Can someone plz explain the covenants to me?

  1. First of all do you do "missions" for them ?

    At the beginning of my play i joined the 'way of the white' and i cant remember exactly what the NPC said, it might have been something to do with tasks to complete for the covenant or something, anyway in response i selected "no" by mistake now he wont offer me again.

    can you join multiple ?
    do you have to abandon one to join another ?

    Any other info on the covenant would be appreciated,

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  1. From HakePT on the Dark Souls wiki: "Covenants give you bonuses, be it access to shops, online help, or even special trainers with rare spells. But they come at a price. Some covenants dont mix with others and require you to make a choice. You can break covenants but that comes at a price. Generally players of your previous covenant are more likely to invade your world, and certain NPCs turn hostile. I've heard some covenants (evil ones) go so far as cursing your character."

    From Armin at Yahoo answers: "If you are a member of one or multiple covenants and decide to join another, you will lose a level in all previous covenants. The items required to level up are rare, so join carefully. What I did on my first playthrough was to join all the covenants without leveling any of the up. Once I had joined them all I started leveling them up."

    Now read this:

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  2. While the items are rare, they aren't too rare that it's hard to re level a covenant. any of the covenants that require humanity you can probably max in a hour or 2. most of the others might take twice that, really only blade of the darkmoon takes a while, for some reason the crows won't drop their items.

    yes you do have to abandon a covenant in order to join another. depending on the covenenant you might lose access to certain items. for example, ex-blade of the darkmoon players can no longer use the blue eye orb until returning. ex way of sunlight players can't use one of their spells believe it's either lightning spear or great lightning spear.

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    nedrith - 5 years ago 0 0

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