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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Malduke

    Version: 1.0.1 | Updated: 10/15/12 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide


    Welcome to the Tokyo Jungle and thanks for reading. There are some spoilers in this guide, especially the Archives section. Most time spent on the game will be during Survival where the goal is to survive and complete challenges, but the story mode acts will showcase some animals and answer what happened to the humans in the final act. This guide is based on the North American version of the game.


    O ButtonVarious actions such as eating, drinking water and marking
    Hold OPick up and carry an animal's carcass
    TriangleAs grazers, a pack member will drop and distract animals
    Hold TriangleAs predators, your pack members will attack nearby animals
    X ButtonJump (As small grazers, press X again in the air to double jump)
    R1 ButtonClean kill/Critical (Keep tapping R1 during a critical for more damage)
    Hold L1Creep (makes no noise while in water)
    Left StickMove
    Right StickDodge
    Press R3Roar
    D-pad UpOpen item window
    StartOpen menu
    SelectShow controls

    Starting Out

    When you start the game, selecting Survival will send you straight to a tutorial stage. It will teach the basic controls and gameplay mechanics, such as movement, combat, eating and mating. Once completed, choosing Story will let you replay the tutorial or play story missions that must be unlocked in Survival. Select Survival again, and this time you will get to choose which animal to play as. Only the Pomeranian and Sika Deer are available (unless you have access to DLC characters), so pick one and you'll begin Survival with some tutorial challenges.

    A couple tips while playing: hold L1 (creep) while eating in order to shorten the eating animation. It might seem insignificant for some animals, but for others like the Dairy Cow, it will save a lot of time. Another trick is after performing a Clean Kill, use the R Stick to dodge out of the kill animation. This will help a lot when fighting multiple animals.


    Challenges are randomly generated each time you start Survival. Completing them will reward Survival Points (SP), stat increases, as well as new animals and equipment. Challenge requirements are not retroactive, so they must be completed after the challenge is activated. Starting at year 1, challenges will activate and will expire if too much time has elapsed. Here is the timetable:

    • E Rank: Years 1-10
    • D Rank: Years 11-20
    • C Rank: Years 21-30
    • B Rank: Years 31-45
    • A Rank: Years 46-60
    • S Rank: Years 61-75
    • Animal Unlock challenges: Expires 30 years after activation

    Eat, Defeat, Mark, Mate and Clean Kill Challenges

    • Intake # kcal
    • Eat a Flower/Grass/Mushroom/Fruit (Grazers only)
    • Defeat # animal(s)
    • Score # clean kills (Predators only)
    • Mark # time(s)
    • Change generations # time(s)

    These challenges are all straight forward and require you to do something a certain number of times. Sometimes they can be difficult because of a lack of food or animals. Check the map to see which areas have the most food and if mating is required, try ranking up and finding a mate before the challenge activates.

    Head Here, Find That

    • Head for [location]
    • Find the [special location]

    Check the challenge list ahead of time to see where you have to go and head there beforehand. Special locations are certain buildings or landmarks that exist throughout the area. Completing these challenges involve getting near the specified location. See Locations for a list of areas and special locations located in each area.

    Boss Animals

    • Defeat the [animal] boss
    • Find the [animal] boss
    • Claim the [animal]'s territory

    Animal unlock challenges are one of these three challenges. Finding the animal boss involves touching the animal while on the ground. Don't try to jump or clean kill it; just stay out of its line of sight and run up to it. Defeating a boss might be difficult if it comes in a large pack. Sometimes there are other animals in the area and they'll fight each other, which will allow you to run past them and even clean kill the boss right in the open. Otherwise, you'll have to take out the pack one by one in order to safely reach the boss. Claiming an animal's territory could be tough as they will always be aggressive. One strategy is to mark a few points in the area before triggering the challenge, so only one point is left to claim the territory. Using pack members as diversions while you mark is also useful.

    Complete All Challenges

    This challenge is always active at the bottom of the list. Successfully complete all other challenges on the list in a single playthrough and you'll be rewarded with a lot of SP and a Tuxedo.


    Events occur randomly during Survival. Special events sometimes include boss animals appearing who will drop unique equipment if defeated and devoured. These are indicated on the map and will disappear after enough time passes, or if the boss is defeated. Other events include strange behavior in animals or environmental changes.

    Chick Hero
    • A Chick hero has come to X
    Chimp Lord
    • The Lord of the Chimps has come to X
    Queen of the Gazelles
    • The Queen of the Gazelles has come to X
    Hooligan Hyenas
    • A band of hooligan Hyenas struck X
    Occupying Hyenas
    • The Hyenas have occupied X
    Thorough Lycaon
    • A very thorough Lycaon appeared in X
    Ace Treasure Hunter
    • An ace treasure hunter has come to X
    Outnumbered Champ
    Ferocious Beast (?)
    Master of Disguise
    • A master of disguise has come to X
    • The Yokozuna has appeared in X
    Young Upstart
    • A young upstart has come to X

    Animal Events

    • The Boar daimyo was sighted in X
    • The Buffalo of X have begun migrating
    • The giant Bunny of legend has come to X
    • The Dogs of the Iron Fang have claimed X
      • ERC-2000 and ERC-X (Boss)
    • A Chicken party has started in X
    • A tiny Dino has appeared in X
    • A Dinosaur has awakened in X
    • An Elephant graveyard has been found in X
    • A Lioness harem has taken over X
    • An ancient showdown has begun in X
    • Dog-Monkey relations have soured in X
    • Former pets are warring in X
      • Cats, Silky Terriers and Pomeranians
    • Former pets wander X
    • New and old are clashing in X
      • Tigers and Saber-Toothed Tigers
    • Rare animals are in confrontation in X
      • Pandas and Kangaroos

    Other Events

    • Disease has swept through X
    • Famine has struck X
    • Fear has gripped the animals of X
    • Malaise has struck the animals of X
    • Rabies has taken X
    • Unclean animals are gathering in X
    • The animals of X have fallen asleep
    • The animals of X hunt for you.

    Story Mode

    Story Mode are short missions involving various animals living in Tokyo. To unlock story acts, collect Archives during Survival mode. The archives appear three at a time and are marked on the map. Once all three are found, the next chapter will be unlocked. Completing it will allow the next three archives to appear. After completing Act 13, the next three archives will be found in an area that requires a key to access. On the map will be a fourth archive icon that holds the key necessary to open the door. You only need to pick this up once and the new area will be unlocked on subsequent games.

    Animal Size

    The size of the animal you choose has three different effects on the game:

    • Clean Kills

    Predators can clean kill any animal that is up to one size greater than itself, while grazers can only clean kill animals that are equal or smaller in size.

    • Carrying Carcasses

    You can only carry carcasses of animals that are smaller than yourself and have a size of 3 or less.

    • Access to Areas

    Small animals (size 3 or less) have access to all areas of the map. Medium sized animals (size 4) cannot climb sides of buildings and will lose access to some nests. Large animals (size 5+) have the toughest restriction by losing access to all underground areas.

    Raising Stats

    By completing challenges your animal gains stat bonuses for the playthrough. For permanent stat increases, you have to mate after completing challenges to have your offspring gain a portion of the bonus. Prime mates will have 50% of the bonuses carry, 25% for average and only 10% for desperate. The carry-over bonus is rounded up, so if you only have a bonus of +2 DEF, a desperate mate will still grant +1 DEF to your offspring.

    Shibuya Station

    The starting location in Survival mode. Going left will lead to Dogenzaka and Shibuya Shop District is to the right. There is also a hole in the center that leads to The Sewer, but it must be opened from the other side each time you start survival.

    Challenge Locations

    • Shibuya Station Parking Lot
      • Just north of the second Marking Point from the right in the area

    Shibuya Shop District

    A somewhat large area that connects Shibuya Station and Shibuya Suburbs.

    Challenge Locations

    • Alley of Delights
      • North of the area's southern nest is the building marked by a black sign
    • Billiards Galore
      • West of the northern most marking point, inside the building and climb left
    • South Shibuya Post Office
      • Just right of the southeastern most Marking Point
    • Vintage Threads
      • Just left of the southeastern most Marking Point

    Shibuya Suburbs

    You can reach this place by going through the Shibuya Shop District. The northern manhole leads to The Sewer. The debris between the eastern two Marking Points can be double jumped over with grazers when going left.

    Challenge Locations

    • Aerial Gardens
      • Follow the path east of the north nest to the grassy rooftop
    • Eins Mode
      • North of the southwestern Marking Point
    • Giant Tuna
      • From the center Marking Point, head northeast to find the giant fish
    • Pooch's Place
      • The top nest on the roof
    • Samoyed Enterprises
      • Southwest from the center Marking Point, at the corner of the intersection
    • Vantage of Tokyo Tower
      • Next to the path to the shop district, climb on top of the broken bridge


    A small area between Shibuya Station and Shibuya Woods.

    Challenge Locations

    • Brand-New Smart Phone Billboard
      • Right of the center Marking Point is the "coming soon" sign
    • BuJin
      • Between the bottom marking point and path to Shibuya Station
    • JUNGLE24
      • Head right from the center Marking Point is the blue and yellow sign for JUNGLE24
    • Merchantarium
      • Left of the center Marking Point

    Shibuya Woods

    Quite a large area that connects between Dogenzaka and Yamanote Line East. There is also an entrance to The Sewer at the far east point of the area. The marking points are also spread out and you'll have to go out of your way to get them all if you're just passing through.

    Challenge Locations

      • Head north from the area's nest across the fallen building, then head right to see the Club Vision billboard
    • Convenience Store Plaza
      • Right next to the area's nest is a red and white building
    • Forest Cave
      • The small path south from the nest leads to the cave
    • ParKings
      • Located in the very western part of the area

    Yamanote Line East

    Connects Shibuya Woods with Yamanote Line West. There are a couple watering holes in case you're starving or need to reduce your toxicity.

    Challenge Locations

    • Stonehenge
      • Between the middle two marking points, the structure in the water
    • Sunken Car
      • The blue vehicle just right of the left most marking point of the area

    Yamanote Line West

    A useful thing for grazers: they can double jump onto the trains to quickly get away from predators on the ground. Since this place is so far away from underground area, it might get difficult if there pollution in the area.

    Challenge Locations

    • Harujuku Station Schedule
      • The pillar just north of the western nest
    • Jingu-Bashi
      • The center of the second bridge reached by climbing the first train left of

    the east entrance

    Yoyogi Park West

    This area connects Yamanote Line West with Yoyogi Park East.

    Challenge Locations

    • Yakisoba Stand
      • Right before the entrance to Yoyogi Park East

    Yoyogi Park East

    Not much to note for this area, except it has an entrance to The Sewer via the southeastern most hole and the only entrances to Yoyogi Park Under. Many zoo animals appear in the area during the later years, such as lions and tiger, and since it's so far from other areas, I don't usually spend a lot of time here.

    The Sewer

    This is a large underground area that has connections to Shibuya Suburbs, Shibuya Station, Shibuya Woods and Yoyogi Park East. All pools of water are polluted in the area, but usually none of the stronger animals appear other than crocodiles. You can use the sewer as a shortcut to reach places more quickly, or you can use it to escape from pollution or large predators.

    Yoyogi Park Under

    Multiple holes in Yoyogi Park East will lead to this area. There are several pools of water to drink from and the area will be protected from any pollution. Using this area and The Sewer can make it somewhat easier to survive during the later decades of Survival Mode when strong animals and pollution dominate the surface.

    Underground Facility

    This area can only be accessed after completing Act 13 of Story Mode and picking up the Keycard item that appears. The entrance is to the right of the right-most nest of The Sewer. Going through the area will lead to a one-way exit at Yoyogi Park East.

    Usable Items

    Bottled Water (3 oz)Fills Hunger Gauge and reduces Toxicity slightly.
    Bottled Water (8 oz)Fills Hunger Gauge and reduces Toxicity.
    Bottled Water (16 oz)Fills Hunger Gauge and reduces Toxicity greatly.
    Discount Pet FoodFills Hunger Gauge and reduces Toxicity slightly.
    Pet FoodFills Hunger Gauge and reduces Toxicity.
    Primo Pet FoodFills Hunger Gauge and reduces Toxicity greatly.
    Pet Medicine (S)Restores Life and reduces Toxicity slightly.
    Pet Medicine (M)Restores Life and reduces Toxicity.
    Pet Medicine (L)Restores Life and reduces Toxicity a lot.
    Unsavory Stamina JerkyHalts Stamina loss for a little while.
    Stamina JerkyHalts Stamina loss for a while.
    Primo Stamina JerkyHalts Stamina loss for a long while.
    Hearty Chicken BreastRaises maximum level of Hunger Gauge.
    MagazineJust skimming through fills you with pep. (Complete recovery)
    Nail FileTemporarily raises ATK by a large amount.
    Flea ShampooGets rid of fleas.
    Portable BedAllows sleeping and mating anywhere.

    Act Ex

    Tutorial - The tutorial is quite simple. It will teach the basics and will show what buttons to press to for the different techniques. It doesn't seem to teach that small grazers can double jump though.

    Act 1

    Pampered to Survival Mode - You'll control a hungry Pomeranian here. First, head left to kill and devour the rabbit. You can avoid its line of sight be staying near the top of the road and perform a clean kill. Continue left over the tanker truck and then creep under the white truck after. The next rabbit is to the left near some tall grass you can hide in. The final rabbit is on the side of the building, so climb up to reach it.

    You're next task it to find a lair. Go left to reach the next marked on your map. Once you reach it, a couple cats will attack. Hit them with a few attacks and clean kill them when the icon appears. After the pair are taken care of, a fat cat will attack. This one will take a few more hits before you can clean kill it. Dodge its attacks if you're low on life.

    Act 2

    Follow your Instinct - With the same Pomeranian as the previous act, your first goal is to find a mate. Head right, then up. You'll have to do some climbing with some Boars in the way. Go left and jump over any boars that block your path. When you get back to the ground, creep under the truck to the left to find true love.

    Now you have to head towards an apartment far west marked on your map. There are cats and rabbits scattered on the path, but they're easy to take care of. Some cats may try to call backup as indicated by an icon above them, so try to kill them before they're successful. At the apartment building is a giant boar guarding the area. Just run right as soon as you can and keep near the bottom of the road. The boar should dash past you and your mate. Head into the apartment and use the bed.

    The final part of the act is to gather food with the Pomeranians' offspring. Head onto the road and kill one of the animals there. Pick up the carcass by holding O and bring it back to the apartment. Head back outside and you'll have to fight a couple cats and a fat cat together. Take out the smaller cats first so you can focus on the boss. Make sure to dodge and counter if they try to clean kill you.

    Act 3

    1,000 Miles from Mother - You're in control of a couple deer in this act. Head right and climb the car onto the walkway. Double jump across the hole and eat the grass on the other side. Continue right and you'll find a container to hide under. Use it to get past the hyenas and press square to get rid of the container. Climb the nearby car and sneak by the sleeping hyena to reach the next area.

    After the scene, head left and climb the stairs to the roof. Go right avoiding the hyenas and jump over the debris to avoid waking up the sleeping ones. Follow the path until you find another hiding container. After getting past the two hyenas, head into the building with the "Italian Cafe Claudio" name and climb up to reach the roof. Along the path will be a cat that you can clean kill by hiding in the nearby grass.

    Once you reach the next marker, head north to Shibuya Station. You'll need to avoid a bunch of dangerous predators to reach the end. Climb the broken truck to get past the first two and use the tall grass in the next area to sneak by the rest.

    Act 4

    Down with the Tosas! - As a beagle this act, head towards the heart near the center. The mate is underground in the manholes. Only a couple Silky Terriers are in your way. Once you find your mate, head left then north. There will be a bunch of cats wearing hard hats in the middle of the road, but you can avoid them by climbing the building. Continue right and into the sewer to reach the nest.

    Now with your beagle pack, head back up to the road. The stairs are blocked off, so head left to climb the building to reach the roof. Once you reach Pooch's Place, continue right to return to the streets. While fighting the Tosas, hold triangle to have your pack attack. It may be difficult to do that and attack/dodge at the same time, but it will help with getting the clean kill icon to appear. The tosas have a dash attack so stay behind or to its side when it's charging.

    Act 5

    Shattered Pride - Now you'll be controlling a Tosa escaping the Beagles. Go right, down and right again over the debris. Use dodge to get away from the beagles a little bit faster. Continue right and climb the blue car ahead to get around more beagles. Once you get back to the road, head south and climb the white cars to the left. Climb up until you reach the wires heading right. Keep running until you reach the shop district and it's mission complete.

    Act 6

    May the Best Dog Win - As a beagle again, your mission is to mark three points and return to the boss. First, climb down to the road and head left to the first point. The second marking point will be to the right. Climb the vehicles at the end of the road and over the debris to the south. Continue south and you can jump over more debris directly to the marking point. Now you have to go all the way around the block to get back and reach the third point. Make sure to eat something when your your hunger gauge drops. Keep heading left taking care of the hyenas and wolves along the way. Once you get near the marking point, you'll have to climb to the roof to actually get to it. After the point is marked, go left and up to reach the top road. Climb the blue car to reach the finish line on the roof as there is a large truck to the right blocking the road.

    Act 7

    Lioness's Hunting Diary - There are four targets to start with. First, for the Gazelle, head left and climb the train by using the hill behind it. Go left to reach the top bridge and you'll see the target. Using the grass, hide and clean kill the gazelle.

    Next, for the Hippo, head right and into the grass with the marker. Once the target appears, stay in the grass and clean kill it when it gets close. Back at the lair, head into the train and sleep at the nest until night.

    Go left again all the way to the mark to find the Kangaroo. There are hyenas and cheetah along the path, but most can be avoided by climbing on top of the train. The target will appear with four rabbits, all equipped with boxing gloves. They all have quite a bit of life, so have your pack members attack and make sure to dodge and counter any clean kills.

    For the final target, head right. There is a sleeping crocodile in the water along the way, so make sure to creep while in the water to avoid waking it up. Once you reach the target, creep up to it while it sleeps and clean kill it.

    Now for some dessert. Head right all the way past Stonehenge. Enter the train and there will some rocks you can use to climb out onto the top of the train. Kill one of the Pteranodon hatchling and grab its carcass by holding O. Now run all the way back to your lair to finish the act. You can avoid the attacking Pteranodons by staying inside the trains, but it's not very necessary.

    Act 8

    A Spy Is Born - This is a stealth mission. Too bad you can't play as a snake. Being seen by any of the lions will cause the mission to fail. First, head left and eat something to fill your hunger gauge. The first lions appear near the center of the area. Enter the train you see and climb on top (to the Pteranodon nest) to avoid the first few lions. Stay near the bottom of the screen to avoid a couple more in the water. After exiting the water, climb on top of the next train and head left. Once you reach the hole in the roof of the train, make sure the lion inside is looking the other way before jumping. Reaching Yamanote Line West will trigger a checkpoint.

    Go left using the grass to avoid the patrolling lions. You can climb the train and head to the bridge on top to find a cheetah. Jump back down to the train to find a sleeping lion. Don't attack it as another nearby lion will spot you. Jump down to the ground and use the small hills to avoid more lions. Once you reach the station platform, head inside the train again and the target pride will be on the other side. This is the second checkpoint and you will have to return to the beginning without getting caught.

    Backtrack right until you reach a blue truck to climb onto the train. Use your radar and grass to get past most of the lions. When you reach the water with the sunken car, there will some lions and crocodiles. If they start fighting each other, you can run past them without the lions noticing you. At stonehenge, climb the building at the top to avoid the lions in the water. Use the next train to get past the final set of lions.

    As you near your goal, a lion cub will spot you. Chase it down (use dodge to move faster) and kill it. Head back to your group to finish the act.

    Act 9

    In Defense of the Pride - Time to put your combat skills to the test. Several waves of hyenas and lions will approach from both sides and if all the lion cubs are killed, the mission fails. Some hyenas also call for backup and have hard hats equipped. You can either attack them until the hat is broken or attack them from behind. After a few waves, the boss lion will appear with a couple hard hat hyenas. Kill the hyenas first and make sure to avoid the lion's charge attack. Try to stay away from the cubs as they could get hit as well.

    Act 10

    A Fateful Meeting - Back with the Tosa, you'll be hunting three bosses in the Shibuya Woods this act. If you die, you'll have to start from the beginning, so killing the tougher bosses first might be wise.

    The crocodile boss is west. There are a couple groups of cats in your way, but they're not that difficult to handle. The kangaroos can be ignored as well. The boss itself cannot be killed in a single shot, so you'll have to use multiple critical hits to take it out. You might be able to trap it in a critical/counter loop, but there are also a couple of mini-crocs to consider. After attacking a few times, the crocodile will be open to attacks as it's out of breath.

    Head northwest for the Chimpanzee boss. It will be a large pack of aggressive chimps equipped with claws. Kill the smaller chimps, but be aware of your health. The boss also cannot be clean killed, but attacking a few times will give an opportunity for critical hits

    East of the nest is the tiger boss. Very simple as he is next to some grass you can hide in. Wait for an opportunity and perform a clean kill. Return to the bear to finish the act.

    Act 11

    To the Ends of the Sewer - Another stealth mission. Being spotted by a beagle will end the mission. First, head right and stay near the top of the area. Jump onto the top platforms, and jump over sleeping dogs to avoid waking them. Turn south at the intersection to find a scouting party. Jump into the ducts and fall through the hole at the end when the dogs below aren't looking. Enter the small hole to the left and use the grass on the other side to dodge the watchful beagles. Checkpoint #1.

    Creep over the water and enter the hole in the wall to reach the other side. Further left is some grass to hide in. Creep down the water to reach more grass when the guard dog isn't looking. In the next room, jump to the next platform and you can clean kill the beagle with fleas. You can kill the next beagle too as well as the one south of the water. Cross the water to find three more dogs. Past the next two dogs is a crocodile which is easily avoidable. Checkpoint #2.

    Continue left, past the Shibuya Station exit to more platforms. This is one of the trickier parts. You can go under the platform and time your escape to get by the patrolling dogs, or you can go above, and distract the dogs by roaring (R3) and then try to sneak by. Past a few more dogs and you'll reach the next room. Head left and down the stairs, then left to reach a platform above some sleeping crocodiles. There are a couple beagles guarding the other side, so it's easier to jump down to the crocs and climb the stairs to the left. Near the exit to the suburbs is lone dog you can kill and eat. Exit the sewer to reach the first goal.

    Climb the building to the right to get to Pooch's Place, taking out the patrolling beagles along the way. Once at the top, clean kill the beagle boss to finish the act.

    Act 12

    The Return of the Tosas - Time for some revenge... or not. Take out the three hyenas and fill your hunger gauge. Head left and climb the building to get past the tanker truck. Back down on the road, take out the group of hyenas. Follow the path north and climb the blue truck. Continue left, through some hyenas and at the south end of the intersection is a hyena boss. You can ignore him if you want, as he is too large to clean kill, but he's not that tough.

    Further left you can choose to go north at the intersection where multiple regular hyenas patrol, or you can climb the buildings to get past some walls, but three large hyenas will be waiting. Several more hyenas will be waiting after this area, but you can just run past them. The next area will have the hyenas and lions fighting each other, so you can pass them unnoticed. There is also a Pet Medicine (M) on a balcony right before the fighting animals.

    Enter the area with the brawl and climb the blue vehicle to the right. Climb up to Pooch's place. Kill all the hyenas guarding the area, then chase down the boss. A couple more large hyenas to take care of, then head back down to the road.

    Two boss fights back to back await. First up is a Saber-toothed Tiger. This one has regular swiping attacks as well as a strong jump attack. You'll know the jump attack is coming as the tiger will do a small spin right before it. If you successfully dodge the jump, the tiger will be open to attacks for a while. After the battle, devour the boss for a Pet Medicine (M).

    The final boss is the hyena and he's quite tough. He will easily dodge out of your combos and will counter quickly. The best strategy is to dodge his attacks until he tires. Pull off two combos on him when that happens and he'll be open for a critical hit. If you die, you'll have to fight the previous boss again.

    Act 13

    The Robotic Dog's Journey - Your goal this act is to reach multiple points throughout the entire area. First head north and climb the blue vehicle to the right. Climb up to the first checkpoint at Pooch's Place. Next is a fight with the Yokozuna which isn't difficult at all. After the fight, you have to head all the way to Shibuya Station. At the shop district, there are a few lions at an intersection, but you can sneak past them. Other than that, only some hyenas and a cheetah stand in your way.

    After reaching the station, you can choose to reach the next goal via the sewer or aboveground. Either way, there aren't very many threats, except a large Jackal in Dogenzaka. The fourth goal will be to reach the checkpoint in Yamanote Line West. Some hyenas will be on the path to Yamanote Line East, and once there only crocodiles and a couple flying animals will try to hunt you, but you can easily out run them.

    Once you reach the checkpoint you'll have to save a lion cub from some predators. Finish the fight and head towards the final checkpoint in Yoyogi Park East. In Yoyogi Park West, take the left path to avoid a couple tough enemies. Continue south and the take the north path to fight some jackals. Near the entrance to the east park is a group of Lycaons including one large one. You can run past them if you want and race for the goal instead to finish the act.

    Act 14

    Tokyo Jungle - The final act. Proceed right and reach the control room for a scene. Choosing 'Yes' will end the game and show the credits. Choose 'No' to start the path to the true end. First thing to do on the true path is to defeat a boss. He has a lot of health, but is otherwise pretty easy. Once that is over, five more enemies will appear for you to destroy. You have a time limit to complete the rest of the act, so kill them quickly to open the next path.

    The next area has a few more easy guards. Continue left to find a large pet medicine. Into the garbage heap is a 16 ounce bottled water as well as more enemies. Follow the path where more guards will drop from the ceiling and a primo pet food awaits. After a long path, you'll find a larger guard that must be defeated to open the door.

    The next area will be a few tough fights in a row. First is two dinos followed by two saber-toothed tigers. Once that is over there will be a unique boss fight. His most frequent attack is a dash attack, which he does twice in a row and can knock you down. You'll know its coming as he roars beforehand. Another attack is to shoot balls of energy in a circle that bounce around the room. His third attack is to shoot two beams of energy and spin around in place. You'll have to jump over the beams to avoid them. Sometimes he'll shoot the beams and energy balls at the same time. In addition, there will be some smaller enemies dropping in as well. Keep an eye on your health and hunger gauges and watch out for clean kills and the battle won't be that difficult.

    The final stretch will be a mad dash for the exit. The barriers are closing and multiple tough animals are heading towards you. Race for the end avoiding the predators to finish the story.



    Unique Challenges

    • Claim the Cat's territory - Unlocks Cat
    • Complete all E challenges - Rewards Pet Cap
    • Complete all D challenges - Rewards Pet Collar
    • Complete all C challenges - Rewards Pet Shoes
    • Complete all B challenges - Rewards Pet Clothes



    Unique Challenges

    • Defeat the Beagle boss - Unlocks Beagle
    • Complete all E challenges - Rewards Kitty Paws



    Unique Challenges



    Unique Challenges



    Unique Challenges

    • Defeat the Wolf boss - Unlocks Wolf
    • Complete all C challenges - Rewards Kendo Mask



    Unique Challenges



    Unique Challenges



    Unique Challenges



    Unique Challenges

    • Claim the Cheetah's territory - Unlocks Cheetah
    • Claim the Bear's territory - Unlocks Bear
    • Complete all C Challenges - Rewards Nice Jacket



    Unique Challenges

    • Claim the Polar Bear's Territory - Unlocks Polar Bear
    • Complete all B challenges - Rewards Bear Claw

    Polar Bear


    Unique Challenges



    Unique Challenges

    Black Panther


    Unique Challenges



    Unique Challenges

    • Claim the Lion's territory - Unlocks Lion
    • Complete all B challenges - Rewards Noh Mask
    • Complete all A challenges - Rewards Noh Robes
    • Complete all S challenges - Rewards White Tabi


    Lion (Dark)412015080452029090,000
    Lion (Scar)4120150904520290180,000
    Cub2See Adult3030See AdultSee Adult248N/A

    Unique Challenges



    Unique Challenges

    • Claim the Dilophosaurus's territory - Unlocks Dilophosaurus
    • Complete all B challenges - Rewards Snake



    Unique Challenges





    Sika Deer


    Unique Challenges



    Unique Challenges

    • Find the Rabbit boss - Unlocks Rabbit
    • Complete all E challenges - Rewards Hero Scarf



    Unique Challenges



    Unique Challenges

    • Find the Chimpanzee boss - Unlocks Chimpanzee
    • Complete all E challenges - Rewards Antenna



    Unique Challenges



    Unique Challenges

    • Claim the Pig's territory - Unlocks Pig
    • Complete all E challenges - Rewards Sun Visor



    Unique Challenges



    Unique Challenges

    • Claim the Sheep's territory - Unlocks Sheep
    • Complete all E challenges - Rewards Straw Hat



    Unique Challenges

    Axis Deer


    Unique Challenges

    • Claim the Boar's territory - Unlocks Boar
    • Complete all E challenges - Rewards Shower Crown



    Unique Challenges

    • Claim the Goat's territory - Unlocks Goat
    • Complete all E challenges - Rewards Scarf



    Unique Challenges



    Unique Challenges

    Dairy Cow


    Unique Challenges



    Unique Challenges

    • Find the Buffalo boss - Unlocks Buffalo
    • Complete all B challenges - Rewards Headlamp



    Unique Challenges

    • Claim the Hippo's territory - Unlocks Hippo
    • Complete all ? challenges - Rewards Hero Mask



    Unique Challenges

    • Find the Ostrich boss - Unlocks Ostrich
    • Complete all ? challenges - Rewards Pet Bikini



    Unique Challenges



    Unique Challenges

    Giant Moa


    Unique Challenges



    Unique Challenges

    Pet Cap

    Obtained by: Pomeranian challenge, random drop


    The pinnacle of pet fashion. Wearing the full Pet Series adds a small DEF bonus.

    Outdoor Cap

    Obtained by: Polar Bear challenge


    A rugged, practical cap. Wearing the full Outdoor series adds some hunger resistance.

    Sun Visor

    Obtained by: Gazelle challenge, random drop


    Guards the face from harmful UV rays. Sun burn? No chance for that.

    Baseball Cap

    Obtained by: Beagle challenge, random drop


    No B-boy should leave home without it. Wearing the full Hip-hop series adds a small ATK bonus.

    Guard Dog Hat

    Obtained by: Wolf challenge, random drop


    A perfect fit for a perfect fighter. Wearing the full Guard Dog series adds a medium ATK bonus.

    Posh Hat

    Obtained by: Ostrich challenge


    Stunning. Gorgeous. Fabulous. Wearing the full Posh series adds a considerable survival point bonus.

    Straw Hat

    Obtained by: Blackbuck challenge, random drop


    Just add a white sun dress and a field of flowers. A summer staple.

    Beastly Beanie

    Obtained by: Lion challenge


    A knit cap fit to tame the wildest of beasts. Wearing the full Beastly series adds a large ATK bonus.

    Wool Beanie

    Obtained by: Sheep challenge, random drop


    Made from the fluffiest sheep on Earth. Experience the glory of 100% wool.

    Bunny Beanie

    Obtained by: Master of Disguise event boss


    Put it on. Now you're a bunny.

    Hi-tech Specs

    Obtained by: Giant Moa challenge


    You should see the specs on these specs. Wearing the full Hi-tech series cuts the effects of sickness by half.

    Brainy Specs

    Obtained by: Goat challenge


    Wearing them makes you look smarter! Greatly lowers stats, but adds a survival point bonus.

    Mustache Glasses

    Obtained by: Chimpanzee challenge, random drop


    Revered by mankind as "a classic."

    Flirty Frames

    Obtained by: Silky Terrier challenge, random drop


    Set hearts athrob with these sexy specs.


    Obtained by: Elephant challenge


    Aviator Goggles

    Obtained by: Thoroughbred challenge


    Formerly worn by "those magnificent men." Wearing the full Aviator series boosts movement speed considerably.


    Obtained by: Zebra challenge


    Improves visibility at night.


    Obtained by: Porcupine challenge, random drop


    Once surfed the analog waves.

    Shower Crown

    Obtained by: Axis Deer challenge, random drop


    Keeps the shampoo out of your eyes. The day you no longer need it, you're an adult.


    Obtained by: Queen of the Gazelles event boss


    Only herbivores are cute enough to wear this. Adds a survival point bonus.

    Gas Mask

    Obtained by: Thorough Lycaon event boss


    Shields the wearer from harmful substances. It's been through its paces, but still works fine. Blocks smog's poisonous effects.

    Kendo Mask

    Obtained by: Tosa challenge


    Sturdy headgear used in Eastern fencing. Smells like a locker room, though...

    Hyottoko Mask

    Obtained by: Pig challenge, random drop


    There's a face only a mother could love. A surprising hit at parties, though.

    Noh Mask

    Obtained by: Tiger challenge


    Donned by actors in Noh dramas. Wearing the full Noh series adds a massive ATK bonus. Damage dealt has a chance of affecting you as well.

    Wrestling Mask

    Obtained by: Mammoth challenge


    Hero Mask

    Obtained by: Buffalo challenge, random drop


    Put this on and think you're an ally of justice.

    Heroine Mask

    Obtained by: Dairy Cow challenge, random drop


    Wear this to pretend you're a warrior for good.

    Kingly Mane

    Obtained by: Young Upstart event boss


    A royal fashion must. Predators only. Raises the pack size limit.


    Obtained by: Event


    Pet Collar

    Obtained by: Pomeranian challenge, random drop


    Pet fashion science's crowning achievement. Wearing the full Pet series adds a small DEF bonus.

    Guard Dog Collar

    Obtained by: Wolf challenge


    A symbol of loyalty. A badge of honor. Wearing the full Guard Dog series adds a medium ATK bonus.

    Beastly Collar

    Obtained by: Lion challenge


    A Choker fit to soothe the savage beast. Wearing the full Beastly series adds a large ATK bonus.

    Hi-tech Collar

    Obtained by: Giant Moa challenge


    Now with neck-enabloed functionality. Wearing the full Hi-tech series cuts the effects of sickness by half.