Can Clerics heal other players?

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  1. If you're the host player, any estus use will heal your white phantoms a little. I DO know there are a couple miracles that directly heal other players, but their official names or their learning locations are lost to me. I know them as Sun's Grace and Healing Sunlight, the former being a slow regeneration over time "in the surrounding area" and the latter being a standard local-area-party-heal spell. Since they both have sun names you might need to be in the Warriors of Sunlight covenant to get them, but that's just speculation on my part.

    If you're asking "do my healing spells naturally affect others because I'm a cleric?" then the answer is no.

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  1. I take back the part about the Warriors of Sunlight. Darksouls.wikidot claims you get the healing-others-spells from the Princess Guard.

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  2. You will get some spells that heal others, either by following the Princess Guard Covenant I believe, OR in the Dukes Archives.

    There are two Mindflayers at the bottom of the stairs, where Logan is located, who will drop two spells.

    Those are group heal spells. The other players need to be near you though.

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  3. There are also methods that Phantoms can use to heal themselves.
    Darkeye Ring- heals for every kill.
    Sanctus shield- a 1 HP/sec constant heal rate.
    Sever curved sword- 7 HP healed per hit.

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