How do I get to Blight Town?

  1. I'm loosing my mind trying to find Blight Town. I know it's got to be somewhere stupidly simple... right now I'm wandering the Crypt.

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    skillerwhale - 5 years ago

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  1. There are two ways in. One has been outlined. Beat Gaping Dragon get key and go to the area with Merchant Downmhall (or how ever it is spelled) and go through that gate. The other is through the valley of the drakes. If you go in to valley of Drakes from the Dark root basin elevator that was guarded by the black night. It also has a bonfire right there conveniently. Go down to the Valley and go to the left hugging the cliff, go past or through zombie dragon and you will come across an opening on the left side of the screen. Walk in far enough and it will say you gave entered Blight town. But if before you do that you go to the other side of the cliff where you see a door and open that up (I believe no key is needed you just needed to unlock it from that side) you will open a short cut into lost London which is right next to the elevator you take to go up to the Fire link shrine.

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  1. You get a key to it after you beat the gaping demon

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  2. Beat the Gaping Dragon at the sewer, get the key, open the door near the merchant at the sewer

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  3. The area you battle the ghosts in has a door that leads to blight town/drake ville and down in the sewers after beating the graping dragon.

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  4. To get to blight town, you have to go to the depths and defeat the gaping dragon. You obtain the key from him. Once defeated, go back to where you found the vendor that sells you the bottomless box, and the crystal weapons. There should be a large double door by her at the end of the room. Use the key and all you have to do is take the ladder down to blight town. Have fun, and do bring lots of items that will help with curing poisons, and toxic status.

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  5. Another way you could reach blight town... if you chose the master key as your gift when you started. You could head to New Londo Ruins which is below firelink shrine. When you are down there when you reach the opening where all the red guys are you turn right and you should see a tower.. head in there. there is a locked gate.. open it wth the master key and it takes you into the valley of drakes. pass the woden bridge and head into the tunnel... BAM! The back way into blight town.. Good Luck

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  6. Did this help at all?

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