Where can I find Sword of moonlight and "masamune"?

  1. i saw a vid on youtube showing the awsume sword of moonlight that now in DRK souls has a blade beam attack and i also saw a vid of a player using a really long katana masamun-esque weapon with what seems to be a 1 hit kill move anyone know where you can find both these awsome swords?

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    fallenangel2100 - 5 years ago
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    So the "masamune" is from nito?

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    Thanx Agrieus appreciate it and i think the vid you saw of a ninja player flipping and weilding the masamune might be the same vid that got me interested in it keep me updated if you get any info on the moonlight sword and Dr strangelove i wouldnt be asking bout where to find these awsume weapons on gamefaqs if the darksouls wiki wasnt nearly useless at the moment lol dont forget the games only been out a few days the wiki will take weeks to update but i still appreciate your help

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    Thanx alot agrieus sounds like a mission to get this sword but im guessing the sword is well worth the effort. ill do my best to try and make it once my PS3 is repaird add my PSN if you have the ps3 version so we can party and you can give me a hand whenever i get to Seethe Psn is "Godkuma" if you can give me the stats on the moonlight sword and the stat needed to scale it and which blacksmith can upgrade it im guessing you need Dragon scales to upgrade it like the drake sword right?

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    Dont worry old one slayer i new that had to be the case when i first saw it being used lol kinda sucks weapon special powers eat durability woulda been cool if the weapon jjust had a use number like spells and miracles

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    no its not the chaos blade cuz the real "masamune" sword doesnt hurt you from using it like th CB does and i found the name of it its called the WASHING POLE KATANA sold by shiva of the east merchant in blighttown you have to join the forest convenant to get him to appear there itll be sold for 20000 and since its so long the durability is 60 and killing the Undead burg merchant just gets you a normal uchigatana and laito is the same as the uchigatana except it has the drawing slash for the strong attack

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  1. I've got your answer on your masamune. The credit for this goes to Judicator11; a guy that gave me the answer to another question I had on youtube. This tells how to get the ring that allows you to do the crazy dodge roll flips AND how to unlock a new merchant that sells the long katana that you're looking for.

    "@Agrieus, The flips are from a ring.
    To get the ring, join the forest Guardians. Then speak to the new guy that appears near the ledge and he will then move to blight town. Find him in the swamp near the ramp up to the big turning wheel. He sells some cool weapons like the Sepiroth katana, so check them out. <------that's probably your masamune.
    Anyway, get the ring by killing the ninja npc hidden behind the vendor. This will also break the covenant and give you bounty of course."

    Hope this helps ^^

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  1. I dont know where you find the moonlight sword but im pretty sure the giant katana is dropped by the giant skeleton in the graveyard

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  2. there is a weapon called the Iaito found in blight town and it has an amazing move set i'm not too sure if thats what your talking about try out the dark souls wiki

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  3. Guess what, I just found the moonlight sword :) However, getting it is gonna be REALLY difficult because in order to get it you have to cut off the tail of Seath, the scaleless dragon. He's located in the Duke's Archives. To get there you must have cleared anor londo and spoken with the princess. From there, warp back to anor londo's main camp fire and make your way left as you're walking outside. One of the iron giants is blocking the passage. Get past him and continue onward and eventually you'll reach the Duke's archives. Be careful, as the area is VERY tough...tougher than anor londo. When you fight skeath the first time, you're gonna die. There's some kind of crystal staff below that prevents any damage being done....plus, if you're a melee guy like me, you won't be able to reach him anyways as he's sitting on a hill covered in crystal. So make sure you're not carrying any souls with you. (however, after you respawn, you CAN make your way back to his chambers, go in alone, pick up your souls and QUIT THE GAME. That way you'll be back outside his area and you'll get to keep the humanity and souls you had) After you die the first time and respawn, you'll be locked away in a cell...kill the sleeping guard outside and make your way around. When you eventually make it to another camp fire, DO NOT PROCEED ALONE. Skeath is VERY TOUGH, and I highly highly HIGHLY recommend taking 2 others with you on this. I lost all my souls (200k) and humanity (10) to this guy. I finally managed to beat him with some help after a few tries. Loop around him and take out the "crystal light staff" by attacking it. THEN you can go after skeath. Don't forget to cut off that tail! You can grab the weapon which is INSIDE the tail after you beat him....don't worry, it'll still be there. Just concentrate on skeath and keeping the rest of your party alive. That is a MUST. If you see someone's health draining, use a flask immediately. Do NOT be stingy. Good Luck :)

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  4. Btw moon swords beam attack is just like drakes sword, DEVOURS durability. Just letting you know that now so you arent dissapointed when you do get it lol

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  5. First off, you need to cut off Seath's tail. Second, don't call it the Masumune. It's not. It's no where close to it. It's just a katana. Kill the merchant in Undead Burg to get it or join the Forest Hunters and go to the bottom of Blight Town and a man will sell it. You can also get the Iaito in Blight Town.

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  6. Was the sword a long black katana? If so it is the chaos blade created with Quelaggs soul

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  7. "Masamune" as you have already found out is sold by shiva.

    Moonlight Greatsword is from Seath the scaleless located in the crystal caves, which is after you are forced to lose to Seath in the Duke Archives.

    You must cut off the tail directly behind him, which is the fattest and also the hardest one to get to. The tail has around 1/4th of his hp bar which is approximately 2k hp?

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