How do you upgarde past 5 on a weapon?

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  1. Once you get an ember you have to take it to a blacksmith. He will go past +5. I think you need a large or dark ember if you want to upgrade a weapon using a bosses soul but I'm not entirely sure.

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  1. The ember for that is in a chest right next to the butcher in the sewers the key for the door is the one you get after killing capra demon.

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  2. The blacksmith can go up to +15. +5 is starting out.

    When you find a Large Ember, which is found in the Depths, next to a Butcher. Andre can reinforce up to +10.

    When you find the Very Large Ember, which is located in the Demon Ruins, guarded by around 8 Taurus Demons, and in the middle of a pool of lava. (Unless you have the charred ring, you will die getting it.) Afterwards, you take it to Andre as well, and he will reinforce +15.

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  3. ^^
    What they said. I just want to correct Peavy_FTW. You get the very large ember in New Londo Ruins after you break the floodgates and go to the lower area of it. The ember that you are talking about in Demon ruins is the Chaos flame ember.

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  4. The first blacksmith, Andre, in the Undead Parish is the NPC who does the Standard, Raw, Divine, and Occult upgrades. He can do standard upgrades until +5, to get to +6-10, you first must get access to the lower Undead Burg by getting the Basement Key fron the corpse at the gate behind the Armored Tusk (The giant boar in case you don't know its name). Then go to the bridge where you encountered Knight Solaire and the Helkite Dragon, open the door that was previously locked, and proceed. Watch out for dogs and undead assassins that can quickly cause bleeding damage if you get surrounded. (When you first get to the lower undead burg, turn right towards the tall stair case to open a shortcut back to its bonfire) Keep going straight down the stair case where the dogs came from, and the two assassin ambushes, and there will be a fog door with the boss the Capra Demon, he's pretty tough so watch out. After you kill him you get the Key to the Depths, exit his arena and immediately turn left down the stair case, there will be another ambush at the bottom, with only 2 assassins. Keep going and you will see a staircase going to a door, or you can keep going and there will be a door on your right. The stair case leads to the sewers where you can find the Female Undead Merchant and open a shortcut back to the Firelink Shrine. Keep going, open the door to the depths and descend. Dispose of the hollows, go down the stairs, kill the rest, and go down further. there will be two dogs, a butcher, and a chest, The Large Ember is in the chest. Kill the enemies, get it, and take it to Andre. Then he can get your weapons to +6-10.

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