Handgun Master and FireArm Level 3?

  1. What if i use these 2 skills in 1 slot? will my gun damage be combined from these 2 skills together and make my gun even more powerful? in other words can these 2 skills be stacked?

    User Info: SolidRevolverV

    SolidRevolverV - 4 years ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. Yes, Firearm 3, and Handgun Master should stack for a total of 150% more damage with handguns. Im not sure if the damage dealt would be Doubled Attack Power for Mastery, then Add 50% or 100% from mastery, 50% from Firearm 3. Either way with both your dealing a lot more damage!

    User Info: Zombieincident

    Zombieincident - 4 years ago 4 0

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