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Reviewed: 07/29/11


What a game this turned out to be. Catherine, from the producers Atlus, is genuinely different from most games that are out today and it is a good, refreshing kind of game that we needed. It does have it's share of problems, but it's definitely ignorable. This game seems really bizarre and at first, but the game some how works. This game, I feel, is going to be either a "I love it" or "I hate it" type of game and I'm in the "I love it" group.

The game story revolves around the protagonist Vincent, who is still going steady with his girlfriend of 5 years. She starts pushing towards marriage and that's where the trouble starts. A young, cute, blonde girl shows up on day at the bar that Vincent and his friends frequent and attempts to flirt with him. That was the night where all the trouble begins. It's a fairly simple set up, but it's fairly well set up. There are a variety of things that can go on during the game, depending on your choices and multiple endings as well. Be careful of how you answer the questions thrown at you.

This game seems to be a combination of two different type of games- A) a puzzler and B) a simulation. Depending on your answers in between the puzzles and the simulation parts, how your character acts during the cut scenes and the outcome of the game changes. Also, how you interact with various characters can affect them during the nightmare stages as well. Both aspects of the game is cool, but, ironically at the same time, both parts of the game do mesh well together. Switching between both parts of the game makes the pacing of the game very jarring and doesn't help with the pacing of the story. This is probably the biggest flaw with the game, but it definitely does not take away from the fun aspect.

Now to the actual fun part of the game- the puzzling aspect- is also fairly challenging, even on easy mode. This is the meat and potatoes of the game and I think it is going to be the most enjoyable part of the game for most players. It takes concentration, focus and problem solving to get by these tough SOB's of a puzzle. The part that keeps me going back is to challenge myself to finish faster and faster. Even if the one player mode bores you, there are various modes you can throw yourself into, such as time trials, co-ops, and versus mode.

The music and visuals are also unique in the way that it's not very often you get to see it in games. The soundtrack for this game is very interesting in that it mixes classical tunes with techo/rock beats. The sound effects are equally chilling at times. It makes for a very suspenseful, tense round of puzzling that occasionally lets you feel the agony and frustrations of Vince. Very well done in this respect. The visuals are also very good from an animated perspective. It sometimes makes me feel as if I'm watching a show instead of a game. It helps makes the game easier to digest and makes for an interesting look.

All in all, the game is a very interesting pick up for anyone who is up for a challenge or for puzzlers. I hope people would pick it up for both reasons and would give this game a chance.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Catherine (US, 07/26/11)

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