How do I beat toxic soldier after Gaping Dragon tunnel area?

  1. I forgot the name of the place, it's after u open the gate after defeating Gaping Dragon. The huge tunnel filled with fat man poisonous swings and the annoying TOXIC soldier. I can't even hit them even with arrows i will be infected with their toxic. Tried looking for answers in Utube but none. Help me anyone..

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    ComradeVladimi - 5 years ago

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  1. There is no toxic soldier what hits u with toxic is a little guy in the back with a blowdart gun just run up to him with shield up and kill him hes very weak

    User Info: oldwolf_1337

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  1. Theres not much you can do but just attack him, but what you should do is go to the darkroot area and kill the plant creatures untill you amass a good amount of blooming purple moss, or if you have the souls you can buy them from the merchant in the burg hallway leading to the depths.

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  2. You can shoot arrows at him from the first ledge or lure him close to the ladder and stand at the back of the first ledge and sometimes he will fall off and if he doesn't, you can try a plunging attack using two hands on your weapon, but don't expect it to be a one hit kill even with the drake sword. Also, it is possible to parry/riposte this baddie.

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  3. I found the easiest way to kill him is to let him run to you while you are by the ladder. This gives you a large-ish platform to stand on. His swings are generally quite slow, but his back can still hit you so be careful. When he begins his swing, try to get behind him for a back stab. If you are using the drake sword, 3 - 4 back stabs should work. When he does his downward slam with his club, move out of the way and get some swings off of him. Also if he is close to the ledge and is able to be backstabbed, do it because that kicks him over the edge and you will get 250 - 260 souls off of it. Do not try to pull more than one of them at a time because that can get ugly pretty quickly.

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  4. Killing knights are more difficult than killing them. Hold a shield, circle him until you can backstab. Rinse and repeat.

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  5. Just lure him over to the platform, climb up the ladder, then start up the really long ladder, and he'll try to follow you from under and walk of the edge. And presto, insta-death. Works with the two in the back as well.

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  6. If you are referring to the blow dart guys that cause the toxic status effect (black teardrop), the best way to deal with them is to get the spider shield. This is the only shield I have seen so far that can actually block the darts and prevent you from being affected by this status. As others above have posted, once you eliminate the toxic threat a slice or two should take him out.

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  7. That area is called Blighttown. There are a few things you can do to help against the rampant poison in this area:

    -bring lots of purple moss and blooming purple moss. You can buy them from the female undead merchant , or you can farm the tree men in Darkroot Garden for them.

    -Equip the highest poison resist gear you have. For the shield, use the Spider Shield. If you have the poisonbite ring, use it.

    -ALWAYS have your shield up. All it takes are 2 darts to make you toxic. Pay attention to where the darts are coming from. You won't be able to lock on from that far away, so make sure you are facing in the direction of the darts.

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  8. The best way to kill the infested barbarians are to use the bow. When you first go in to blight town don't go down the second ladder instead keep on shooting the barbarian until he turns around and runs at you at this point go back up the first ladder and it should commit suicide. This will work on the next two barbarians as well. There are four other barbarians which are harder to kill. If you have a high stability shield (tower shield/Eagle shield if you are your first run through the game, otherwise use havels greatshield which is in anor londo.) you just have to bide your time and hit him on the counter attack.
    As for the blow dart sniper you just have to approach him with your shield up to reduce toxic build up and it should only take one hit to kill him.

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  9. Along the path way your talking about the fastest way to kill those bigs guys is tease them and lure them back into chasing you up to the ladded you went off, I guarentee if they don't stop chasing you, 100% of the time you can get them to fall off the path way trying to get to you. As for the poison guys, the blow darts are annoying, they have toxic and one dart boost you up to 50% full on your toxic meter and they shoot fast, so please before you get down here, make sure you have plenty of blooming purple moss, its the only thing aside from a bon fire that can cure you of toxic, and note Toxic kills you pretty damn fast. One thing I advise you on having before going all the way down , is the spider shield, that shield will help you keep safe from getting toxic when the blow darts ping your shield.

    If you don't have it....well...near the beginning part there is a corpse that has the spider shield on it you can pillage it, and there are alot of bodies down there, keep yous eyes peeled because there are full sets of Shadow Armor and Sealer armor, as well as The Power within pyromancy, and remedy miracle for the sealer, and the iato katana. Also if you are after the bell Please have a Dragon Crest shield or at least a Black Knight shield. It helped me having the Dragon Crest shield because it greatly reduces how much damage you take from fire attacks and Quaalag has a lot of fire attacks too.

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