If released, will Lautrec start killing off other NPC's?(like Yurt in "Demon's Souls")

  1. I'm worried that Lautrec, if let out of his jail cell (in the Undead Church), is then going to start to kill various NPC's in the game. Like the character Yurt in "Demon's Souls" did if you released him and then didn't kill him right there and then. I would like to complete the Lautrec quest line through to the end; but not at the expense of the other NPC's in the game.Does anyone know if Lautrec is or isn't the "Yurt" of Dark Souls?

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    Bmisoni - 5 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. When released Lautrec will return to Firelink Shrine and he will eventually kill Anastacia, the Fire Keeper. This will disable the bonfire at Firelink Shrine and you won't be able to upgrade your Estus Flask there until you recover her soul from Lautrec later in the game.

    He does not kill any other NPCs. Once he kills Anastacia there will be a Black Eye Orb where her body is. You can use it later when you get to Anor Londo to invade Lautrec's world and make him pay! The orb will vibrate in the large hall outside of the Dragon Slayer Ornstein / Executioner Smough boss fog, that is your hint to use it. When you invade his world and kill him he will drop Humanity, Crest Shield, Souvenir of Reprisal, Fire Keeper's Soul, and his Ring of Favor and Humanity. His armor will also show up on a corpse on the balcony after you defeat Dragon Slayer Ornstein / Executioner Smough but only if you kill him in his world.

    You can take the Fire Keeper's Soul back to Anastacia to revive her which reactivates the bonfire at Firelink Shrine.

    My advice is to let him do his thing. It is not that much of an inconvenience as you can turn Fire Keeper Souls in to two other NPCs until you revive Anastacia.

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