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"Way above expectations"

Don't listen too all the negative reviews because this it not as bad as it is claimed to be. Being a big fan of the 1st and 3rd game, I gotta say that this game is pretty damn good and it has a lot of qualities that make it, sometimes, better than the main series. My play through of the game was on hard and this will be more of a comparative review to the other games.

GAMEPLAY is good, smooth, solid and the whole 30fps thing doesn't make any difference when playing, it doesn't chug or look terrible in any sense. There is not a lock on mode this time around which may sound like a bad choice but the auto lock is done very well, I had no problems whatsoever targeting those I want to hit even when they are way in the back of a horde of monsters. Devil Trigger isn't that great this time around, before using the DT would enhance your abilities and holding the DT button before activating can give way to some strategic energy blasts for clearing clusters of enemies. Now the DT just blasts the enemies in the air for you go combo crazy for short amount of time and just, for me, serves as nothing more as a 'get off me' button. This game takes some elements from the 4th game where you can grapple enemies to either bring them to you or you to them but thankfully doesn't make it piss easy as Nero makes it in the 4th game with his OP instakills arm abilities. The ranking system is much more forgiving in this one but at the same time isn't as rewarding either which kind of makes it pointless this time around.

WEAPONS are a bit lackluster when compared to the 3rd game as this one only has 3 guns and 5 weapons; 2 Angelic which are quick and good for groups but deal less damage and 2 Demonic which are slow but good for single targets and deal a lot of damage. You don't have to worry about which ones you want to bring each mission as you will always have them on you. Rebellion in default, holding R2 will bring out Demonic weapons and L2 for Angelic weapons which makes having which one you want out a breeze.

LEVEL DESIGN is absolutely awesome this time around, much, MUCH better than the previous games. The designs are beautiful and varied unlike the string lined, claustrophobic and generally dull feel of the originals. There is a little bit more emphasis on exploring the levels as the lost souls, keys, and secret rooms are hidden throughout the levels and sometimes inaccessible until you get later weapons to add a little to the game for the next play though. The game mostly takes place in LIMBO where the real world gets ripped up and twisted which give the developers freedom to do just about whatever they can think of making for some awesome levels.

CHARACTERS and STORY is better overall this time around with the demons in control of everything from behind the scenes through the media and whatnot unlike before where the story boils down to "They are opening the gate to the demon world, we have to stop them!". I thought I was going to hate this version of Dante but they have come through and did a pretty good job. He reminds me a little more of Nero than previous Dante, like Nero being more serious but will occasionally joke and insult here and there. Vergil on the other hand is a bit jarring, basically take Vergil from 3 and turn his character around, I did not like this version at all but is a decent character at best on his own merits.

ENEMIES and BOSSES are pretty good here as well and I overall prefer this roster of enemies more than the previous games, starting off a little too easy but later on offering up quite a challenge without being annoying or feeling cheap and dirty. The bosses in this game, though not very difficult, they felt fresh and were not as annoying, frustrating, or boring like a lot of the other bosses in the previous games. While I still prefer the bosses in 3 I do like the overall designs of DmC's bosses way more than games 1, 2, and 4.

MUSIC surprised me here, I thought it was going to suck. I thought it was going to be the most annoying, stupid euro pop crap I was gonna ever hear based on the old trailers but to my surprise they kept it very similar to the 3rd games style. No complaint here but I do wish they would have had some of those angelic themes and piano themes from the 3rd game but that is just me.

OVERALL I think Ninja Theory did a fantastic job here and in a lot of ways improving what the previous team(s) kept failing to improve. Better than 3? I don't know I am still trying to figure that out but I do like it way more the 1st, 2nd(lol) and 4th. Give it a shot.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/28/13

Game Release: DmC: Devil May Cry (US, 01/15/13)

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