How do i get to nito?

  1. I am seeing loads of references to catacombs, evil eyes, and some ritual. I want to make my covet with nito so i can get his sword, which from what i am hearing about seems perfect for my character build and play style. so whats the deal?

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    Dark_souler - 5 years ago
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    Ok i have also heard there is some kind of eye i need to bring to join him? is this also gotten from that demon (i have yet to make any kind of progress in the catacombs, i have no blunt weapon and it makes killing the skulls near imposable.)

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    Dark_souler - 5 years ago

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  1. As you fight your way thru the catacombs, you will get to a section with a large number of coffins and a titanite demon. The requirements for it to work are to posess AT LEAST one Eye of Death and be Hollow with no Humanity. HAVING NO HUMANITY ITEMS is not required, only no humanity on your counter, as i did this myself with multiple humanity items and a double humanity item in my inventory.

    The titanite demon will not attack you until you are rediculously close, making it seem to be a statue, but the coffin that is open you must lie in is near him on the left. He will not agro you if you go for the coffin alone, but if you need Eyes to get Nito's attention and trigger the cutscene, there are a few on a corpse behind him so you can kill him (good luck, it's easy with enough magic, but i stress ENOUGH as i have failed with int 20 using soul arrow, heavy soul arrow, AND fireball on an un-upgraded hand.) or just death run past him.

    Once you have Eyes, be hollow, and have no humanity, you can sit in the coffin for a few seconds(as long as 30 seconds is reported, tho it seems closer to 15 to me), which will trigger a cutscene and take you to Nito's personal domain.

    To upgrade your covenant, you will need to collect Eyes, which are used to SUPPOSEDLY trigger the event that the covenant can enable, and then return to Nito and turn them in.

    An easy way to get to the coffin from the front of the catacombs is to cross the first stone bridge, and then before going into the dark room, turn around and look down. you will see a small outcropping that will lead you directly to the titanite demon's room and the coffin itself, BUT YOU WILL AGRO SKELETONS from below this way.

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  1. In the catacombs, where you fight the titanite demon, there is a coffin you can get into. it will you bring you to nito and his covenant.

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