What is the best animal for point grinding?

  1. Trying to unlock all of the animals. But the latter animals require hefty sums of points to unlock. What is an easy way to grind points in this game?

    User Info: krystman

    krystman - 4 years ago


  1. Well - you can either actually play and enjoy the game by completing as much challenges as possible - that would give you for each play through nice 200k - 500k points depending on aninaml used, current online promotion bonuses and skils. If you jsut want to grind without actually paying tu much attention to the game (or even playing at all) chose some low level animal like Pomerian as those have highest points multiplier and also require less leveling up for mating. You can actually "auto-grind" the points using some programable / autofire controller and leave the PS3 to run overnight on it's own.

    User Info: H3C

    H3C - 4 years ago 0 0

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