How do I beat (Red Dragon)?

  1. I make it to the bridge he's sitting on, but when start running towards him he breathes fire and kills me. What do I do? Please help, I've been on this same part since I bought the game the first day it came out.

    User Info: Nexus89

    Nexus89 - 5 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. It's actually not as hard as it seems. What you have to do is line up on the right side of the bridge. Start walking along the side and at about a quarter of the way down, sprint towards the middle. There is a staircase on the right that you need to go down. You cannot beat this dragon yet. What you will want to do is kick the ladder just past one of the doorways below the bridge. Do not take the stairs before kicking the ladder because you will just fall down to the bonfire without a way back up. This provides a shortcut to the bonfire. Make sure you have a bow and plenty of arrows. I splurged on a stronger arrow so the next part didn't take as long. The other doorway leads beneath the bridge and dragon. Kill the two hollows that camp there and then shoot at the dragon's tail. Depending on the arrows it will take at least 15 shots to destroy it. This will give you the Drake Sword. Afterwards you can go to the other side, beneath the bridge, and continue on on your quest. Do not go up the tower stairs in this next area. There is a Black Knight guarding the top. Later in the game when you are able you kill him, you'll find out that the knight is guarding the sniping spot for the red dragon. One arrow to the back should make him disappear and when you go back down the stairs you'll hear him die and you'll recieve 10,000 souls.

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Other Answers

  1. This dragon is actually easy to beat once you can beat the enemy in the sniping spot you need to go to. After coming up the bridge, and then cutting right to get under it, you get to kick down a ladder giving you easy access to a previous Bonfire you may well recognize. coming from that bonfire, you will pass 3 rats and climb a ladder. If you take a sharp left turn and climb the LONG circular staircase you will find a black knight at the top with a BK Great Sword and BK Shield. he hits hard, but if you are any good at Parry/Reposte, he's cake. once you take him down, step out and you will be able to see the dragon from above, fire an arrow into him, one should be enough, and he will drop off of his ledge in apparent shock. when you descend the tower, you should hear him roar and get 10k souls for your trouble. I've done this twice now and both times it's been a one shot kill.

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  2. Also IGN is amazing for help with Dark Souls. They have videos for bosses and the Drake Sword

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