How do I use magic?

  1. I am a Pyromancer and equipped the pyro flame in my right hand, next to my axe. Am I on the right track? Somebody please help, it sucks being a pyromancer that can't use fire!

    User Info: beausis

    beausis - 5 years ago

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  1. you should be able to press the up arrow on the D pad to cycle thru your memorized spells/miracles/pyromancies. you should have fireball, press the right arrow on the D pad to equip the pyro flame catalyst then lock on target and press R1 to throw a fireball.

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  1. You need to have a catalyst or talisman equipped to use magic. If you do not have this yet, then you cannot use magic yet.

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  2. ^That.
    But don't forget to Attune your spells at a bonfire first!

    User Info: CobaltMonkey

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  3. To cast magic, you need 3 things on top of the stats :
    - Learned the spell.
    - Having the "weapon" to cast (there are 3 possible + some special ones) :
    Pyromancer use one kind
    Priest use another
    Sorcerer use one last.
    Note that PYROMANCER AND SORCERER DON'T USE THE SAME BASE ITEM! There are some weapon that offer dual possibilities, but you need to test them out first.
    - "Equip" the spells at bonefire. (One option while resting at bonefires is to manage your known spells)

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  4. You actually need 4 things:
    -At least 10 Attunement stat to unlock the first spell slot.
    -Have the spell (obviously), you can see it in your inventory under what looks like a scrap of paper.
    -Have the required weapon equipped and active (Talisman = Miracles. Catalyst = Sorceries. Pyromancy = Pyromancies)
    -Have the spell equipped in your attunement slot(s) by managing spells at a Bonfire.

    User Info: dankathor

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  5. To use magics - you need to have the correct weapon for each of the three types of spells.

    Catalysts for Sorceries.
    Talismans for Miracles.
    And, of course,
    Pyromancy Flame for Pyromancies.

    For Sorceries and Miracles - you need a certain stat level to cast stronger spells. (Intelligence for sorceries, Faith for miracles.) But first, to cast them, they must be attuned to your magic slot (the top square space to the left.)
    But keep in mind that if your attunement level is less than 10 you won't be able to equip any spells. The higher your attunement level, the more spells you will be able to carry with you at one time.

    Anyway, to equip your spells, just sit at a bonfire and select "Attune Magic", then select the spells you wish to use.

    Then when you are in battle just switch to your Pyromancy Flame or Catalyst/ Talisman and fire off the spell you wish to use.

    That's it. That's all there is too it. Have fun, fellow wizards.

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  6. Start out as a pyromancer. You'll start with a fire and through the first section you'll find the flame hand once you find the flame hand equip it to either left or right hand. Use left or right on d pad depending on which hand you equipped it. Once the flame hand is chosen as the weapon it will be either r1 or L1 again depending on which hand you equipped it on. Once you progress you'll find other flame spells and those can be equipped through your attunement slots now pyromancy is different so you don't need to level up intelligence or faith you just need to spend souls on upgrading the hand to make the spells more powerful I hope this helped

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