1. So i read on the wiki that siegmeyer is in firelink after u beat anor londo, and he gives u the force ball miracle if u say u were the one who opened sens fortress. I beat anor londo but he's not in firelink. Where is he?

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    Old_one_slayer - 5 years ago
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    Ok thx, ill do that

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    Old_one_slayer - 5 years ago
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    Do i have to rescue him before i complete it? Cuz i cant find him

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    Old_one_slayer - 5 years ago


  1. You have to save him in anor lando first. In one of the rooms there are three knights you have to kill then you speak to him and he gives you a ring. Thats when he'll go to the firelink.

    User Info: kinoholic

    kinoholic - 5 years ago 0 0
  2. Remember the Bonfire where Knight Solaire (The "SUN FANATIC") hanged out when you first came there?

    It is like a hotel right?

    If I remember correctly, go up the stairs, to the knight who uses an arrow (in the hall where there are two doors on each side) Kill the knight, go outside (THE BALCONY) rotate your camera to the building until you see an open window.
    There he is!

    To get to him, go to the ROOFTOP.

    If you observe the place more clearly, you'll see two towers or stairs leading downwards. (One to the north and one to the left) Go to the left where a knight is "hiding" kill the guy, go downstairs then there you go.

    When you find him he will say that you two are in trouble, etc etc, need help, etc etc because there are three Silver knights in the next room, kill them all, then speak to him. That's it.

    User Info: barkbark_reborn

    barkbark_reborn - 5 years ago 0 0

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