Speedy Powerfull Weapon?

  1. I was wondering what the best weapon in the game is, preferably a fast moving one with great damage? I am using the drake sword it is decent in damage and speed, but I just got the gravelords sword and it is slow but has very nice damage. I also made a firesword + 5 and it had more damage then the drake sword but did less damage to enemies.

    User Info: Laseric

    Laseric - 5 years ago

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  1. A lot of players seem to like Quelaag's fury sword. And I gotta say, it's pretty nice. In order to get it you have to level up a slashing weapon (such as a katana or shotel...I believe a falchion would work too) up to level 10 and then take it to the black smith in anor londo. With Quelaag's soul, you can change it to the fury sword. The sword is pretty speedy and light, doesn't require a lot of strength/dex to use, and it's power increases as you gain more humanity. Humanity is key with this weapon. With a mere 3 humanity, at +5 my fury swords stats are 90 attack (plus 39 str bonus), 270 fire damage (plus 27) and 100 critical damage. So that adds up to 426....as long as there's no fire resistance involved, plus it'll grow stronger as I gain more humanity. And for a fast swing and nifty slash-then-dodge-back attack, it's pretty handy. The drake sword is useful early on in the game, but isn't very good later on....especially since it doesn't aquire any stat bonuses. That's my 10 cents...

    User Info: Agrieus

    Agrieus - 5 years ago 2 0

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