Where can I find the keycard for the Underground Facility?

  1. Is it randomly generated like other items or do you get it at a specific place?

    User Info: Pirate_Higamaru

    Pirate_Higamaru - 4 years ago


  1. It's an item in story mode. I think it's like the second last one. You get it before the end. When you next go to the underground facility in survival the doors will open as you come to them. The next memory archive chips will be in there. Be careful though. It'll be full of some kind of prehistoric creature. I got a craptonne of Saber-tooths the first time. Then the red-crested dinosaurs (can't remember the name), then Giant Moas.
    There'll be a vent from the main room. Follow it.

    User Info: CH3SHIRE

    CH3SHIRE - 4 years ago 0 1

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