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"Some noticeable flaws, but a must own for any Resident Evil fan"


Wow, what a great game. Resident Evil 6 surprised me with its amazing story, action, gameplay, and online innovation. There are a couple of rather irritating flaws which I'll cover in the pros and cons at the bottom, but for now let me break it down into the usual criteria.

Graphics: 10/10
Wow what a beautiful game. The lighting, the character models, the smoothness of movements, they truly did an amazing job with this game, it's like nothing I've ever seen on a PS3.

Story: 6/10
The story itself just seemed like typical Resident Evil zombie apocalypse stuff, nothing special, but what really impressed me was the way it was told. RE6 focuses on 3 separate teams (and a fourth individual once you finish the first three campaigns). Each story intertwines with the other characters to tell the broader story. Personally I didn't care for the story or ending of Chris or Leon, but found Jake's to be quite awesome, with a final battle that had me hopping out of the seat yelling "&%#@ YEAH!". The hidden campaign is also kind of... meh, but the gameplay makes up for it. Really the biggest gripe I have for the story is that most of the campaigns (With the exception of Jake) have very boring endings with final battles that really don't do anything to enhance the story, it's sort of just "insert large monster here" in order to finish that character's campaign.

Gameplay/Control: 7/10
This is the one area where Resident Evil has really stood apart for the last few years. RE6 made some great changes to the combat that set it apart from the already fun RE5. For one thing, it's become a lot easier to take melee actions, with one character having even more melee abilities (Jake) and being able to deal the bulk of his damage without a weapon. You can also do combat rolls now, shoot from lying on your back, combine herbs with one button combination, access the item menu while still being able to move, and switch ammo types on the fly. To top it off there are new weapon types to mix in, as well as a diverse set of melee attacks and counters that this series has been desperately needing. Hats off to Capcom for drastically improving an already enthralling system.

Another great aspect of the gameplay is in the story mode. Each campaign plays very differently. Chris's is very big guns centered, with lots of large, powerful enemies to blow massive holes into. Leon's plays more like classic survival horror, very similar to Resident Evil 2, with many scenes running through fiery streets with hordes of zombies on your tail. His 1st chapter made me really fall back in love with Resident Evil. Jake's is kind of a mix, with some new elements, including quite an arsenal of melee moves and abilities which branches away from the classic resident evil gameplay, while blending into mercenaries surprisingly well.

Here's the rub... Throughout the story mode there are a TON of Quick Time Events (QTE's). Basically a scene will play and if you don't hit some button in a split second, you're dead... This happens a LOT. Not only does it happen a lot, but even in normal mode, some of the QTE's go by so quickly you barely get a chance to see what the button is that you should've hit... A couple of times I grew especially heated when I had already died because of a QTE, KNEW WHAT BUTTON I NEEDED TO PRESS, but it went by so fast that I STILL missed it! Each time that happened I almost had a rage quit moment, but thanks to the game's redeeming qualities I just started button mashing after another continue and could usually just trial and error past the QTE moments, cussing every step of the way, naturally.

Another downside of this game's gameplay is the complete lack of customization... They actually removed the store feature completely. Don't like sniper rifles? Too bad, your character has a sniper rifle. Throughout the campaign each character only has access to whatever weapons they can get, and in mercenaries of course each character only has 2-3 weapons, and you don't get to pick them. Also you can no longer upgrade weapons. The only customization you DO get, is the skill system. One skill in mercenaries (seriously?) and three in campaign. Though the large bulk of skills are just garbage in both game modes, and there's really only 4-5 good skills to use in Mercenaries. On top of that, the unlimited ammo we've all grown to know and love is now also a skill, so for each weapon you want unlimited ammo in, first you need to beat all four campaigns just to unlock it, then you need to have enough skill points to buy unlimited ammo, then you need to use up one of your three campaign skill slots to get unlimited ammo in a single weapon type... So overall I'm not a big fan of the new skill system if you can't already tell.

Sound: 10/10
Great work here as well. The music throughout the campaign is constantly varied, while always being haunting and appropriately escalating during key action moments. The sound effects are also right on point, down to the sound of a golf club changing hands and breaking a zombies jaw. The voice acting is perfectly timed and well acted. No complaints in this department.

Multiplayer: 9/10
This was what set RE5 apart for me, and it's the same with RE6. The couch coop is a blast, my roommate and some friends have been enjoying this game all week, both the campaign and mercenaries, even taking turns with Agent Hunt (a quirky way to have some fun, you play a zombie or creature in somebody else's game and try to kill the player. The controls are usually crap, but it makes for a fun time when you actually kill them off.) On top of that RE6 already is showing the early signs for a ripe online community, mainly focused around Mercenaries. Unfortunately there are only 3 mercenaries maps available to most players, 4 if you preordered somewhere, which is a gripe on a lot of the boards right now. Hopefully CAPCOM will hurry up and give us some DLC maps, otherwise the community will likely start dropping like flies once everyone unlocks everything (which doesn't take very long frankly).

Great gameplay, play a few good rounds of coop mercenaries and it's hard not to love the feel of RE6
great storytelling
Excellent start to what could be a great online community

Only 3 Mercenaries maps at the moment...
QTE's in this game SUCK
New skill system is quite lackluster in my opinion...
Without some DLC soon you'll run out of content within a weekend or two of concentrated playing

Don't let the 4 cons versus 3 pros fool you, this is a great game, and I do recommend anyone that's even remotely interested in Resident Evil and/or survival horror and/or couch coop games pick this up and give it a weekend at least. Once the DLC starts getting listed and there's a little more to do this could be one of the best games of this decade. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have. Now, off to play some more Mercenaries :)

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 10/11/12

Game Release: Resident Evil 6 (US, 10/02/12)

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