Where can I find sorc spells?

  1. So far all i have been able to find is the starting soul arrow and the heavy soul arrow spells i would greatly appreciate any knowledge about the locations and kinds of spells available

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    Edskin707 - 6 years ago

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  1. Well it depends on how far into the game you are ... without trying to spoil anything for you.

    Sorcerer's Apprentice : After rigning first bell, go back to where you beat the Taurus Demon and go down the stair case and out onto the bridge with the dragon. The door directly across is now unlockable. Travel through there, and keep going until you find open street, you'll see a "Well" turn at it and search the doors on the left wall ... you'll hear a guy asking for help, thats him. You'll need the Resident's Key bought from the seller in the Undead Burg. Hope these instructions were clear.

    He offers these spells:

    Soul Arrow
    Heavy Soul Arrow
    Great Soul Arrow
    Great Heavy Soul Arrow
    Magic Weapon
    Magic Shield
    Aural Decoy
    Fall Control

    I was hoping for spells a little better then this but i guess thats what you get from an Apprentice.

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  1. Well i dont know if you ever plan on learning Pyromancery but i'll write where the first teacher is anyways.

    Great Swamp Pyromancer : Just after getting the Apprentice you have to fight a boss named the "Capra Demon" he'll drop a key for the Depths, take the stairs after opening the door kill all the enemies even the big ugly one (there's 2 of them) take more stairs until you at the bottom of this room, kill more monsters, climb the rubble into the wall, take a left he's in this room with all the barrels, he's stuck in the corner behind all these barrels ... dont use attacks to break them, use rolls as they wont give you a chance to accidentally attack him. So free him he goes back to Firelink Shrine and thats all. Hope these instructions were clear.

    Spells he offers: (Pyromancery)

    Fire Orb
    Iron Flesh
    Flash Sweat

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  2. Here is the second Sorcerer Teacher ...

    Sorcerer Big Hat Logan : After ringing the second bell the cutscene shows you where to go. In this place (I hate this place with a passion, but not as much as Bright Town) you must travel up to the room where the rolling balls (boulders) are loaded turn the pedestal to the right once. Let a ball roll down that path If you recieve souls it's the right path, what happened was the boulder killed an enemy and broke through a wall, Big Hat Logan is in a cage in this room, you can open the cage if you have the Master Key or if you get the Cage Key, this key is located further into the level, explore and eventually you'll find a pathway/bridge thats broken but you can just barely jump across. Here you'll find a Merchant and if you go down to the bottom of this building the key is guarded by a Magic casting Serpent. Hope these instructions were clear.

    Spells he offers :

    Everything the Apprentice offer plus to additional spells
    Homing Soulmass
    Soul Spear

    Once again shafted on spells.

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  3. If you free big hat logan twice then talk to him in the archives he sells everything that griggs sells plus Crystal Homing soulmass, Homing soulmass, Soul Spears, Crystal Soul Spear, and Crystal Magic Weapon. Also if you purchase everything from logan at this point and then leave and then return to the area he leaves behind a chest with the second best catalyst (behind the tin crystalization) in a chest.

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  4. Don't forget the girl in the golden crystal golem down in darkroot basin. After defeating the hydra follow the lake left past the ladder and there is a gold foment kill it and there is a spirit that will sell sorcery such as hidden body and others like it.

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