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    Skill Point Guide by blooiskoo

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    Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One
    Playstation 3 - Insomniac Games
    Skill Point Guide
    A few notes...
    - There are 100 skill points in the game. As you complete more skillpoints,
    you can unlock more cheats assuming you've beaten the game already.
    - I will go through each skillpoint, explain what to do and what not to do, and
    give the location.
    - A lot of these skillpoints are easier when you have bigger guns.
    - Some of these skillpoints require that you use two players because the bot
    can mess you up. However, most of those I still did by myself just with a 
    second controller. I recommend to do those in grief mode so you can pick 
    yourself up more easily with the Vac-U.
    Area Skillpoints - Skillpoints earned specific to a area.
    A Band of Weirdos - Luminopolis - Get through Luminopolis without a single 
    				  hero dying.
    You get it after the Z'Grute falls into the stadium. However, go through the
    cutscene after just in case, because I left right before while I got it yet
    I had to do it all over for some reason. Also, your bot can die, just don't
    die yourself. If you're doing multiplayer I'd imagine none of you can die.
    Public Menace - Luminopolis - Destroy all of the consumer bots.
    Destroy all the consumer bots in sight in Luminopolis.
    Better Luck Next Time - Aldaros Plains - Defeat a gravoid brute without 
    					 getting hit by a missile.
    Defeat the missile-shooting squishy but don't get hit by any of its missiles. 
    Judgement Day - Aldaros Plains - Throw Clank or Dr.Nefarious into the
    This is in the Vac-U training course in either incinerator room. You can throw 
    Clank-bot in for this.
    Gold Stars For Everyone - Aldaros Plains - Dispose all of the trash balls in
    					   the first incinerator in seven 
    I got it on the first try. Work with your teammate(s) to get them all in time
    or else feel the sting of disapproval.
    Hold Your Ground - Aldaros Plains - Don't let the gravoids take more than five
    				    pieces of ground.
    Not quite sure whether or not this is throughout the whole level, but I
    remember getting this one fairly quickly so if you want to be safe, go through
    Aldaros Plains killing Gravoids quickly without dieing until you get it.
    Deadlocked and Loaded - Aldaros Plains - Defeat all of the arena enemies in
    					 Aldaros Plains with your melee 
    					 weapons. (2P+)
    Should do this with two players. Can take some time. Just throw your melee for
    the minions and the brute.
    Have You Two Met? - The Deadgrove - Get one proton turret to kill another.
    I did this with my bot. I Vac-U'd Clank-bot in and had the proton turrets aim
    at me so that one of them was shooting at the vulnerable part/ the back of the
    other turret.
    Treasure Hunter - The Deadgrove - Quakehammer all of the rock piles in the
    After you get the Quakehammer, theres a bunch of shiny rocks before the red X.
    Those are the kind of rocks you need to quakehammer with your quakehammer.
    I believe if your party dies they will respawn... so don't die or you will
    have to restart and watch Susie sneeze in her mask again in the cutscene. 
    You will get the skill point at the last rock after the swingshot with the 
    mushrooms. Beware as there are rocks up on the platform right after the 
    mushrooms and you will need to Vac-U throw to the mushroom to bounce up there.
    Back To Work - The Deadgrove - Break the water cooler.
    When the proton turret is introduced, the little robot is seen "hydrating"
    with some water from the cooler. Break it.
    Terminal Velocity - The Deadgrove - Don't use the jetpack for 30 seconds.
    At the access shaft, quakehammer your first rockpile. Jetpack all the way
    back up and just let yourself drop and through the hole. Try not to touch any
    hazards while you're at it.
    Crate Hater - The Deadgrove - Break all of the floating crates in the 
    Simple enough, just jetpack right through the floating crates to break them.
    Don't let your party die or they will respawn.
    Jetpack Master - The Deadgrove - Don't touch any of the hazards using 
    				 the jetpack.
    This one can be VERY annoying. Start from the access shaft and go through it
    untouched by any of the hazards... including the lasers. Can be easier if you
    get a friend to destroy the laser guys for you, or have Clank-bot destroy them.
    Take your time and if you mess up, just restart the access shaft.
    It Burns When I Touch It - The Deadgrove - Don't touch the lava floor.
    Defeat the Wigwump without getting burned by the lava.
    100% Pure Adrenaline - N.E.S.T. - Make it up the wind tunnel in 20 seconds.
    Should be easy with another player... I usually had trouble with my bot.
    Try to do this the first time as if you mess up you have to restart the level.
    Master Infiltrator - N.E.S.T. - Get through the sorting facility without
    				being spotted by the sentry minions. (2P+)
    This one's a little unspecific... I went through all the sentry minions with
    the plasmabomb launcher but I did not get the skill point. This is also a
    two player skill point and I would not use the bot because he would use
    the plasmabomb launcher. From the start, use two players and sneak past the
    first four sentry minions in the N.E.S.T. entrance. Kill the two sentry
    minions behind you with melee to trigger the door sequence. Get all the way
    past the wind tunnel to the next four sentry minions, sneak past them and
    melee them from behind. Then get on the rotator and go down without stopping.
    Get behind the shield quickly, and sneak past the sentry minions and melee them
    from behind. Everything here is easier with Nefarious' cloaker. You should get
    the skill point as you go on the rotator down to Mr.Perkins.
    Paging Mr.Perkins - N.E.S.T. - Don't get hit by Mr.Perkins.
    Might be a bit tricky while juggling someone in your Vac-U. Jump over his
    laser, mortar toss, repeat, blow him up.
    Poor Mr. Perkins - N.E.S.T. - Critter Strike Mr.Perkins.
    Turn him into a pig with the critter strike when he is vulnerable, can be 
    combined with "Paging Mr.Perkins".
    Grind Rail Ace - N.E.S.T. - All players avoid all of the hazards on the final
    			    grind rail in N.E.S.T.
    If swaying side to side to avoid obstacles doesn't work, try jumping over them.
    Also, this is the grind rail in the Rehabitation Center. Should be done with 
    your bot to make it easier.
    Gone Fishin' - Octonok Cay - Get all of the goody reels.
    The goody reels are the Co-op fishing reels scattered around the docks. Just
    look out for them and you should get it, the latest, shortly after the awards.
    I'd also try to not let the entire party die the entire time to avoid the 
    chance of the reels respawning. Use your frost cannon to freeze the slorgs
    if they are in you way.
    The Conductor - Octonok Cay - Avoid being damaged by the conductor panels.
    Watch out for those panels that light up around the W.A.S.P. Your bot can touch
    them, just not you. They deal damage in the period from when the lightning
    comes out to while it is still lighted. You should get the it, the latest,
    shortly after the awards.
    Rusty Pete Would Be Proud - Octonok Cay - Navigate the waters of Octonok 
    					  without damaging any of the rafts.
    This skill point includes both raft rides. Just watch out for anything that
    will make your raft leak air. And for the mine bomber part, make sure to get
    those mines out of the raft. Also, do not go the path of the secret lab,
    go the "normal" route in the fork. Easier with your bot.
    Team Spirit - Terawatt Forest - Save a hero from the spotlight.
    When a teammate is caught in the guardian's spotlight, catch them with your
    Vac-U to save them. You can throw Clank-bot in if he is reluctant and then save
    him from his impending doom which you initially placed him in.
    On Planet Magnus, Vegetables Eat You - Terawatt Forest - Don't get eaten by
    							 a venixx.
    Go through the Crystal Venixx Forest place without getting eaten by the
    Venixxes. It's really not hard at all just stick by your energy crater and
    take care of it. You should get the skill point on the bridge to the guardian.
    Ace Pilot - Phonica Moon - Reach Phonica Moon without taking any damage.
    Thruster the spaceship around the asteroid field and don't hit any rocks.
    Easier with your bot. You'll get the skill point at the end.
    Keep It Green - Phonica Moon - Skip a fuel tank during the flight to
    			       Phonica Moon.
    While thrustering your spaceship around the asteroid field, if you see
    a fuel tank, skip it and grab the next one.
    Cold Hearted - Polar Sea - Destroy all of the icicles.
    This skill point take a while. You cannot let your team die all the way through
    the polar sea or else all the icicles will respawn. Plus, you might make it
    to the end without the skill point. The icicles are not too out of the way but
    make sure to explore. There are some hidden on the wall before the pyromite 
    generators so make sure to grab those. If you're having trouble with them,
    take advantage of Qwark's Quantum Deflector which is amazing here. Make sure
    not to initiate the cutscene to the railway before you get the icicles on the
    small peninsula opposite of the railway. You may want to throw your weapon
    at it just in case. I counted 23/24 for Middle of Nowhere, and some 50-56 for
    final. And FYI, I got the skill point with one icicle still standing, so you
    can see Insomniac Games threw us a bone there.
    Demolition Expert - Polar Sea - Destroy all of the pyromite generators in
    				Polar Sea.
    If you have the RYNO VI, conserve your ammo for the overload with Clank-bot.
    If you don't, shoot out thundersmacks, Mr.Zurkons, zoni blasters, doppel-
    bangers, warmongers, plasmabombs, tether cannons, heck even melee them if they
    come too close. Also use Qwark's Quantum Deflection Complexion Protection with
    another player if you need some... protection. 
    Pain Don't Hurt - Polar Sea - Defeat a Polar Sea grungoth with only your 
    			      melee weapons. (2P+)
    Will not work with Clank-bot since he will shoot stuff at it. I somehow got
    this by having the grungoth fall into the water and died without getting shot.
    So you can try and lure him into the water to kill him. Else you will have to 
    melee him to death. That's fun too though. Just get out of his way when he
    body slams and throw your weapon at him for a while. 
    The Pacifist - Uzo City - Get past the sentry minions in UzoCity without 
    			  getting killed or killing them. (2P+)
    Not very hard at all. Should do this with two players since Clank-bot will 
    shoot stuff at them. Go around the first sentry easy, pass the second and third
    sentry and for the last few sentries, you will be spotted but just do the
    hookshot quick enough so you avoid their lasers of instant death.
    Weapon Skillpoints - Skillpoints specific to a weapon/action.
    N.E.S.T. Entrance is quite the spot for weapon skillpoints. Around 50-100
    bots spawn as you walk down the bridge and they die in one hit. Just jump off 
    when you're done killing them and spawn again. Might want to use a second
    controller so Clank-bot doesn't kill them.
    Combuster - Kill 50/100/200 enemies with the Combuster.
    N.E.S.T. Entrance
    Arc Lasher - Stun 5/10/15 enemies with the Arc Lasher that another
    	     teammate kills.
    Use this on big enemies and let Clank-bot or someone else kill
    them. If you use this on small enemies, it will kill them by itself. Not sure
    if it has to be shocked when it dies to count so experiment a little with that.
    Thundersmack - Kill 25/75/150 enemies with the Thundersmack.
    N.E.S.T. Entrance
    Warmonger - Kill 5/15/30 enemies with the Warmonger.
    N.E.S.T. Entrance
    Plasmabomb Launcher - Kill 20/75/200 enemies with the Plasmabomb Launcher.
    N.E.S.T. Entrance
    Pyroblaster - Kill 30/60/120 enemies with the Pyro Blaster.
    N.E.S.T. Entrance
    Blitzer - Kill 10/20/30 enemies with the Blitzer.
    N.E.S.T. Entrance
    Frost Cannon - Freeze 25/50/75 enemies and then destroy them.
    N.E.S.T. Entrance
    Critter Strike - Turn 25/50/100 enemies into critters with the Critter Strike.
    N.E.S.T. Entrance
    RYNO - Kill 25/50/100 enemies with the RYNO.
    N.E.S.T. Entrance
    Fission Tether - Kill 30/75/200 enemies with the Fission Tether.
    N.E.S.T. Entrance
    Mr.Zurkon - Kill 25/50 enemies with Mr.Zurkon out.
    N.E.S.T. Entrance
    Melee - Kill 50/100 enemies with melee.
    N.E.S.T. Entrance
    Q-Force - Kill 10/25 enemies in a row using melee without taking damage.
    N.E.S.T. Entrance
    Doppelbanger - Destroy 10/20 enemies while they're distracted by the 
    N.E.S.T. Entrance
    Have fake-ratchet taunt them and then kill them. Kill them all.
    Quantum Deflector - Absorb 75/200 shots with the Quantum Deflector.
    Just stand and let stuff shoot stuff that you reflect. Works well with the 
    hover minions that shoot a stream of bullets in Octonok Cay - The Cove.
    Zoni Blaster - Kill 5/10 enemies that have been slowed down by the 
    	       Zoni Blaster.
    N.E.S.T. Entrance
    Slow them down and then kill them. Kill them all.
    Cloak & Dagger - Kill 5/10 enemies while using the cloaker.
    To use this, go in cloak and then melee them. Looks cool imo.
    N.E.S.T. Entrance
    Overload - Use co-op overloadto kill 15/30 enemies.
    Need to do this on bigger enemies like minions. Critter strike works well
    with overload + kill.
    Medic/Nurse/Doctor - Revive other teammates 5/10/15 times. (2P+)
    You really should be able to get this in one playthrough unless Clank-bot is 
    amazing at dodging for you. If not, use the fire in the Village Entrance in
    Aldaros Plains or the N.E.S.T. to damage another player and revive them.
    Guardian Angel - Revive the same teammate twice in a row. (2P+)
    If you need to get this one still... go to the fire mentioned above and
    let them burn. Then you revive them. Then you watch them burn again. Then
    you revive them, again.
    Making The Grade - Buy your first upgrade.
    Unless you're like Captain Qwark who only uses his fists of kitten-style
    to defeat enemies, you should be able to get this one easy.
    Galactic Scout/Adventurer - Kill 100/200 enemies.
    Should get this with the other weapon skillpoints.
    Vac-U - Kill 10/25 enemies with the Vac-U 4000/
    N.E.S.T. Entrance
    Suck 'em up, Shoot 'em up.
    Mortar Slam - Mortar Slam 10/30 enemies.
    N.E.S.T. Entrance
    Two players, get another player to suck you up and shoot you out at the enemy
    and then press square/melee in midair to do a mortar slam.
    General Skillpoints - Skillpoints that vary in tasks
    The Bolt Collector - Have 25,000 bolts banked.
    Resist the temptation to buy the Combuster Power upgrade for 10k so you can
    save up 25k bolts.
    Dream Crusher - Double second place's bolt count. (2P+)
    Two player... crush their dreams at the awards ceremony.
    The-Green Eyed Monster - Get Bolt Master at four Most Wanted screens in a row.
    Just steal bolts, try not to get kicked, use the tether and melee-throw to 
    get the bolts. It doesn't have to be in the same game, just don't go to an
    awards ceremony and get the noob award. Also don't turn off your console
    3 awards through.
    The Qwark Award For Excellence - Get the n00b award at four Most Wanted screens
    				 in a row. (2P+)
    I bet you already have this skillpoint but unless you're pro like 
    Captain Qwark, then suicide a bunch of times and you're bound to get it. 
    Don't let Bolt Master replace it.
    Forever Alone - Beat the game with the bot.
    Did this with good grief. And understand you have to go through each level
    beginning to end with your bot. Do not let someone join the game and ruin it.
    Also do not let this apply to you in real life :)
    Good Grief - Beat the game in Grief Mode.
    Do this with forever alone if you don't have it. Just turn on grief mode
    after you beat the game. I suggest doing this with Clank-bot since his
    mechanical heart could not bear the emotional despair of griefing you.
    Same rules apply with all the levels.
    Son Of Kaden/Son of Orvus/Master Of Evil/Hail to the Chief - Complete game with
      Ratchet   /	Clank	 / Dr.Nefarious	/ Captain Qwark
    Same rules apply with completing all levels. If you do not know what you missed
    when you beat the game, combine it with forever alone or good grief. These 
    skill points are the most time-consuming because it basically asks you to
    play through the game four times which takes between 6-12 hours each 
    playthrough. It can help if you have friends who do the levels with you
    with another controller. Otherwise, good luck.
    Insomniac Games for Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One
    Sony for Playstation 3
    Captain Qwark for saving Planet Magnus and furthermore the galaxy
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