Good straight sword?

  1. I want to know if there are any good staright swords out there that are worth upgrading for strength/melee user?

    User Info: demon_edge

    demon_edge - 5 years ago

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  1. The best straight sword is probably the silver knight or black knight sword. For strenght the best sword is the Zweihander. For a all round build the great sword of Artorias (non-cursed, it does magic damage aswell as physical) is pretty good but you will need a broken straight sword or a straight sword hilt at +10 and ascend it with the soul of Sif. This sword is good as it counts as a divine weapon so it will perminantly kill the skeletons in the catacombes with out needing to kill the pyromancy mages.

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  1. The holy sword in the Valley Of The Drakes is good. If you have the master key you can get it at the beggining by passing through the locked gate at the Andor Londo Ruins. Oh yeah and you only need 14 faith to wield it aswell.

    User Info: Hells_Baron

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  2. That sword is more of a faith build weapon and not even a good one at that, to be honest.

    Claymore is a pretty good sword. Or a Man-serpent Greatsword, but really it's whatever weapon you prefer :)

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  3. For a strength based character depending on your liking can either be a black knight great sword or a black knight great axe especially when upgraded to level +5 the reason I say either one is because if you've been far enough in the game and if you use logic you'll soon come to find out that it is much harder to find or farm twinkling titanite to upgrade weapons so weapons that need twinkling titanite will be much stronger than the ones that don't, also I've spent a good solid 5 hours gameplay experimenting with upgraded weapons and elemental weapons doing damage to the same strong enemies and bosses and found that even then those two weapons did more damage than any other upgraded weapon, BUT!!! Here's the tricky part some weapons like the Zweihander +10 fire or the +5 Occult greataxe (occult because the more humanity you have the more damage it will do, but only 10 humanity is the max dmg) when equipped and you look at the physical dmg will say will do more dmg than the black knight greatsword/axe but when I actually tested it out I did more dmg in one swing of the greatsword/axe then I did with the Zweihander +10 fire or the +5 occult greataxe so far those are the two most damaging weapons I've come across and I'm a level 290 with almost every stat at level 50 the only 2 not at level 50 are faith and vitality but that's because those don't really matter unless you want to use miracles. Plus this may seem weird but even though the greatsword/axe are heavy weapons, their swing is actually much quicker than most heavy weapons and your player doesn't stumble like he would with other heavy weapons and swords... Hope this helps...

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  4. where can i find occult Greateaxe?

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  5. zweihander in my opinion, if you dont mind slow swings. it has good reach, doesn't weight as much as other "ultra" weapons (10 zwei vs 14 greataxe vs 12 murakomo), R1 attack has an almost 360 swing, staggers high poised adversarys, can be upgraded to scale with inteligence or faith, or make it elemental (lighting zweihander has a 717 damage pre 1.05 patch), hell it's usefull even as a defensive tool (absorbs 70% of physical damage, and has great stability for a weapon -->44), with a full stamina bar of 192 (ring of favor and protection needed for this) i've been able to block smough's attack without breaking my guard, and having enough to roll out of the way. Answering millionsunback's question: you don't find it, you make it: great axe is somewhere in the catacombs and you need to give dark ember (located in painted world of aramais) to blacksmith andrei (requires titanite shard to reach +5, green titanite shard and divine ember to reach divine +5, and finally white titanite chunk and white titanite slab to reach +5 occult)

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  6. Regular straight swords are not very good in this game. For a while I was running around with a Divine +10 sword, as I needed it for the undead creatures. And then I discovered that they died permanently with other powerful weapons, like the Chaos Blade and the Moonlight sword. I have most of the stronger weapons of the game and am not a fan of the HUGE ones, like the Demon Greataxe and such. I prefer nimbler weapons that are faster. I have an Enchanted +5 sword that really kicks some butt, but they are just too slow. I also love my +5 Moonlight sword, as it scales with my Int.

    It really all depends what you prefer and your playing style. If you are a tank and can withstand a lof of physical damage, try going for a modified black knight ultra-greatsword, although I only saw those at the end of the game... You will need the armor and Vitality points to wield it though because the speed is so low.

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  7. i prefer dark sword, diffficult to get, you have to kill the the four kings while still holding the lordvessel, enter the covenant with kaathe, then give him 30 humanity, upgrade it to +15, this ins the sword i use and i could not b happier with it it scales as C with both strength and dexterity

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  8. The best strength based straightsword is the Broadsword. It has low stat requirements which leave the Stat Scaling better than any other straightsword. As a trade off it has slightly less range,
    I advise that you use the Drake Sword until you are able to do more damage with the Broadsword (takes some upgrading)

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  9. I have always liked the Balder Side Sword. It is a great weapon early in the game and, if you upgraded it, it continues to be one of the best one handed straight swords in the game. It uses very little stamina every swing, and generally, is a fantastic weapon in PVP and PVE.

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