What is the best place to soul grind?

  1. What is the best place to grind for souls? I'm certain there is more than one answer depending, but I'd like an idea of what other people do.

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    SeWiz - 6 years ago
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    Its not bad, I run a loop starting at the fire where you first escape the demon at the beginning, I first kill all the fire wielding hollows, then step just inside the door and wait for the two inside the large room. If you stand in the right spot the archer hollow and one of the sword hollows from above will fall down for an easy kill. I then run out the other side to the fire in the court ward, then up the stairs to kill the three hollow on the balcony and the the knight and lance hollow. Then I drop back down and take at the fire wielders and the two hollows in the big room again. 2200 + (+ depending on bonuses for critical hits, etc.) souls, with my stats/ weapons it takes just a couple of minutes.

    User Info: SeWiz

    SeWiz - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. The best is at the Darkroot Forest. As what Fullthtrl86 said, just run halfway in the forest & let them chase u (there's 3 of them sorcerer, knight with blunt weapon & soul form assassins) run to the corner of the cliff they will jump fall into the cliff as they can't reach ur standing area. Continue with the easy bandit. U can get about 7000 souls easily in less than 2 min. If can u beat the Soul form knight it's 10000 in total. I reach level 90 doing this for 2 hours. Happy grinding!

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Other Answers

  1. I like to use the Undead Asylum. After getting back to the very first bonfire, I go backwards, kill the two hollows in the big hall with the vases, and then kill the 5-6 hollows that group up outside the gate. Each hollow is worth 100 souls, but at 6-7 hollows per run at around 2-5 minutes per run (depending on your skill/soul/equip level) you can rake in a huge surplus of souls pretty quickly. Plus, the danger level is extremely low; just don't forget and accidently run through the middle of the hall or the floor caves in and you have to fight the Stray Dragon.

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  2. Very easy and fast, but nets you only 300.
    Go to the red dragon bridge, run to the stairs on the right and go down, kick the ladder to the bonfire.
    Return up to the bridge and run to the wall across the stairs. The dragon burns enemies. Return to the bonfire, rest. Repeat.
    300s for 30 secs, 1200 for every 2 mins. Do the math.
    NOTE!!! Dragon must stay alive.

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  3. 1. Basilisks in sewers, about 2k-3k souls in about 5 min
    2. Phalynx (spelled wrong) in the painted world, 250 souls each, 19 enemies all close together, flame on. or iron flesh and grab a halberd or something with large swing radius. Should take about 2-3 minutes and its fast to get back to bonfire to reset.
    3. Area just right before fighting Nito, there are little skeleton babies that spawn in the white water, each gives about 121 souls if i remember right, they dont have much hp but they constantly spawn. I recommend putting on dark eye ring (get hp when an enemy dies) and just keep swinging at them. One spawns around you pretty much every second so its a very steady stream of souls coming your way and probably my favorite of these three methods though getting there is the trouble.

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  4. if you grind enough souls to purchase the crest (20000 souls) that opens the door in darkroot forest.Turn left after opening the door and face the stone wall hit it to reveal a hidden bonfire. After activating the bonfire head through the door and down the stair case and look out into the woods there is a sorcerer out there that you can aggro with a bow. I'm currently using the drake sword that takes about 7-10 hits to kill him just avoid going out into the woods or getting hit by his magic. He is worth 2000 souls and there is also a transparent knight that kills me pretty easy cause I cant target him just barely see him but I can usually get him to fall off the cliff if I back into the corner just left of the staircase and he is worth 3000 souls. Just these 2 guys alone nets me 5000 souls and has a bonfire very close to reset them. I'm not sure how far in the game I am but I'm level 23.

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  5. As Fullthrtl86 and ComradeVladimi says, this is probably the best place to grind for souls, its also a good place to pvp and there were 2 occasions where I invaded and defeated the host and got 200k worth of souls. Just join the Forest Hunter covenant and use the ring to invade.

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