Any ideas for a good character build?

  1. What are some of the character builds you guys are going for? So far I've messed around with a wanderer class, a warrior class and a pyromancer. Actually the wanderer's high dex has made that my favorite melee class so far. I feel like the warrior is just a little bit too slow. Anyway, any ideas for "best build"?

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  1. i think a pyromancer is the way to go. when i created a pyro i dumped points into my attunement until i reached 6 slots then dumped the rest in endurance to wear decent armor and be able to do more attacks. if u do it this way things will be extremely hard in the beginning but it is worth it once u get to Sens Fortress and find the *lightning spear*at the bottom of the tower. it requires only 12 str and 11 dex and does over 200 dmg. once i obtained the spear instead of dumping points in str to weild better weapons, i dumped everything into upgrading my pyro flame glove to +12 So far. Im able to do 350 dmg with just a reg. fireball, 475 dmg with fire orb, 550 dmg with Large Fireball, 428dmg with Fire Whip, 450dmg with Combustion, over 600 dmg with great combustion!, and finally but definitely not least-close to 700dmg with that Fire Pillar Skill and i only just arrived at anor londo and everything is completely easy...that is until i run out of fire spells lol OH!!! and one more thing. Pyromancers are crap against Fire Using boss' so no matter how strong your flame is about 90% of the dmg gets reduced, im sure this is pretty common sense to most players but some are really dull minded. (YOUR PYRO GLOVE IS WHAT U NEED TO UPGRADE TO INCREASE FLAME POWER< NOT INTELLIGENCE)

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  1. Everyone says the Pyromancer is an easy starting class. I Disagree. While you will start with a projectile, this will only be useful for the beginning section -- but the beginning section is where you will hone your combat skills, and if your just shooting fireballs at them you wont have the skills to fight higher level enemy's. Instead I find the "easiest" build to be a Warrior Tank. Dark Souls is a hard and punishing game, so having a guy/gal who can take a hit is very useful. Armor is also significantly more powerful on Dark Souls than it was in Demons Souls -- couple this with a high equipment load and your ready to roam!

    So in short:
    -Warrior (and make sure you select "master key" as your gift)
    -Put your leveling points into Vitality & Endurance (Vitality will give you health, Endurance will give you Stamina so you can block more)

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  2. i personally did my build fairly basic and i am i warrior. I got a basic amount a str/dex about 20 each to wield my black knight sword. I then did a tiny bit of endurance for a little more stamina some faith for the basic skills then stacked alot of hp. Hp can be very helpful and if your into pvp make most of most pvp builds.

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  3. It all depend on what people are good at.

    Personnally, I find the Deprived class really good for starting.
    Pro :
    It got 11 in all stats, which mean it only require 8 levels to be able to use ALL the base stuff of the game (every base magics and items) and it also mean it doesn't have any real lacking. (In other word, you can use anything basic at level 14)
    It's the real hardcore (mentionned by skillerwhale) so it the best pratice to start getting the real deal out of the game.

    Con :
    It got no starting real equippement. (But the equippement is hell easy to get.)
    It start at level 6, so it require a bit more souls to level up at start. (But again, you don't have any risk of loosing the required soul for the level 2-5 since you already got them)

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  4. I've always been a Sorcerer it comes with it's ups and down, easy to kill, easy to be killed. Pretty difficult. So i made a hybrid, intelligence always remains my highest got around 12 strength to wear a decent shield (Grass Crest) , and it allows me to weild a battle axe with magic weapon incase i run out of spells. Enough vitality to make sure i can survive at least 2 hits from bosses. Attunment for more spells. endurance for stamina and equipment load for my heavy armors. have found no need for dexterity and faith high enough to weild a magical weapon in the other hand for extra damage.

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  5. The warrior is a decent starter class, if you are into melee. He can take quite some DMG, hast good offensive stats(for the start) is agile and wears one of the best armor sets for the beginning

    Its light and provides good protection. He wields the Heatershield(100% phys) wich is also a really good piece of equipment. Since his SL isnt that high you can easily mold his stats the way you want them to be.

    Anyway in my opinion it is a good starter class.

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  6. honestly you may want to base your build on a certain weapon in the game and upgrade that weapon to the fullest. For example if the weapon you want to upgrade scales based on strength and dexterity then upgrade it with titanite and focus on those stats. I am doing something similar with black knight halberd.

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  7. I've found that a tank class with a little splash of magic works best for PVE, but almost everyone I've seen in PVP has been using magic almost exclusively. The only people I've seen that didn't have that homing soul arrow with the 5 stars or whatever have gotten dominated by my melee. Of course, that could be because my main strategy is to use Iron Flesh and dual-hand my Gravelord Sword and just smash through defenses. Doesn't work too well when I can't reach the magic users.

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  8. I started off with a wanderer, which personally I find to be the best I loved the balance of high damage capabilities and high mobility. Which is (IMHO) the most important factor in the game, you can not always block an attack, but you can (if you are fast enough) get out of its way.

    Also the starting equipment is marginally some of the best. The wanderer's outfit has the highest and most rounded defense to weight ratio, meaning he/she keeps under your light weight rank, yet has good armor. The scimitar is also a very useful weapon, I personally used it until i was able to get the Gravelord, which is now my weapon of choice. The scimitar (which i ranked to +4) was more or less my exclusive weapon, and served me very well.

    The only downside to the Wanderer was the fact that they have no ranged equipment or magics/prayers. Aside from crossbows i found a good bow and arrow were HARD to come by. I still have not found anything aside from the 1 bow in darkroot basin, and i have found no more arrows and i have yet to see a catalyst. (although i did find a talisman, allot of good that does me i have nothing allocated in faith!)

    They are a melee class, and start off with purely very close range equipment. They also make a nice platform for str/dex builds.

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  9. I used cleric, just pumped attunement to get an extra slot and purchased a second healing spell to round my healing to 10 times for down times or for some extra confidence. I still can't decide to pump dex, vit, and endurance at 1st and rest later really dunno.
    I really favor dex wepons speed over slow str wepons dunno if this game rewards those stats or the magic stats like in the 1st game...

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  10. I found warrior to be a great class to start with. The base equipment will make starting out forgiving as you can take a few hits even if you miss an attack/parry and, if you plan on getting the drake sword/uchigatana, can have a decent enough weapon early on plus the Hard Leather Gloves you start with will stay good to you for awhile. While using miracles and pyromancy will require a bit of stat deviation you can safely stick to str, dex, vit, and endurance and become well rounded. Overall the warrior can have an easy going 'til you grab some new armor if you play smart.

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  11. I use spears and poles, so I would say around 16 str and dex (depending on your chosen end-game weapon), and the rest into vitality/endurance.

    Really the only consistent build choice is getting 40 end (for max stamina and good equip load) and 30-40 vit (for good health at the maximum gain per level, after 50 the health gain is only 8 or 9 per level).

    Other than that, do you want to be a mage? Add 20 attunement and some int. A priest? 20 attunement and some faith (I don't know how useful a priest build would be).

    Other than vit and endurance, a good character build is just the bare minimum stats to use your chosen attack type, then add points to whatever increases your damage.

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  12. I'm using a Pyromancer I have about 50 hours of gameplay and am currently at SL 63 my stats are;

    Vit=25 Att=28 (7 slots) End=31 Str=16 Dex=14 Res=base(12) Int=12 Faith=base(8)

    I'm still early in the game I just rang the second bell. I've been mostly just exploring, farming souls in the Darkroot Forest leveling up my character and my pyro glove which now is maxed out. The spells I carry are Fireball 24 uses stacked 3x,Fire Orb 12 uses stacked 2x,and my personal favorite Great Chaos Fireball 4 uses only(which takes up 2 attunement slots all on it's own). My spells are devastatingly deadly and atm I hardly use a weapon at all just pyro spell mostly.. As far as weapons I'm using the Drake Sword and a +5 Halbred.. I was wearing the Tattered hood and clothes you start out with until recently I just started wearing the Wanderers Armor that I found. As I said I know I'm still early in the game but does anyone know what weapons I should use or where to find more Pyromancer armor? (by the way I hope this info helped)

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  13. I'm currently using a Faith build with some extra str thrown in there. I have 30 vit 16 attunment 38 endurance 34 str 12 dex 11 res 8 int and 46 faith. Soul lvl 113

    I'm using a +5 occult claymore at the moment, trying to search for something strong if I can find something that can be upgraded to occult and doesnt weigh to much. The miracles I use are Greater Heal, Tranquil Walk Of Peace, Gravelord Great Sword Dance, and Wrath of the Gods. I'll usually switch out gravelord greatsword dance when I'm doing PVE for great lighting spear. Works great for PVP and PVE in my opinion.
    Reason I have 34 str is to use Greatshielf of Artorias, which is the best shield I've seen out there so far.
    Main hand is Claymore Occult +5 and Ivory Talisman (gotten from killing Rhea of Thoroland)
    Left hand is Greatshield of Artorias +2 and Crystal Ring Shield +5
    Rings are Havels and Favour and Protection
    I'm currently working on getting smough armour, screwed up and killed the NPC...gotta do NG++ now : /

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  14. The best build on this game is easily a Vitality (VIT) Build. With little investment into any stats (STR,DEX,FTH,INT) you can equip lightning/flame weapons and deal massive damage. I would either start off the game as a warrior or a solider and quickly get your strength to 16 and dex to 10 to wield the Drake Sword early in the game. Use the Drake Sword until you can create a Blessed weapon or a lightning weapon. If you prefer, you can invest more points into endurance instead of vitality if you want heavier armor.

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  15. here's a character builder that allows you to link builds. I know that weapons, and armor planning is going to be added too!

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  16. here's a character builder that allows you to link builds. I know that weapons, and armor planning is going to be added too!

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  17. I find that of all the classes that the Depraved or Deprived watever you call it is the easiest. Starting with 11 in everything is added bonus that you can actually use the Sorcerers Catylist and the Talisman without having to level up.

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  18. im a SL 50 pyromancer

    30 End
    25 Vit
    20 Attunement

    i find it quite easy since most enemies take only a few hit from the fire spells after you ascend it to +15 then +5

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  19. My build is primarily INT based with just enough STR and DEX to use the shotel weapon. Upgraded Shotel to +5 enchanted to scale of INT. I crush people in PVP. Crystal Homing Soulmass + being able to ignore shield while attacking. If CHS doesn't kill them, the shotel will.

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  20. Some ideas for builds:
    Strength based: Vit 40-50, Str 34-50, Dex --, Int 25, End 40, Fth --, Att 12-14. Use normal +15, crystal +5, Gaping Dragon tail, stone dragon tail, Demon's axe, Zweihander, etc. Int is for the use of Crystal magic weapon, wich will boost your damage considerably. Strength stat should probably stay in 34, it will allow you to wield the heavier weapons with two hands, More strength only if you want to pump damage a little bit or wield heavy weapons with 1 hand.
    Faith based: Vit 40-50, Str--, Dex--, Int--, End 40, Fth 40-50, Att 16-19. Use divine +10, up to 4-5 miracles. Pretty straight forward, good magic defence, fisical version of priest, you can put points to str and dex to carry most weapons
    Faith-magic mix: Vit 30-40 maybe more, Str--, Dex--, Int 25, End 35-40, Fth 40-50, Att depending on the number of slots you want. Tin darkmoon catalyst is absolutely necessary. Int to 25 gives you access to most sorceries except magic spears and crystal breath, high faith gives you access to all miracles. Sacrifice vitality, str, dex and endurance (less life, stamina and a more narrow weapon selection) over high spellcaster attributes. The magical version of a priest.

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  21. Best starting class for pure melee damage is Bandit, that battle axe does a substantial amount more than the other classes and it also has a 100% physical damage resistant shield which also blocks poison effectively.

    For Stats, I finished the game with 20 Vit, but more can help. 40 Endurance is great. Then it's a matter of choosing stats based on what you want to wield. Remember even as a Magic Damage class, you're going to do quite a lot of melee, so make sure you have enough Str and Dex for a weapon you can use.

    As you level, you're going to want some way to deal ranged damage. Most people choose Pyromancy for this as it takes the least additional stat investment, but is still effective in most situations. Your other options are Magic, for soul arrows and magic weapons, Faith and the Warriors of Sunlight for Lightning Spears and other miracles or to level Dex and use a Normal Bow as Bows do not work with elemental damage mods, so don't make them.

    Pyromancy - Easy to use, can't be gained until after getting into the Depths past the Capra Demon unless you start with it as a Pyromancer. Some things very fire resistant.

    Magic - Easy to get - Can be found at beginning by going down the Elevator to the Blacksmith in the cell on the edge of the lake near the New Londo Ruins. Very few bosses Resistant to Magic. Requires stat investment in Intelligence.

    Faith - Hard to get - Only Offensive spells through Warriors Of Sunlight. Requires some assisting others as a phantom to kill bosses and 20 Faith to use the initial Lightning Spears. Few bosses Lightning Resistant, but transformed Smough/Ornstein always is.

    Bow - Easy to get - Can buy from vendor in Burg or drop off standard hollow soldiers with bows. Requires Dex investment to get good damage. Has longest range thanks to Zoom mode and you can increase this further with the Hawk Ring from the chest beside the Giant Blacksmith. Bows with the hawk ring can shoot a number of very tough enemies like titanite demons without aggroing them. Do not use bows with anything but Physical damage as of current patch, you get no additional benefit. Requires no investment in Attunement for slots, but does mean needing to carry a bow as your secondary Left hand weapon.

    Bonus Ranged - Crystal Ring Shield. Short Range - This is about to get a considerable nerf, but using this shield's heavy attack while it is in your left hand will throw it for heavy magic damage defined by the damage of your right hand weapon. It seems to be based on the right weapon's physical damage, but that is unconfirmed and may change with the patch. Throwing this buzzsaw of a shield is devastating to enemies which like to keep you at range, but it does use 4 durability per throw. Especially good against Centipede Demons, Four Kings and other fights where you have a phantom to aid you as a decoy like Solaire.

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  22. I'm a lvl 133 Pyromancer/Strength build. I use a variety of weapons depending on what I feel like. I use Havel's Greatshield, Black robe set, a clothanry ring, darkmoon bow, and some other pieces of gear. I haven't finished capping out my Vit yet but I'm having a lot of fun in new game+

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  23. I personally enjoyed a high dex/end build. My charry was fast enough and light enough to where I did not have to worry about being hit. The extra stamina from high endurance is great for continuous rolls and the endurance coupled with a few points thrown into strength lets you use a decent variety of exotic weapons.

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  24. I wouldn't say there is any best build, pyromancer will make many of the bosses very easy, but then again pyromancer has high int and a few other stats. good if you want to be a mage, which has plenty of advantages against bosses.

    if you are good at games that require dodging and such, a dex warrior is pretty good. but you'll have to get close to most bosses as mostly everyone i talk to haven't found bows to be overly useful. on the other hand pyromancy is still decent for these builds as it mostly relies more on the power of the flame not on any stats.

    Warriors are great if you want melee without having to worry as much about getting hit. you can get enough strength/endurance/vit to use havel's armor/shield or atleast a majority of the set. you might not dodge that well but anything that your shield/stamina can't block won't do as much damage as other classes.

    and then a relatively pure mage. with a enchanted spear and a low requirement shield and high intellegence you can generally nuke down the majority of the bosses before they have a chance to hurt you too much. however most bosses especially on new game plus will destroy you in 1 or 2 hits. the spear and shield will ensure you have the power to kill most regular enemies that respawn without wasting magic. this is probably the best way to play if you like ranged damage.

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  25. To me i chose the "Thief" path due to the light armor, Agility, High Crit's. i also chose this because if you find the ring named as "Hornet Ring" and you upgrade your dagger to a certain path (i chose lightning) i only upgraded it and already i did 1000+ (reposture and back stab) Insane! The second reason i chose thief was due to the daggers "Bleed rate" the bleed rate is i believe 300? It takes about 9 titanite shards, 9 large titanite shards to get to +10. You'll need about 10 Titanite chuncks to get to +5 lightning (makeing a guess). but to suggest the best armor and weapon for the "Thief" path the best weapon is : Bandit's knife Lighting +5 or fire +10 the stats are nearly equal (Thief Path starter weapon) or Dagger Lightning+5 or Fire+10 stats are the same as the "Bandits Dagger" (Undead merchant 300 souls) Or if your looking for a bleed build knife use "Prescilla's Dagger (Cutting Prescilla the Crossbreed's tail off) and finally the best armor of the "Thief" Path is : The Gold-Hemmed Black Set, Hollow Thief's Set, Painting Guardian Set, Shadow Set. You may choose out of these few. I selected these few set's due to Stats, Looks :3, and Defense.

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  26. Quality build is considered to be the best build by many experienced players, it allows you to use most weapons and deals plenty of damage. Start the game as a pyromancer or wanderer with master key. Once you're finished leveling up, your stats should look something like this:

    Vitality: 50
    Attunement: 14 (Great Magic Weapon, Great Combustion x2)
    Endurance: 40
    Strength: 28
    Dexterity: 40
    Intelligence: 15 (to use GMW).

    Good weapons to use are: Murakumo, Sunlight Straight Sword, Estoc, Claymore, Balder Side Sword, Silver Knight Spear, Pike.

    Use whatever you want for rings and armor.

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