How do I beat the final boss?

  1. I can seems to do a scratch on it. Can anybody give me a strategy to kill this ugly beast?

    User Info: brave90

    brave90 - 6 years ago

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  1. Ok brosef here we go.

    3 steps:

    1. See all those blue Orb/Platforms? Land on each one, then use a Aura attack on the "center" (L1 + any attack) a few times until it turns yellow/gold. Should take a few hits max.

    After all those are done, the boss is vulnerable to attack.

    2. See all those greenish glowing blobs? Attack those next. As soon as you go after one enemies will portal around you to be a distraction/be aura fodder. Once you destroy a Orb.....

    3. The boss opens his mouth exposing his weak point (its a face). You then spawn right in front of it. I suggest Aura Releaseing at this point (L1+X) until super sayan level 3, then use the fists to punch the sexyness out of it.

    Eventually he will close his mouth and you have to go after another Green Orb thing. Rinse, repeat.


    For step one the platforms are not timed, so you don't have to worry about having to race to each one.

    You can kill the final boss with as few as 2 Orbs, i.e. you don't necessarily have to destroy all of them.

    As for strategies? I used the fists for there decent attack and speed, and once you Aura Release to level 3, and then still hold down L1 for even more combined power, the boos should go down fast. One thing, obviously this strategy is a Aura hog, so try to be fickle with your Aura points until you damage the weak point.

    Sorry for the long response, hope it helps.

    User Info: DarkSombero

    DarkSombero - 5 years ago 1 0


  1. jump on the giant blue orbs and use an Aura attack until it goes gold (Sword Aura attack does 1 hit) and it will spew some lights that lead you to the next one. once all are gold the barrier is down and you can attack the boss directly. at this point you should be hitting the glowing blue orbs all over it's body. destroying each one hurts the boss and sometimes causes the boss to open it's mouth revealing the weak point. jump in and zerg the weak point as much as possible (while avoiding it's glowing eye exploding orbs that follow you). eventually once all orbs are destroyed the head is revealed and stays open until you defeat it.

    helpful tips:

    1. using the L3 while running FLIGHT mode is extremely helpful VS the orbs on his body since you'll be quick enough to avoid most of his attacks while you're firing the homing shots at the orbs (assuming you target them)

    2. sword normal attack is good for sweeping when you're being surrounded.

    3. whenever you see a glowing gold orb follow you DODGE constantly.

    4. whenever you see a glowing purple field follow you wait until it cracks and looks like it's going to explode to quickly DODGE. failure to do so gets you caught in the field and moved around while not able to move.

    User Info: domo4th

    domo4th - 5 years ago 0 0
  2. Using the spear in dealing damage is a good idea too (:

    User Info: abdullaziz

    abdullaziz - 4 years ago 0 0

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