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"Do not let the fanboys fool you."

DmC: Devil May Cry has been controversial ever since the day it was announced, and the controversies have been going on around until now. So how did Ninja Theory exactly handle this one of a hell franchise from Capcom?


Who plays Hack and Slash games for the story anyway? DMC, DMC2, DMC3 and DMC4 all had....average story lines, and the same goes for DmC. It tells the story of Dante who is a Nephilim, a half angel and half demon as he gets dragged to Limbo on several occasions due to certain circumstances and together with Kat, a psychic of some sort, they save the world. Comparing the plot to previous DMC games, this one, I must say DmC's plot, though somewhat predictable, has more substance to it. Dante, which was still our cool bad ass demon hunter undergoes some serious character development in here, which is really worthwhile to see. Though the female protagonist doesn't shine that much for me, some aspects of the story line is still justifiable.


I have mixed reactions in line with this. The difficulty is undeniably easy as what Capcom has requested for NT to do. I played Devil Hunter on the first level and I was bored how easy the game was that I immediately changed to Nephilim. After completing Nephilim you will unlock Son of Sparda. And consequently, unlocking Son of Sparda will unlock Dante Must Die. After beating DMD already, the game is pretty much easier than the previous entries in the series. You'll get checkpoints in certain parts of the level from which you can revive/respawn after dying, but still, DMD would still be worth your time.

Combat is pretty much average. You start with your Rebellion, our shapeshifting sword and our girls, Ebony and Ivory. Doing so will change currently equipped weapon, allowing you to do a series of smooth combos by shifting from one weapon to another. We say goodbye to the Styles from the previous game series, and we are presented with the Demon Mode and Angel Mode which can be activated by pressing R2 or L2 respectively, or you can change the weapon on your Demon mode by pressing right arrow and on Angel mode by pressing left arrow, as well as your currently equipped gun by pressing up arrow. This actually gives you a very smooth and fluid combo system that will even allow novice players in the series to chain a decent amount of combo. Which of course means that getting an SSS on Style is much easier compared to the earlier games. Devil Trigger is back as well and it's nothing special on this game. And it's also worth mentioning that the frame rate doesn't feel that much excellent for me as well. You WILL definitely feel the game running on 30fps.

Enemies on DmC are boring. Mobs are quite sluggish. There are also certain mobs can only be destroyed by Demon weapons and some can only be destroyed by Angel weapons which really is a pain for me. The same goes for boss fights which are quite boring as well. I never even remembered dying even once on any boss on Nephilim difficulty. Same old boss fight--observe for attack pattern and you'll rape the boss in no time.

You'll also get access to secret missions on some levels by using keys on secret doors, and these are REALLY easy sub missions; not even worth mentioning.

After every mission you will be graded based on your style, time, level completion (keys, doors, lost souls), on how many items you've used and how many deaths you had.

The game's graphics--definitely outstanding. Levels are made creatively that I spend some time tilting the camera just to view the surroundings. I don't want to spoil anything on this part, it's just that everyone should definitely experience how excellent the levels are made in this game. Even the characters have impressive facial expressions. Music is average, certain levels had forgettable music but some music on the game are worth mentioning as well. Voice acting is superb and one of the best I've heard so far.

Average play time is around 8 to 10 hours for one play through. You can repeat the game to unlock all lost souls, keys and doors (which doesn't take that long), trophies and concept arts or you can try for a harder difficulty. You can also try besting out an SSS on missions and share it to the leaderboards. That's it for replay factor as of now (without Vergil's Downfall DMC).

This game for me is a 7/10. I must admit that I hated the new Dante at first, and I grew to love the new Dante now. This franchise is a really worth reboot of the popular series and it is a must buy for me.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 01/23/13

Game Release: DmC: Devil May Cry (US, 01/15/13)

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