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"Worth a look."

Resident Evil 6 is a good boost to the series, especially after the commercial fail of Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City. Although I liked that game, I do feel that it was a pretty low blow to the series. Resident Evil 6 is one of those games that needs to be looked as a single game, and not just another chapter in the Resident Evil story. I also feel that most of the negative reviews of the game came out with in hours or a day of the games release, this game needs to be fully completed to truly enjoy the game. I believe that if people sat down and played all four chapters and let the story slowly unfold they would have a different opinion.

The one major concern that I have with this game is the camera control. Capcom could/should have done a much better job with how the camera control works and flows. Unlike most 3rd person games, I found myself fighting the camera rather then being able to use it to my advantage during many of the fights. It caused a few deaths and hurt my ranking, but it was never so bad that I felt like I had to toss my controller at the TV or rage quit on it.

Another issue that kept popping up was all the real time events. These events became annoying and over used by the end of Jake's Chapter, my major issue with these is because I am left handed. For me I have to turn my controller upside down in order to allow my left hand to mash the X button in order to complete these events. Having to turn the controller upside down every 20 seconds got old, my friend, who is right handed, felt that with all the real time events his fingers were becoming tired and hurt the enjoyment of the game. Always having to be on guard for a real time event, while your fingers are killing you, will make you cut your gaming block shorter then it normally would be. In theory I do not have a problem with real time events, but when they are thrown at you every few minutes it becomes old and tacky.

Single played mode also hurts the game, although every game that gives you an AI partner has this issue. The AI becomes annoying and makes stupid mistakes that will get you or them killed needlessly. When you always have to keep checking that your AI partner is keeping up with you, then you start to make mistakes or miss certain things that will lead to more deaths. I don't really hold this against the game since I have seen this in a number of other games.

The multiple chapters in the game and the disjointed story line is both a plus and a minus. I will address what I do not like about this first. The game has 4 story lines in the game and each one only shows bits and pieces of the whole story. This can get very annoying when you are starting on your first story line. It gets very hard to get into the game when you are confused on what is even going on. There are many times when the story crosses over with the other stories so you get a brief look at the other side of the game. There were a number of times in Jake's story that I said "I want to ditch this and follow Leon/Chris" only to be dragged back into a story line that I was not as engaged in. It hurt the overall game play at times.

As I said this was a double edged sword for the game, there were a lot of good things about having the 4 different stories. It is a refreshing to be able to play a game from different points of view, so that if you are not happy with the feel of one story you have 3 other ones that might get your hooked. As I said before, there were times when I became board with Jake's story. I did power though it to complete it, I then choose Chris's story and I was hooked. It just felt tighter and the story became more engaging. Having each chapter not reveal the entire story is annoying yes, but it makes you want to continue on to play the next story to figure out what happens. It is a great tool to keep you going and makes you want to beat the game completely. (I will say this only became a factor when you start on your second story line, you start to make the connections and realize wow there is some depth here.)

The game also gives you the ability to melee the entire game if you want, that is my friends is the best feature ever. I always enjoyed using the melee weapons and now with the option to use them all the time with out having to hold down one of the analog sticks made me smile as I smashed zombies heads in. For the PS 3, they also give you a feature where you can continue hold the gun, but just hit R1 and it does a melee attack this also made me happy meaning I did not have to remove the gun, or do a certain action just to melee. The other great part of the melee attacks is that they have a different animation depending where the zombie is standing. There are even two different animations when you are grabbing somebody by a window frame. If you are standing on the same side you will just grab them and just normally push their head forward and bash it on the frame. If you are not on the same side you will still grab the zombie and pull him backwards to bash his head in. That was great to see two different animations for the same kind of kill. I was also overjoyed to see that each char. had their own special animations and weapons for Melee combat, I won't spoil it for anybody who does not know who has what, but it is fun seeing all the different things the chars do with their unique melee weapon. Another animation bonus was when you did the "killing blow" to a zombie while they are on the ground, depending on if you have a gun equipped or just a melee weapon will change how you stomp their head in, it was interesting to see each one.

The point and bonus systems I also enjoyed, but only after you clear the first chapter. When playing your first chapter you only have access to one slot where you can equip 3 bonuses. This can get very upsetting, because you want to keep giving your char as many boosts as you can. Only after you beat your first story do you unlock the ability to have 8 different slots, and you gained the ability to switch them on the fly during game play. This means you could make make slot 1 full of just melee bonuses and slot 2 full off gun bonuses and swap back and forth depending on the situation. This made things a lot more fun and even made you think what would be the best pairings with how you wanted to play.

I also feel Capcom did give a nod to Resident Evil's roots, and that is with the ammo drop. Many people say that the ammo drop is still too frequent for their tastes, but I can see a huge cut back between 4/5 to 6. There were many times when me and my buddy were hurting for ammo and had to hope and pray that the next group of zombies or whatever could be taken down with just melee attacks. If not it was back to the old, keep running away from everything.

The split screen action is where the game really shines. I think that the game was designed for you and a buddy to sit down and play this game. The game requires team work and really gets the juices flowing with you and your buddy trying to figure out the best way to work together. The game runs pretty smooth with both people playing and very rarely locks out one player. There are a number of times where the game gives one player one goal and the other player another. You are working in two different areas of the game at the same time. It is pretty sweet does not make the game boring at all. The only problem I can see with this is if your partner is horrid by themselves and keeps dying without your help. Either way the game is super solid split screen a lot of fun.

Giving you an option on what char to play with. Each story has 2 chars you can pick from before you start, this leads to a grand total of 6 different stories to play. (This is just the original 3 story lines, not including the one you unlock.) That gives this game a huge re-play value. It also gives you some options.

The online add ons, if you like to play online there is a new mode called Agent Hunt. In this mode you can join other people's games as one of the creatures who are trying to kill any of the chars...Although, I am not a huge fan of this, I can see how it can be really interesting, plus it is something you don't see everyday, I give props to Capcom for that ones.

Graphics and sound, are pretty solid. They are enjoyable and interesting to hear and look at, but they are not over impressive that you would stop playing just to look and hear them. They keep with the mood of the game and work well.

The simple answer about this game is it is a lot of fun, and worth buying. Just give the game a chance.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 10/10/12

Game Release: Resident Evil 6 (US, 10/02/12)

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