Any opinions on good ring and armor combos?

  1. Ive been reading alot about several setups on different equipment and whatnot but still have a bit of a dilemma. Im working on a strength build character focusing on the black knight great axe and i dont want to rely on lightning weapons or the ring of fog or any of that. What would your opinion of a good ring and armor set for me be? Would it be better to have the ring of favor and havels ring with heavy armor and high poise, or the ring of favor and the wood grain ring with medium armor and poise and faster evasions? Any other set ups would be welcome as well. And also if you have any thoughts of good armor to couple the build would be helpful too. Thanks in advance! ^_^

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    UhOhCheerio - 6 years ago
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    Oooh i never thought of the mask of the father. I thought of using the mask of the child but i suppose more poise and defence would be better. Sucks that the mask of the father looks like im wearing a chocolate hobo on my head though...but thanks for the input! Can anyone name any good armor out there with a considerable amount of poise but still be able to use the dark wood grain ring? And btw is my choice of going to strength as a build and using the dark knight great axe a good one? Ive always wondered about dexterity but i hear its a hard choice because of the low poise they have that makes them stagger all the time.

    User Info: UhOhCheerio

    UhOhCheerio - 6 years ago


  1. You can combine a few of those things. Wood Grain Ring is popular because you can fast roll as long as you are under 50% burden, rather than 25%. Rather than having Havel's Ring take the other spot, you can wear Mask of the Father and Ring of Favor. Havel's ring would grant 50% increase in burden, but the combination of the two I mentioned is 38% increase in burden. This way you can still use some heavier armor, and you get more stamina and HP to boot.

    User Info: Mud_Chan

    Mud_Chan - 6 years ago 0 0

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