Whats the best way to rebuild or define a character?

  1. Ive just beaten anor londo, im level 54, have all the gear up til this point. mainly using gold hemmed and lightning spear. started as a pyromancer and ive added some soul arrow spells. trouble is im too balanced. no stat higher than 25. most around 20 except faith which is quite low. i grind in the forest but at around 20k per level, it seems unrealistic to add lots to strength, vit and endurance to tank up. or even subbing intelligence for strength to go spells. any ideas of gear or tips on how to focus? also in a new game +, will it be a similar quick pace to boosting stats as in my first playthrough? or will it be just as tough as now? id also like my build to be a little stronger in co op and when im invaded.

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    playoliver - 5 years ago


  1. I felt this way on my first play through. trying to balance out what i feel my character will need. It all depends on which weapons/spells you find and that you like to use all around for instance i fell in love with the halberd and used it 80% of the game i liked the way it attacked. Also rather than spending stats on int for spells, pyromancy is always an option, upgrading it will cost a lot but the good thing is that it wont increase your soul level. I made a new character to be a tanky pyro but my pyro hand is fully upgraded along with my fully upgraded fire halberd and soon some kind of fully upgraded lightning weapon. Its actually my third character cause my second was to try out spells/pyro, but problem was i felt she was too weak and i favored pyro spells over sorcery spells, so basically like i said finding a good build is what you like and what you are good with. As far as pvp or co op go, in my opinion i would recommend a good amount of end and vit. Anyway hope this helps or at least gives you somewhat a better idea of how to build a character.

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  2. For any character build

    25-40 vit and 30-40 endurance is the most stable, the rest of your stats can go to where you feel leaning towards

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    noobsterkid - 5 years ago 0 0

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