How do i parry/reposite?

  1. I have been having trouble parrying. my question is simple but hard. when do i parry at the start of an attack or when it makes contact?

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    Thanks for the answer i finally got it. there is one thing to add. when you successfully parry there is a sound effect like when you light a fire then you can hit r1 and counter.

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    brokenjera - 5 years ago

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  1. in addition, different items have different parrying windows and animations.
    shields are the standard, with a quick animation akin to a "b itch slap" and a moderate input window for a succesful parry, there is a shield specially dessigned to parry I think it's called Target shield, it has a longer animation and a more generous input window. Fists work exactly the same, or at least I don't see any difference.
    Knives have a simmilar animation to shields, but I believe they have a longer input window (at least its easier for me to parry with them). And the Parrying dagger is the easiest item to parry with
    Uchigatana has the same animation but a smaller input window
    Other curved swords like the shothel have a really wierd animation in wich the character swings his sword all around his body, it has a slightly longer than usual animation and a very strict input window
    And finally, rapiers have a more elegant animation, although in practice they work exactly the same as uchigatanas
    Parrying is slightly different with all the above, so, the best thing you can do is practice your timing depending on your choice. And depending on your timing you will have different outcomes: succesfull parry (enemy gets stuned and becomes an easy target), "partial" parry (enemy doesn't get stuned, you can't riposte, you loose health and stamina as if you had blocked the attack but don't get stuned either), failed parry (same as if you were hit with your guard down, you get stuned and open for a combo)

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  1. You need to have a small shield or normal shield in your left hand, then right as soon as the enemy's attack is about to hit you or make contact you parry with r2 and if its successful you can follow through with a basic attack landing a critical from the front. Also i believe you can not parry strong attacks. Takes some time to get used to parrying but practice enough and it will be easy. Hope this was helpful.

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  2. I think you mean L2 for parry unless you can hold shields in your right hand...never tried it.

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  3. You have to have the right timing when you try to parry. I usually try to hit r2 right when the attack is coming down onto me, though this is usually not a good practice since the black nights change up their attack speed a lot. I practiced on them for about 3 hours to get decent at it only to find out that it will get lost as you move onto other enemies. If you find any of the dark knights, especially any of the two in the return to the starting level of the game, you can practice for a while on them and they are relativiely close to a bonfire so you don't have to travel far to get to them. Also I found you can use some weapons to parry with so don't be afraid to try them out as well, practice makes perfect.

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  4. You want the Parrying Dagger.

    Watch people like EWGF, DarkSoulsMindsEye, EpicNameBro, those guys for more help.

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  5. Great parry guide:

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  6. Shields basically work like a fist in the right hand

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  7. To perform a successful parry and riposte, the first step is to parry, or repel, the enemies attack.

    To successfully parry, you must first place your character very close to the enemy while facing them (lock on) and wait for them to attack. When they attack, you must wait until their attack is just about to connect, then use the parry button to repel their attack.

    To perform a successful riposte, you must first use the steps listed above to parry an attack, then use the regular attack button to riposte. Make sure your character is still within close proximity of the enemy and facing them.

    TIPS: Watch the enemy's hand rather than their weapon when attempting to perform a parry, unless they're using a thrust attack.

    It is possible to parry with your shield up (don't worry, the timing is still the same) and it is a good idea to do this due to how you will block any attacks which you are late to parry.

    After a successful parry, you must keep your shield down, or put it down if you parry while blocking, otherwise it will cancel the riposte window and you will perform a regular attack instead.

    Almost all enemies which are small (Undead Soldier) or medium (Black Knight) in size, or just humanoid in appearance, can be parried, even those which are unarmed; however, some of them may have an attack which cannot be parried, such as shield bashes. Another good example is the Serpernt Warrior's bite attack and the follow-up sword slash, neither of which can be parried. Grab attacks cannot be parried.

    A good way to see if an enemy can be parried at all is to check and see if they can be backstabbed. If they can be backstabbed, then chances are they can be parried.

    Study an enemy's attacks before attempting to parry so that you can better judge the timing, proximity, and whether or not the attack can be parried. To do this, just stand in front of them and block their attacks, preferably with a medium shield so that you do not have to switch shields and can attempt to parry while the analysis is still fresh in your mind.

    If you've any more questions, do not hesitate to personal message me, or simply post a response on here.

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