Where can I find Twinkling Titanite?

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Accepted Answer

  1. Found one at the area before Taurus Demon. circular staircase and some barrels. just destroy those barrels and a shiny lizard will apprear, kill him quickly before he run, and he it will drop a twinkling titanite.

    Also got some twinkling titanites by trading items with the bird nest at Undead Asylum

    Bloodred Moss Clump >> Twinkling Titanite
    Blooming Purple Moss >> ClumpTwinkling Titanitex2
    Cracked Red Eye Orb >> Purging Stone x2
    Dried Finger >> Blue Titanite Chunk
    Dung Pie >> Demon Titanite
    Egg Vermifuge >> Dragon Scale
    Humanity >> Ring of Sacrifice
    Pendant >> Souvenir of Reprisal
    Prism Stone >> Demon Titanite
    Pyromancy Flame >> Red Titanite Chunk
    Pyromancy Flame >> Red Titanite Slab
    Purple Moss Clump >> Twinkling Titanite
    Rubbish >> Titanite Chunk
    Ring of the Sun Princess >> Divine Blessingx2
    Sack >> Demon's Great Hammer
    Skull Lantern >> Ring of Fog
    Sunlight Maggot >> Old Witch's Ring
    Sunlight Medal >> White Titanite Chunk
    Twin Humanities >> Rare Ring of Sacrifice
    Xanthous Crown >> Ring of Favor and Protection

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Other Answers

  1. You need to kill a Lizard. There is one that runs away as you go from darkroot garden to the darkroot basin.

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