What should i do next?

  1. I have obtained the lord vessel, and i have defeated Seath the scaleless, bed of chaos, and Nito.

    i have absolutely no clue of what should i do next..

    User Info: Royal_Uniquex5

    Royal_Uniquex5 - 5 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. hey hey can you help me with something too? I'm going to pm you the question

    your supposed to go to new londo ruins, but before that go to dark root garden and kill the giant wolf boss over there you get a ring called covenant of artorias, you need that ring for boss room, Then you might wanna collect some transient curses In order to hit ghost, in case you haven't noticed new londo.... you will see ghost

    this is long so stop reading if you figure out what your supposed to do on your own lol

    Basically the next area your supposed to do is new londo ruins, you go through the linear path (its just one route other than a few items you can collect on every corner), till you reach this big house house in between stairs, idk how to explain it well but you go to the room in the middle of that house, then theres a ladder in the middle that takes you to the roof, climb up theres a guy in red, he gives you a key if you have lords vessel, then you go to the side of that house looking place (I think house is the worst description cause its in between water and stairs.... >.> maybe you'd understand when you see it in the end, it is a house, a ghost infested one lol) well yeah go to some other stairs on the side of that house, you should reach like the inside of this tower, you go down, theres a locked door, open it with that key you got, move a switch behind that locked door, then you ride the obvious elevator down well theres 2 elevators, the other one is near the beginning of the stage, that elevators is WAY closer to boss door, don't go to valley of drakes, stay in new londo ruins, collect every thing kill them epic skellys with soul sucker lol, you'll see what i mean when you get caught with it, then equip ring "Covenant of artorias" you get from the giant wolf, enter boss room, and just throw your self, when your in boss room, there really isn't much you can do other than throwing your self, cause the stairs that your on end if you keep walking down them, throwing your self would work as long as you have that ring "covenant of artorias"

    now you fight 4 kings

    User Info: zen861

    zen861 - 5 years ago 0 0

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