Review by Olgregg898

Reviewed: 10/08/12

Resident Evil 6: A good change that revived a dying seires

In all honesty, I had really low expectations for this game after reading so many horrible reviews for it and low scores but after playing just the first chapter I was more than surprised. The game took the aspects from old school survival horror, like limited resources and close battles, and combined it with a more modern fast paced style of game play. Its four campaigns really highlighted four different styles of game play. The much anticipated return of Leon with a dark, eerie story focusing on spooky locations and pure good old fashioned zombies. Chris heroic return with the BSAA and his faster, more run and gun story featuring the new cover system and various new c-virus mutants. Jake, who is a new addition to the RE franchise, is the son of Albert Wesker and has his own uniquely crafted story about his ability to reject the c-virus and mutate his body as needed. All three stories are play separately but have interconnected parts and even the characters join together for four person online play. And if three stories wasn’t enough, the final one featuring the beautiful and mysterious Ada Wong will cure any aliments of that kind.

Another important part of RE6 was the skill point system. I was sad at first to find there was no Mysterious Merchant added but even more so at the fact that the weapon upgrade system was dropped for a skill class system. Although a completely different from anything else they’ve done, it worked flawlessly. With over 20 some different campaign skills, some with multiple upgrades, and even more for the Mercenaries mode, I was greatly pleased with the diversity and strength that each skill had. There are eight skill classes and up to three skills perks per class. They can be swapped out at any moment in game so one can change from a high damage, up close attack to a medic or even increased drop rates so ammo can be replenished.

The continuation of Mercenaries mode and the addition of a new game type called Agent Hunt were installed too. The Mercenaries mode was as expected and still holds its weight in fun and challenge. The most interesting part of Agent Hunt is probably its inability to work. Very few matches can be played because players can turn off the mode before playing and it seemed that nobody really wanted to have a human play as J’avo or a zombie. After an hour worth of trying and only one game session created (which ended rather quick thanks to a limited geography in a well lit area), Id say that this mode is the only thing bringing down RE6’s score.

Overall, this game really raised the bar in quality for Capcom and Resident Evil. From the 40+ hours of single player to the improved Mercenaries mode and even the new Agent Hunt where players take control of creatures to kill or hinder other players online, this game was definitely worth its retail value.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Resident Evil 6 (US, 10/02/12)

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