How do I beat ceaseless fire demon?

  1. Ok, so I rocked out queelag with some people and rang bell number deuce but the got my a** handed to my by this giant fire dude with a bunch of arms. Ideas anyone? Im like lvl 30. Should I just come back later or take him on now?

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    joemax45 - 5 years ago

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  1. Here is the strategy I used. So, to start off, you run in and grab the gold-hemmed set, that is when he will start attacking you. Run away from and dodge him. Get to the crevice near the path. You are safe at a portion of this area. So what you will want to do is play a game of chicken with him, lol. You stick your head out and look at him, he will try to attack you with one of his appendages, move out of the way. You should hear his tentacle thing hit the ground and the screen shake. Run in, and put your two cents in on his tentacle. You should be able to get 2-4 hits on it depending on what weapon you are using. Rinse and repeat. Step out, you'll see his eyes start to go red, move back so you can't see him, tentacle, run out and hit it, repeat.
    This was my strat, and I hope it works for you!

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  1. If you want to kill him legit you should definitly wait, however if you don't mind being cheap, theres an easy way to kill him, just go take the gold hemmed set and he should start attacking you then, run back to the entrance (use the safe passage to make things easier) and when you're at the fog gate, he should jump and put his fist juste before you slash him like 4-5 times and he should die, falling to his death below...

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  2. There is a great walk through of this fight on YouTube. Search for videos by EpicNameBro, and check out his ceaseless discharge kill vid. All his dark soul vids are great!

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  3. The best way to beat the ceaseless discharge is to Obtain the zweihander +15. Then during the fight stay at medium range to avoid getting hit by it sweep attacks, then do one strike at a time until it is dead.
    With this method you will get hit by its fire slam attack but you should have time to use an estus flaks and get one strike of before it attacks again. It is also advisable to kindle either the daughter of chaos or the first bonfire in demon ruins to the max (so you'll have 20 estus flasks).
    If not then you will need to keep near the cliff edge but not to close cause it might hit you off the edge. The continuously move from left to right and roll to avoid his attacks, and keep striking it one strike at a time to give yourself time to use estus flasks.

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  4. Well this might require you to be a higher level but it worked for me. I had beaten Pinwheel in the catacombs so I had juiced up the firelink shrine fire for 20 estus flasks. This was the second time I had fought him so he came at me right away but it doesn't matter, get to the open area and stand in the middle. He should shoot giant flame blasts at you. I used the Black Iron Shield and the Gold-Hemmed Set and just blocked this attack, still cost me about a third of my health but then he leaves his tentacle there. Run up, get a couple of slices off then heal. Its easy but it does take a lot of healing and you might need some humanity to heal if you run out of flasks. But it might not work if you aren't high enough level yet

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  5. Killed him with a SL1 pyro using this tactic

    dont pick up the armor set found in his area since if you die and come back, he is automatically aggroed

    ok now that thats out of the way lets start off nice and easy

    one word for this boss battle


    he is like one of the easiest bosses if you know how to utilize your dodge roll effectively since being right in front of him will always warrant 3 types of attacks which is all easy to dodge once you get the hang of it
    after a dodge dont ever attack immediately since theres a small chance of him doing a second strike
    once you know he aint attacking, get 3-5hits onto him then get ready to dodge again

    repeat till the weakling of a boss is dead

    enjoy my friends

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  6. as a mage the easiest way I found to beat him was to face him directly with your shield up dodging what attacks you can, eventually he'll slam you with a fire blast attack that will put one of his tenticals down. at this point release target lock and slam him with a couple of spells and repeat. don't see why melee can't use this tactic also, just hit him with your weapon . requires a decent shield but doesn't have to be great, used the dark hand during new game and shield during regular should work.

    base pyromancer vitality also.

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  7. what helped me kill him was pyromancy spell sweat,black knight sword(not greatsword),the ring tht changes roll style and havels ring just keep flipping sidways he should miss most of the time then hit his tentacal or whatever it is with 2 or 3 hits than repeat you should be able to kill him in about 2 trys or if not ill be on about 4 and ill help u but my SL is 72

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  8. For the record, I've tried the supposed "cheap" way where you run back to the gate and he will only spam the fire blast. I recommend not grabbing the set of armor so you can start the fight when you wish to. If you grabbed the armor, he will be hostile as soon as you enter the fog gate after dying previously.

    At any rate, I've defeated him two different ways:

    One you can use Iron Flesh to take his hit and then slash his arm that is on the ground, This is a more strong heavy build style where you don't have the roll speed and have a high power weapon. Heal when necessary. It can require some timing,

    The regular way I fight him is getting close to the edge near him so you can lock on while moving to the left or right as he is rearing back with a tentacle then roll before it slams it down. Sometimes by just strafing left or right is all you need to do since he aims where you were as he is slamming down. I tend to roll to be on the safe side. You then stab as much as you can before he brings it back up.

    Ceaseless discharge is mostly a lvl/gear check for the higher areas. It is best to head to Sen's fortress and Anor Londo for beginning.

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  9. If you have a bow upgrade it to lightning plus five and bring a stack of arrows. Shoot him once and run back into the crevice. He will come around to the other entrance. Now, if you guage your position correctly he will stand at that opening and wave the tentacles up and down in front of it. Edge out until you have just enough room to squeeze an arrow out. He wont attack or move if you are positioned correctly. Just sit there and time your shots as he waves his tentacles and like ten minutes later hes dead. Slow but safe and ridiculously cheap.

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