbots
    and launch yourself across the barriers. Step on the pads inside and ride up.
    Smash the green tops. By any upgrades if you can and cross the bridge. Blitz
    the Bouncer Minions and blast the other minions and cross the bridge that is
    build by the Guardian to end the level.
    =Hall of Paradoxology=
    This level is very short. All you have to do is go inside the above room and go
    to the lab station and that the end of the level. You will earn the Space Cadet
    -Confront Dr. Croid at his Moon Base
    -Pilot Ornithopter through the Asteroid Field
    -Infiltrate Dr. Croid's Secret Lab
    -Bypass Dr. Croid's Defenses
    -Launch Dr. Croids Escape Pod.
    =Onithopter Ascent=
    This level is to simple to explain but I'll just say work your way up and get
    the green tanks to refuel and you avoid the asteroids. When you pass up your
    friends, continue to the left and soon you will start your descent. Make it
    down safely and that is it.
    =Phonica Craters=
    After getting out of the Ornithoper, head forward and upgrade your weapons. Make
    your way up the steps and kill the Craterpedes by shooting their tails. Go up
    the ramp and kill the Anthropods and the Craterpede. Swingshot on the spinning
    hooks to launch across. Go up the pathway and kill the two Craterpedes. Cross
    the bridge and kill the Lurker by blasting it and avoid its acid balls. Time to
    move on and kill a Craterpede and some Anthropods. Swing across the pit. Kill 2
    more Lurkers. Swingshot the hooks to spring up. Kill the Croidbots and get the
    Reflector. Use it against the Ion Turret to block the lasers then kill them from
    behind. You can also have your teammate block for you and stay behind him. After
    getting through a few of them, kill the Lurker and some Anthropods. Next, kill
    the Centerpede and hold your shield against the Ion Turrets as you stand on the
    moving platforms. On the second one, shoot your partner across quickly across
    the gap and regroup. When you see a light beam, reflected into the four rods.
    Get all the goods then get on the pad. Descend with your jetpacks and at the
    bottom, destroy the objects on both sides. Avoid the lasers as you go down. You
    will be at the bottom after three rounds of laser avoidance. Soon the level will
    come to an end.
    =Security Tunnels=
    Use the Reflector to get past the Ion Turrets. Use the vac on the console and
    your teammate will block the Ion Turret's beams. Run to the platforms and run to
    the right. Get on the rotator and have the Reflector ready as this Ion Turret
    stays on. To get the Hero Bolt, shoot the Ion Turret with a Plasmabomb Launcher
    when it's fully upgraded for better results. Use the Reflector to focus the beam
    of light at some structures then along with your teammate, do a double reflect
    on the structures. Same for the three ahead except you will have to use vac on
    the consoles to angle the glasses to hit them. Then get ready to do it once more
    and to get these. Use the console to release the beam then your teammate will
    reflect the team to you then you reflect the beam to the structures. Go off to
    the opposite direction of the correct path to play another minigame. One more to
    go. Now go back to the correct path. Get on the pad and ride the platform and
    it will soon make you use your jetpack.
    Move upwards and avoid the blades and kill the Photon Excavators when you get
    the chance. At the top, smash through the glass. Continue going up as a wave of
    lasers chase you upwards and you manuever around the structures. Smash through
    the glass and wherever you see rocks falling, move away from that spot. Get past
    the glass and then smash the side structures and move to the top to safety. Use
    the swingshot to work your way up to the beacon. Get the Hero Bolt. Use the Glob
    Lobber to raise the glass defense for your teammate to deflect the beam then run
    on ahead. Kill the Anthropods and activate the beacon at the end. Kill all the
    Croidbots and for the Ion Turrets, worry about the Voltergeist laster and get
    behind your teammate as he uses the refector and use Plasmabomber Launcher on
    them. Get the Voltergeist after their gone and shoot it into the opening that
    is highlighted. Enter inside and this level is done.
    =Dr. Croid’s Secret Lab=
    All you have to do is follow the path on the right and walk towards the robot on
    the far side and that ends the level.
    -Head to the Ephemeris Charging Dock at the Vilerog Plateau
    -Investigate Collector Encampment
    -Locate a Railway Station
    =Middle of Nowhere=
    Step on the pad to get launched onto an icy mountain. Get ready to do some ice
    sliding. Your objective is to avoid the spikes and collect the bolts via crates
    knocked into. Make it safely to the bottom and kill the enemies with including
    Bouncer Minions, Missile Minions and the Tank Minion you fought once before
    Once they are down. Stay on the path and stand on the pad to get launched onto
    another icy mountain to slide down. Be sure to jump over the gaps ahead or else
    it will be like Owen Hart 3:16 which says "TIMBERRRRR!!" The camera view will
    change from time to time. When the angle faces you dodge the snowballs coming
    from behind. You enventually reach a sliding pipe which you have to jump onto.
    Avoid the fire bursts by shifting from side to side and jump to the next pipe
    on the left and the sceneraio is still the same for this pipe and the next two
    you come across. At the end, run down the ice and jump across the platform in
    the water as you go against the Groundpounder. Start fighting with Combuster and
    then the Warmonger when out of the former. During the fight, be sure to avoid
    all of its pounder attacks by jumping away from the platform. You will see a
    recticle on the ice block about to be pounded.
    After Groundpounder falls, proceed to the left and step onto the pad to launch
    to the next area. Use mortar attacks or smash attacks to kill the Blade Minions
    then fend off Scout Minions. Get on the pad to launch to the new area which
    inclines downhill. Go downhill and watch out for falling icicles. Get the Hero
    Bolt and the end of the hill and jump across the ice chunks and soon you will
    get to the end of the level.
    =Polar Ice Floes=
    Use strafing techniques as you use the Combuster on the Scorch Minion and don't
    stay lined up with it. Leap over the flame stream that the Scorch Minion will
    sweep through the floor. Double jump to avoid the fireballs when they get close
    to you. If you're out of Combuster, finish off the Scorch Minion with Warmonger.
    Step on the pad to launch over the gap then jump across floating ice chunks.
    Kill the Scout Minion as you are doing so then just before you get to the last
    ice chunk, kill the next Acout minion ahead. As you go forward, you'll fight
    waves of enemies that ends with a Missile Miinion that you can finish off with
    the Plasmabomb Launcher. Jump on the loose ice chunk to make it fall and use it
    to move across the river. Then make another ice chunk fall and ride it to the
    ledge ahead. Jump across the snow platforms then jump on the sheet of ice and
    kill more waves of enemies. Avoid falling down the thin ice during the battle.
    It will crack before breaking. This and the next part are the toughest parts in
    the game so far. Critter Strike is your best friend in both sections.
    After all enemies are dead, launch your teammate onto the chunk of ice and then
    regroup. Fight more enemies as you proceed and refill when you have to. Once you
    get rid of them all, jump onto the platform that rises. Continue ahead and get
    the Hero Bolt then continue forward. Watch out for the thin ice as you face one
    more Scorch Minion. Keep your distance and the only thing you have to worry for
    is the fireballs. The flamethrowers can't reach you if you are far enough. Jump
    over the gap after killing it then jump onto the ice block. Make your way ahead
    and defeat the Pyromites with the Pyroblaster then defeat the Grungoths. Use a
    combination of Arch Laser and Pyroblaster to beat them. Shoot your partner over
    the lake gap and regroup. The level will end here.
    =Valley Floor=
    Buy or upgrade weapons and go to the transport tunnel and that ends the level.
    ~UZO CITY~
    -Head to the Ephemeris Charging Dock at the Vilerog Plateau
    -Infiltrate Ephemeris and defeat Nevo Binklemeyer
    -Ride the Track to Reach Ephermeris
    -Fight through Ephereis' Defenses
    -Proceed to Nevo's Inner Sanctum
    -Defeat the Loki Master.
    =City Ruins=
    Exit the transport you took from the previous level and proceed forward. Get the
    bolts from the crates and buy or upgrade your weapons if you haven't done so in
    the previous level or were a few bolts short the first time. head right and do
    a double-jump over the gap and get the Hero Bolt. Let your teammate smash the
    green top and use vac to catch the Voltergeist and then launch it into the blue
    portal. Cross the bridge that forms. Fight off several enemies until you have
    enough breathing room to disable the Swarm Beacon. Go right and take out an
    enemy and hop over many gaps. Swingshot onto the spinning hooks and launch to
    the next area then bounce along the platforms and the Sentry Minions with the
    Plamsabomb Launcher. Take the Hero Bolt and go to the edge and bounce on the
    platforms and kill the enemies below. Continue forward and swingshot on a series
    of spinning hooks and regular hooks to launch yourself to various places When
    you finally get to solid land, restock and use a mortar attack another on the
    green top with the help of your teammate.
    Clear out many enemies to get some breathing space then deactivate the Swarm
    Beacon then finish everyone off. Go to the console and let your teammate use
    vac on it then smash attack the green top. Take the Voltergeist and use it on
    the blue orb when the teammate uses vac on the other console. Another blue
    portal will appear. Use Voltergeist on it. Cross the bridge and then swingshot
    on the hook to ride it. You'll land on the sliding pipe. Jump to the next pipe
    and ride it to the end. Shoot the Shield Turret with the Plasmabomb Launcher.
    This will also destroy the Pyromite Generators on the wall. When the turret's
    top is green, use three mortar attack. After taking them out, defeat the Scout
    Minions and go through the hole in the wall to kill the Hunter Minions and the
    Scout Minions as you shut off the Swarm Beacon. The Scorch Minion will kill the
    rest of the other minions. Kill it to end the level. As before, stay a distance
    away from the Scorch Minion and its flame streams can't reach you.
    Move over the wall and swingshot to the upper ledge and head forward. Cross the
    bridge and let your teammate block the lasers coming in from the Ion Turrets.
    When safe, use the Plasmabomb Launcher to take them out the Sentry Minions.
    Let him get closer, and Plasmabomb the Ion Turrets too. Use vac on the consoles
    to make the platform rise.Move along the path and kill a Bomber Minions and the
    Blade Minions then keep going left till the beams disapper then keep running up
    the bridge trail and use the Reflector to block the lasers coming at you. When
    Close enough, take them all out with the Plasmabomb Launcher when safe. Shoot a
    teammate onto the green top after the lasers pass then cross the bridge and then
    destroy the Bomber Minion. Use the Warmonger to kill the Hunters and then the
    Critter Strike to finish off the rest. Head to the transport and get on it when
    it stops. Launch a teammate over to the next then regroup. You will do this for
    numerous times. Swingshot on the spinning hooks at the end of the last one and
    launch yourself to the next ledge. Move forward to end the level.
    =Vilerog Plateau=
    Step on the pad and get launched onto the sliding pipe. Ride the pipe while you
    avoid the obstacles and jump on the next pipe to the right. Get ready to jump to
    the left one and stay on it and you'll land on solid ground. Buy or upgrade your
    weapon and move ahead. Destroy the pyromites and their spawners then flip over
    the green tops and launch your teammate over the gap and regroup. You can run
    away from the Scorch Minion here. The Critter Strike will end this fight in an
    instant instead. Move and use the Critter strike on all enemies to save ammo.
    But destroy the Pyromite generator. Smash attack the green tops then cross the
    bridge to the right. Take out more minions with the Critter Strike. Once you got
    breathing room, disable the Signal Beacon. Defeat everyone else then use smash
    attack on the green tops. Get in front of the red laser and reflect it in the
    opposite direction to kill the robot that shot it. This disables the forcefield,
    go right and cross the bridge drop into the hole and into the glass that Dr.
    Spog brought and ride it to beat the level.
    This is it. The final level of Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One. It has taken me a
    month almost to complete this as I was busy finishing up some other FAQs but I
    persuaded myself to finish the job. Go me~!! ^v^
    Find cover to avoid the laser fire. When safe, kill them by bouncing the laser
    back to the turrets. Buy or upgrade your equipment and enter the next room. Get
    on the pad to make the platform go up and use the swingshot to ride the zipline
    to the next area. Blast away the enemies with the Combuster and when you are out
    of ammo, switch to the Critter Strike to take out the big guys quickly. Good ol'
    Critter Striker. This would've been a long rough fight without it. **Kisses the
    Critter Strike** Ahem!
    Final Boss Fight: Loki Master (Mr. Dinkles mode)
    Stay in the back and double-jump over the lasers that sweep across the floor.
    Run to the middle and have your reflector up and ready to deflect a beam back at
    the Mr. Dinkles. If you cross the beams, it'll do more damage to him and his
    shield will go down. After you deal enough damage, Mr. Dinkles will send out
    some missiles. Double-Jump through shockwaves in the center of them to avoid
    damage as they appear. Continue to attack Mr. Dinkles and he will retreat. Kill
    a wave of Bouncer Minions then you finish off everyone else with Critter Strike.
    Return to the back platform as fast as possible. Reflect the laser back at Mr.
    Dinkles and unload on the boss with the most powerful weapons you got, reload
    and then run around the platform and continue firing at the boss until the Loki
    Master is finally driven out of Mr. Dinkles.
    Boss Fight: Loki Master (Grivelnox Form)
    Grivelnox fights similar to the Sepiad you fought once before. Use Warmonger on
    the Loki Master and refill when necessary. Jump over the tentacles as they sweep
    across the floor as you shoot him in the head. Run away from the Grivelnox's
    mouth when it starts to breath fire while still avoiding the sweep attacks as
    the tentacles turn yellow before coming out this time. Unload on him with the
    big guns (Plasmabomb Launcher and Warmonger), refill and unload on him again.
    After enough damage, Grivelnox will send some minions to face you. Use Critter
    Strike to clear them out. Grivelnox is back for more and so will you. Attack
    the boss with all you got while you avoid the electric streams. After a brief
    pause in the battle, attack with everything you got until a blue energy ball is
    in the middle of the floor. Get rid of it with the Warmonger. Use your mortar
    attack on the green top behind the Grivelnox. This will restrain the Grivelnox's
    tentacles. Move to the other side and mortar another green top after you jump
    over the laser beam then do the same for the 3rd one. Go to the other side
    and smash attack the final green top. Go the Grivelnox's mouth and press
    (). This gets Loki Master out of Grivelnox and shows his true form.
    Boss Fight: Loki Master (True Form)
    Stay between the electric bolts, arm every good weapon you have availabe and
    just let him have it. He will fall eventually.
    You have beaten the game. Yipeeeeeeee~!! ^v^ Sit back and enjoy the ending.
    A Band Of Weirdos - complete Luminopolis without any player dying.
    Public Menace - destroy all Consumerbots
    Better luck next time - defeat a Gravoid Brute without taking any damage.
    Judgement day - throw either Clank or Nefarious into the incinerator.
    Gold Stars For Everyone - dispose of all 6 trash balls in the first incinerator
    room in 7 seconds.
    Hold Your Ground - don't let the Gravoids take more then 5 pieces of the lava
    Deadlocked and Loaded - defeat all of the arena enemies in Aldaros Plains with
    your melee weapons. (2P +)
    Have You Two Met? - get one Proton Turret to shoot another. (2P +)
    Treasure hunter - Quakehammer all the rock piles in Deadgrove.
    Back To Work - break the water cooler.
    Terminal Velocity - don't use the Jet Packs for 30 seconds.
    Crate Hater - destroy all floating crates in the Access Shaft.
    Jetpack Master - avoid all hazards using the Jet Packs.
    It Burns When I Touch It - avoid the lava floor in the Abyss.
    100% pure adrenaline - get through the wind tunnel in 20 seconds.
    Master Infiltrator - get through the sorting facility without a single Sentury
    Minion detecting you.
    Paging Mr.Perkins - don't get hit by Mr. Perkins.
    Poor Mr. Perkins - use the Critter Strike on Mr. Perkins.
    Grind Rail Ace - all players must not get hit on the last grind rail.
    Gone Fishin' - get all the goody reels.
    The Conductor - don't get hit by a Conductor panel.
    Rusty Pete Would Be Proud - don't let both rafts take any damage.
    Team Spirit - save a hero from a Guardian.
    On Planet Magnus, Vegetables Eat You - don't let any Venixx eat you.
    Ace Pilot - don't bump into any asteroids.
    Keep it Green - skip a fuel tank.
    Cold Hearted - destroy all icicles.
    Demolition Expert - destroy all Pyromite generators.
    Pain Don't Hurt - defeat a Grungoth with only melee
    The Pacifist - get through the City Ruins without destroying any Sentury Minion
    or being hit.
    Combuster Apprentice - kill 50 enemies with the Combuster.
    Combuster Master - kill 100 enemies with the Combuster.
    Combuster Legend - kill 200 enemies with the Combuster.
    Arc Lasher Apprentice - stun 5 enemies with the Arc Lasher that another teammate
    Arc Lasher Master - stun 10 enemies with the Arc Lasher that another teammate
    Arc Lasher Legend - stun 15 enemies with the Arc Lasher that another teammate
    Thundersmack Apprentice - kill 25 enemies with the Thundersmack.
    Thundersmack Master - kill 75 enemies with the Thundersmack.
    Thundersmack Legend - kill 150 enemies with the Thundersmack.
    Warmonger Apprentice - kill 5 enemies with the Warmonger.
    Warmonger Master - kill 15 enemies with the Warmonger.
    Warmonger Legend - kill 30 enemies with the Warmonger.
    Plasmabomb Launcher Apprentice - kill 20 enemies with the Plasmabomb Launcher
    Plasmabomb Launcher Master - kill 75 enemies with the Plasmabomb Launcher.
    Plasmabomb Launcher Legend - kill 200 enemies with the Plasmabomb Launcher.
    Pyro Blaster Apprentice - kill 30 enemies with the Pyro Blaster.
    Pyro Blaster Master - kill 60 enemies with the Pyro Blaster.
    Pyro Blaster Legend - kill 120 enemies with the Pyro Blaster.
    Blitzer Apprentice - kill 10 enemies with the Blitzer.
    Blitzer Master - kill 20 enemies with the Blitzer.
    Blitzer Legend - kill 30 enemies with the Blitzer.
    Frost Cannon Apprentice - freeze 25 enemies then destroy them.
    Frost Cannon Master - freeze 50 enemies then destroy them.
    Frost Cannon Legend - freeze 75 enemies then destroy them.
    Critter Strike Apprentice - turn 25 enemies into critters with the Critter
    Critter Strike Master - turn 50 enemies into critters with the Critter Strike.
    Critter Strike Legend - turn 10 enemies into critters with the Critter Strike.
    Poor Mr. Perkins - critter Strike Mr. Perkins
    RYNO Apprentice - kill 25 enemies with the RYNO.
    RYNO Master - kill 50 enemies with the RYNO.
    RYNO Legend - kill 100 enemies with the RYNO.
    Fission Tether Apprentice - kill 30 enemies with the Fission Tether.
    Fission Tether Master - kill 75 enemies with the Fission Tether.
    Fission Tether Legend - kill 200 enemies with the Fission Tether.
    Zurkon the Apprentice - kill 25 enemies with Mr. Zurkon out.
    Zurkon the Master - kill 50 enemies with Mr. Zurkon out.
    Melee Apprentice - kill 50 enemies with melee.
    Melee Master - kill 100 enemies with melee.
    Q-Force Apprentice - kill 10 enemies in a row using melee without taking damage
    Q-Force Master - kill 25 enemies in a row using melee without taking damage
    Doppelbanger Apprentice - kill 10 enemies while their distracted by the Doppel-
    Doppelbanger Master - kill 20 enemies while their distracted by the Doppelbanger
    Quantum Deflector Apprentice - absorb 75 shots with the Quantam Deflector.
    Quantum Deflector Master - absorb 200 shots with the Quantam Deflector.
    Zoni Apprentice - kill 5 enemies that have been slowed down by the Zoni Blaster.
    Zoni Master - kill 10 enemies that have been slowed down by the Zoni Blaster.
    Cloak & Dagger Apprentice - kill 5 enemies using the cloak.
    Cloak & Dagger Master - kill 10 enemies using the cloak.
    Overload Apprentice - use co-op overload to kill 15 enemies.
    Overload Master - use co-op overload to kill 30 enemies.
    Medic - revive other teammates 5 times. (2P +)
    Nurse - revive other teammates 10 times. (2P +)
    Doctor - revive other teammatess 15 times. (2P +)
    Guardian Angel - revive the same teammate twice in a row (2P +)
    Making The Grade - buy your first weapon upgrade.
    Galactic Scout - kill 100 enemies.
    Galactic Adventurer - kill 200 enemies.
    Vac-U Apprentice - kill 10 enemies with the Vac-U 4000
    Vac-U Master - kill 25 enemies with the Vac-U 4000
    Mortar slam Apprentice - Mortar slam 10 enemies
    Mortar slam Master - Mortar slam 30 enemies
    The Bolt Collector - have 25,000 bolts banked.
    Dream Crusher - double second place's bolt count.
    The Green-Eyed Monster - get bolt master in 4 most wanted screens in a row.
    The Qwark Award For Excellence - get the n00b award in 4 most wanted screens in
    a row. (2P +)
    Forever Alone - beat the game with the bot.
    Good Grief - beat the game in Grief Mode.
    Son Of Kaden - complete game with Ratchet.
    Son Of Orvus - complete game with Clank.
    Master Of Evil - complete game with Dr. Nefarious.
    Hail to The Chief - complete game with Qwark.
    Keep the Meter Running (Bronze):
    Don’t let the air taxi take damage in Luminopolis.
    Bomb Disposal (Silver):
    Blow up 85% of the exploding crates in Aldaros Plains.
    El Matador (Bronze):
    No one gets hit by a grove beetle in the Deadgrove.
    On Some Planets They’re a Delicacy (Silver):
    Shoot all of the slorgs back into the waters of Octonok Cay.
    It Was Like That When We Got Here (Bronze):
    Destroy all of the towers in Gorthon Crater.
    A Moment of Reflection (Bronze):
    Use only Reflectors to destroy the generators in Phonica Moon’s security
    Mission Improbable (Bronze):
    Get through the laser walls at the end of Uzo City in 45 seconds.
    Night Lights are for Wimps (Bronze):
    Get through Rossa Fields without using any of the energy repositories.
    The Mad Plasmabomber (Bronze):
    Kill eight enemies with one shot.
    Pyromancer (Bronze):
    Barbecue four enemies at the same time using the Pyro Blaster.
    Knockout Artist (Bronze):
    Kill three enemies with one attack using the Blitzer.
    Fine, But You’re Cleaning Up After Them (Bronze):
    Get 10 critters on screen at once.
    Eight Seconds (Bronze):
    Kill eight enemies in eight seconds using the Darkstar Fission Tether with two
    or more teammates.
    Zurkon the Legend (Bronze):
    Kill 100 enemies with Mr. Zurkon out.
    Melee Legend (Bronze):
    Kill 150 enemies with melee.
    Q-Force Legend (Bronze):
    Kill 50 enemies in a row using melee without taking damage.
    Doppelbanger Legend (Bronze):
    Destroy 30 enemies while they’re distracted by the Doppelbanger.
    Quantum Deflector Legend (Bronze):
    Absorb 500 shots with the Quantum Deflector.
    Zoni Legend (Bronze):
    Kill 15 enemies that have been slowed down by the Zoni Blaster.
    Cloaker Legend (Bronze):
    Kill 15 enemies while using the Cloaker.
    Quick Killer (Bronze):
    Kill eight enemies in two seconds.
    Overload Legend (Bronze):
    Use the Co-op overload to kill 60 enemies.
    Life Support (Bronze):
    Revive a teammate with one second left on their timer. (2P +)
    Friendship through Firepower (Bronze):
    Buy your first weapon.
    Upping your Arsenal (Silver):
    Buy half of the weapons.
    For the Zombie Apocalypse (Gold):
    Buy all of the weapons.
    Tricked Out (Silver):
    Fully upgrade one weapon.
    Upgraded (Gold):
    Fully upgrade all weapons.
    Galactic Hero (Silver):
    Kill 500 enemies.
    Vac-U Legend (Bronze):
    Kill 50 enemies with the Vac-U 4000.
    The Bolt Banker (Silver):
    Have 100,000 bolts banked.
    The First Million is Always the Hardest (Gold):
    Have 1,000,000 bolts banked.
    Waiting Room (Bronze):
    Reach the lobby. (2P +)
    Connected (Bronze):
    Play an online game. (2P +)
    Old-School (Bronze):
    Play a single-player game.
    Couch Potato (Bronze):
    Play an offline-only game. (2P +)
    Hidden Trophies
    4 Play (Platinum):
    Collect all of the trophies in the game.
    The Saviors of Magnus (Bronze):
    Defeat the Loki Master.
    Intergalactic Tool of Justice (Bronze):
    Defeat the Z’Grute.
    Anyone for Sushi? (Bronze):
    Defeat the Octomoth.
    Now We Need a Really Big Tissue (Bronze):
    Defeat the Wigwump.
    Spog 2.0 (Bronze):
    Defeat Commander Spog.
    Now That’s a Big Fish (Bronze):
    Defeat King Sepiad.
    Space Cadet (Bronze):
    Complete Terawatt Forest.
    Winter Wonderland (Bronze):
    Escape the Polar Sea.
    Insomniac Games for making the game.
    GameFAQs for hosting my FAQ.
    The readers for reading the FAQ.
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