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"Screw the troll reviews, RE 6 rocks"

Resident Evil, like all good things, has evolved as a series. To live is to change, and Resident Evil is alive and kicking because of such progress and transformation. But with all change comes controvercey, and people who would hate success and prefer stagnation suddenly come out in droves, attacking the evolution process, hoping to keep Resident Evil as the "cute baby" it once was; the loving child they remembered.

Well Sorry folks, but Resident Evil is all grown up, and shows the "zombie-world" in a way that it has never shown it before. Going down the "eclectic" route, Resident Evil depicts a zombie apocalypse, and how it would play out from different perspectives, all while not adhering to cliche archetypes. You have Leon's story, which shows how a zombie apocalypse would play in the closed in and over-populated city setting, where the condensed living spaces of everyone makes a zombie outbreak more dangerous than anyone. As Leon, the player pushes and shoves there way through crowded streets filled with the infected. Semi trucks, cars, and motorbikes are zooming all around past you in the havoc, crashing into buildings and other cars, sending them flying at you, all while causing mass destruction and blocking off entire sections of the street as you find for a way throughout the city. It is a not a far stretch to call it "hell on earth"

From Chris's campaign, it shows how a zombie apocalypse would play out from a government/military standpoint, and provides a nice change of pace from Leon's story. Yes, it is actiony, but that does not mean it's bad. People looking to compare RE6 to past resident evils will only hinder their own perspective and appreciation for this eclectic game.

Jake and Sherry's story is the more "romanticized/devil may cry aspect to the story. Jake (no spoilers) has some very super-enhanced reflexes and super-human strength (they explain it in the story), and thus can pull some really cool DMC/Matrix stunts. Yet his partner, Sherry, is nowhere near as enhanced as he is, relying more on technicality and cool weapons to survive. In this way, their gameplay mode is almost like to seperate stories depending on which character you play as.

All of these campaigns are woven together with a very solid and versatile combat system, where you can combo between you and your partners, comically bouncing a foe back and forth between you and your partner like a volley ball, then finishing off with a decapitating roundhouse kick. You can even do what I would call "football" tactics: You and a formidable foe are facing each other down. He lunges at you. He raises his weapon, ready to attack. You press X to charge in, and smash into them like a freight truck, countering their would-be fatal attack. And then there are even counter moves. The possibilities allow your combat experience to branch out in so many different ways, and you will find yourself doing different things each playthrough (try playing on professional; you will find yourself being more resourceful with each death).

There are some scares, intentional and some not. But this isn't Resident Evil 1, 2, or 3. You're not helpless. It is frightening, but just like a real human, you will use everything around you you can to finish off the foe (not just stand there and shoot at the zombie with clunky controls). You will find Leon's story reliving a lot of past Resident Evil moments (such as the hoard of zombies breaking down a cage, and you having to find a way to escape before you are overwhelmed, puzzles in grandeur structures, mixed in with some of his greater RE4 moments), but none of them will ever feel too rehashed or forced.

Overall, this game is amazing, yet people cannot accept it as Resident Evil 6, and simply want to compare. If you want to have a good time, and continue on with the awesome and thrilling world of Resident Evil, then the 6th installment is a must. If you want to live in the past and limit yourself...then...well, you're missing out!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/05/12

Game Release: Resident Evil 6 (US, 10/02/12)

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