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"Bland, Uninspired and Generic"

There is nothing special about this game. It is flawed, boring and a huge step back not just for the series but for third person shooters.

Story 3/10:
The story is split between three main characters, and one unlockable character once you beat the first three campaigns. Pretty much each character is on their own mission during the outbreak of the new C-Virus. The stories do mix together throughout the game but the problem is only one characters (Leon) campaign is actually interesting. The others drag down the overall story and make it all trite and bland. The problem is Capcom tries to throw in the most obscure twists and unfunny dialogue (everything the characters say is pretty much a bad one liner) that you can't really take any of it seriously.

Graphics 7/10:
If you like shiny people, overused saturation and motion blur this is the game for you. While the lighting effects are the best in the series, the overall look of the game is hindered by everything having a shiny metallic or porcelain look to it. Overall it isn't horrible to look at, you just wonder what conditioner everyone is using to get that glare off their shiny hair. Characters are also very close to the screen and block a lot of what you would normally see in any good TPS.

Sound 4/10:
The soundtrack is the weakest in the 4-6 trilogy. It feels like you are watching a bad action movie at times. The voice acting is bad, but more to blame is the script that has everyone spouting out one liners that 80s Arnold would cringe at. Leons campaign is the saving grace where there are moments of silence when you there needs to be but when silence is the best use of sound in the game you know its in rough shape.

Gameplay 2/10:
You can move and shoot! That is probably all there is to celebrate for the new combat system. The designers obviously wanted to make an action game and made this an extremely generic third person shooter. Nothing feels right when controlling these characters.

To take cover, you have to draw your weapon first!?! Why isn't there just a take cover button like most games that use cover? You have to draw your weapon then press a button to take cover. I know it doesn't sound like much, but when you have an enemy that can shoot and you need to take cover, you shouldn't have to wait for the draw weapon animation then "press X" to appear.

You can now use herbs in the form of pills to heal without going to a menu, that's fine but the system of doing so is mundane. When you pick up herbs they should just automatically turn into pills and let you store a certain amount, instead you have a limit to the number of pills but you can carry a ton of herbs? How does that make sense? That's like saying you can only carry 3 pebbles but you can carry as many boulders as you want.

Overall 3/10
The game is very flawed. The story is bland, the gameplay is unacceptable for a TPS in 2012 and it feels dated. It is a huge step back not just for the series but for the genre itself. If they wanted to draw inspiration they should have looked at the Dead Space, where that game does action horror the right way. This game falls flat and deserves all the bad reviews it can get. I came into the game unbiased, I loved 1-3, 4 was Ok and 5 was a good ending. This just feels like Capcom is milking it for all its got. It is an obvious cash grab and should be ignored.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 10/05/12

Game Release: Resident Evil 6 (US, 10/02/12)

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