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"Redemption at last..."

After the dismal disappointment that was Dynasty Warriors 6 for the PS3, I must admit I had my reservations to buying the next installment. I was particularly offended by the fact that I had to go out and purchase the PS2 version just to see something different. Joke is on me since they made me pay twice for the same game - but I needed to see something different than what the "premiere" console had put out there on the market. NOT to mention that we (Sony loyalists - LOL) didn't even get to play Samurai Warriors 3 on any of our consoles. But that is another story for another day.

So, to the point... REDEMPTION at last, great comeback. The art - the story - the mechanics - Everything was nicely and tightly put together. So far I've completed about fifty percent of the game - 2 different story modes and about half of the map in Conquest Mode - and everything about it has been far superior than the last installment.

On the positive side there is far greater variety in weapons for the characters. They also have their own unique Mosou attacks even when they do happen to share the same weapon. The Special weapons was also sorely missed in the past, particularly because it eliminated the clones and got rid of the same monotonous and lazy characterization. The introduction of the brand new JIN faction is very refreshing, even if it feels like they shortchanged WEI for it, it still adds a new depth to the story line. Which, by the way, is being told much better this time around. It's no longer a one sided tale in which the side you were playing as was the "RIGHT" one. The story-telling is now more immersive and exploratory, reminding you that these characters were once real people with moral conflicts within themselves, and that often they had to cross lines to reach their ends and goals, and that not always did their deeds go without consequences. The accuracy of the time lines was kept in check and it was nice to see that some battles we're missing your (or even mine) favorite character due their inabilities, mortality or space/time constrains.

On the negative side they got rid of Free Mode. Which is almost not needed since you can play as anyone in MOST of the scenarios in Conquest Mode. The create-your-own-warrior is missing as well - although I was never a fan of that in particular since it was neither here nor there when it came to the actual story of the Three Kingdoms. Some might notice that the mounts are also missing from the story mode, but we must keep in mind that just like our favorite heroes, these beasts were instrumental in these battles and if there was no Guan Yu at Wu Zhang Plains then perhaps there was no need for a Red Hare either!

All in all... thank you KOEI. You've done good by me...

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/11/11

Game Release: Dynasty Warriors 7 (US, 03/29/11)

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