I don't get the plot?

  1. So i recently beat the game, and chose the "good" ending. So basically i catch on fire, explode, and i presume die? Wtf lol. So like i saved the world through lighting a fire? Plz explain whole plot of game 4 me lol cuz i really didnt get it.

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    Yeah i read all of the god rings, got a little bit of imfo on them like gwyndolin making a fake gwynevere, and no offence, but i dnt really want to be told how to get the story, just wanted it explained lol, thx 4 ur input tho :P

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  1. Spoiler alert guy: Basically 90% of this game has an inferred plot. It tells you very little actual information. It gives you tons of names and locations and things that happened but it doesnt really link them. For example the never never actually SAYS that Gwynevere is a fake or that she was produced by Gwyndolin. People just assumed that (i believe it's true as well but it feeds my point) because Gwyndolin knew you did it right away, Gwynevere's death animation and Gwyndolin's ability to create illusions that he made that clone. Anyway I personally read the plot like this and it's literally impossible to prove me wrong since ALL plots people have made take a ton of logical leaps.

    You are a special hollow you maintained your mind even while hollowed and as such are saved and helped to firelink shrine where you start your quest (for generic destiny at that point). Then you meet Frampt who is a primordial serpent and tells you that you are the chosen one that is to succeed Gywn as ruler of this world. You gain the lordvessel which was a treasure of his guarded by two of his four knights (Ornstien and Smough) when he left the castle to go to the Kiln. Then proceed to gather the fragments of the lords souls which is the soul of the primordial human named Manus (who you find in the DLC). Once you have them you place them in the lordvessel and gain access to the Kiln which I believe is a place where Gywn played with the Lord Soul, blasting it into pieces and ashing everything inside the kiln and also removing the humanity from humans (read: its Manus soul that broke, Manus is the first human, without him there IS no human) and making everyone mindless zombies. Anyway you stomp in there, kill his surviving black knight guards and then (eventually) kill the man himself. With that out of the way you (in your case specifically) chose to RELINK the bonfires which is what I feel Gywn did. In my opinion the relink ending just starts over a cycle, you died only to be reborn as a mindless "god" for another chosen to eventually take out in an attempt to end the cycle.

    There is a TON of lore in this game (most of it assumed or filled in by fans and popular consensus) so you can never be sure. Personally I believe Priscilla is the daughter of Seeth and Gwynevere...and Gwyn didnt like that so he banished Priscilla into the painting in his castle (somehow) after having her locked up in the asylum (why the doll is there), executed his daughter (or she killed herself? Idk as long as she died). Put her in the basement, Gwyndolin disagreed and betrayed his father somehow in someway, got all his statues torn down and in his grief still sits under the castle mourning his sister (i think Gwyn is a pet name for his older sister) in her giant tombstone and pretending she is still alive by having her illusion still in her chamber. All this would explain why Gwynevere is dead, Priscilla is banished, a dragon AND a giant and how a crossbreed (that is white btw) could exist in a world where all the dragons got murdered long before she would've been born. Anyway yeah, infer your own plot. It's fun that way.

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  1. You set the world on fire and started it anew again. The whole story revolves around flames so... kindeling all those bonfires and connecting them all together. I suggest you read all of the item descriptions as well as making sure to talk to all npcs and doing all of their story scenarios to fully uncover the story. This game does not have a strict story and it has just A LOT!!!! of lore. It leaves the user to figure out or believe what they want. But there is enough lore in the game to get you going in many directions and with details on what you are doing and who has done/or does what.

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  2. the prologue helps you understand remember the 4th lord the PYGMY "so easily forgotten" well your PC is the "descendant" of the pygmy when you kill the 4 kings boss and talk to the serpent that appears hell tell you that the pygmy found a 4th lord soul in the kiln of the first flame the "dark soul" .Kaathe then tells you the pygmy wanted to bring about the age of men/dark.after this you can assume this happens- Gwyn however didnt want to lose his godhood and thus killed the pygmy and took his lord soul and split it giving the halves to seethe and 4kings(ever wondered why they have SHARDS of a lord soul?-hint) gwyn however didnt expect the pygmy to revive and keep its mind so he probly killed it more times and then eventualy during one of its resurrections he "blurred your past" as kaathe suggests and after hearing the prophecy that dark lord would rise and bring about the age of men he imprisoned the pygmy/player in the undead asylum and as a backup plan told frampt to tell the pygmy he must succeed him and continue the age of fire. Kaathe calls the pygmy your "progenator" not calling him the pygmy however i beleive he calls you a descendant because you are a different mind since your true memories were erased

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