Diferent Knight Class:Build,Equips and few tricks...help plz?

  1. Well...I took a look on the dark souls wikia,to collect information about builds and equipaments for the Knight Class...but well...the wiki is still a little incomplete,so i really would like to ask you guys, who may know things that i dont,about this class.

    My questions:
    -I want to build a Knight. Fast,with good Stamina,High Damage(but whithout Heavy Weapons,because if I use heavy weapons,he's going to be slow),that can use Pyromance,Miracle,or Spells and a Bow.I know its to much for just one class...but i really want to make this build,cause i think its very balanced and i like to play with versatile builds,cause i'll always have a way to battle a lot of different enemies.

    ***First of all,about the Spells/Pyromances/Miracles:

    -I want to focus my spells,on spells that can give me support for meele attacks(like the Cursed Weapon and Light Weapon in Demon's Souls),is there any spell like that?

    -I found a pyromance that i think could be very helpful for me,its the Acid Surge,enemies with very high/high def could have problems with this.Is it really a very good pyromance?Or maybe there's a better one that can suit my build better?

    -And I want a miracle that can provide defense,against magic/eletricity/fire/physical attacks(the special effect of the Havel Shield could fit in here,but who knows?Maybe theres something better,and that shield is heavy like hell o.o),does it exist?

    ***Second,the equipaments:

    -I need to know whats the best medium armor for defense generally,against Pshycal attacks,Eletric,Fire and Magic(obviously it's impossible to exist a armor that garants defense for all elements,but maybe there's one that comes close),and that can be upgraded.I like the Heavy armors,but all heavy armors cant be upgraded(or there's a heavy armor that's better than all other armors,even those being full upgraded?)

    -I maybe going to use 3 Shields:One Medium Shield,for Parry and medium defense(probabl the Crest Shield,but down know if its the best);one to take less damage from elements(Magic,Fire and Lightning);and my default shield:a Heavy Shield,i thinking of use the Havel Shield,because of that nice spell that provides defense at the cost of 300 durability,and the incredible stability and defense against everything.BUT ITS SO F****** HEAVY,that i dont know if its worth.What's your opinion abouts these 3 shields?And is there a Shield that provides a lot of defense against elements?

    -I dont know which rings I should use...i like the Ring of Favor and Protection,Ring of Steel Protection,Cloranthy Ring,Ring of Fog,DarkWood Grain Ring and the Elemental Defense Rings,including the Speckled Stone Ring.But dont know whats the better for me.Any ideas?

    -The unique catalyst for Pyromance Magic is the Pyromance Flame?

    ***Third,the Weapons:

    -Whats the best bow on the game?Actually i'm not going to focus too much on the DEX stat,so,is there a bow that works better with medium DEX characters?

    -I personally like straight/curved/piercing swords,spears,daggers,and bows,and i hate anything that makes my char slow like great/ultragreat swords and axes or clubs.But i open for opinions related to all those weapons,including the heavy ones.Does it compensates to use a GreatSword/UltraGreat Sword in a build of High Vit/Strenght/Endurance/Resistance?

    -Whats the best Straight Sword that can be upgraded,and have nice Param Bonus?

    -Whats the best Spear that can be upgraded,and have a nice Param Bonus?

    -Is there a weapon that ignores shields?(like Blind,the sword of Selen Vinland from Demons Souls)And one that break the guard of the enemy more easy?(like the Shotel in Demon's Souls)

    I think its just the "few" questions hahahaha
    Thanks a lot and i wait you help guys

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  1. I'll try to answer at least a few of these lol. Though I play a caster mostly so I might prefer somethings that you might. not.

    -I've only used Acid Surge a bit and haven't found it useful at all, might be better for pvp. I'd recommend good old fireballs mostly.

    -I'd recommend the Magic Shield or Strong Magic Shield sorceries for strong defense.

    -There are a few spells that affect your weapon. Most of them are under sorcery which requires INT (Magic Weapon spells), though there is also one under miracles called Sunlight Blade (adds lightning damage) though I don't think you can have a weapon that already deals special damage (like lightning, fire, or magic). In other words you have to keep your weapon of choice on the standard path to +15.

    -For sheilds I prefer the Bloodsheild as it raises your bleed, curse, and poison resistances by 50%. Though for elemental resistances I would say crystal sheild, though you have to be careful with it as it doesn't have good durability and I'm not sure if it can be repaired or not. I also like using the Crystal Ring Sheild since it has very good magic def (95) and can be fun to use as a weapon. I don't know if havel's is worth it.

    -Rings are more situational imo. The only one I keep on me is Ring of Favor and Protection since it breaks if I take it off. But for my other hand it depends on where i am and what i plan on doing and what enemies I am facing. For the most part I think I would recommend Dark Wood Grain Ring as it keeps you very mobile even in heavier armor.

    -both catalysts for pyromancy are called Pyromancy Flame. The second one is just commonly referred to as the ascended flame as you have to get the standard one to +15, find Quelana to ascend it and upgrade it to +5. Which is a verrrrrry expensive procedure. Also to note, even though you don't need any INT or Faith to cast spells in pyromancy the catalyst will start having a parambonus for INT after +6 or so

    -I don't know which is the best bow, but the Darkmoon bow is pretty decent. I don't use bows that much so I'm not exactly sure how this bow would stack against a DEX build using the Black Bow of Pharis.

    -I don't know which sword would be the best for your build, I know most curved blades in the game are Dex based though.

    -I'm gonna skip the next 2 questions as those really depend on how and if you want to enchant them and such. As for weapons that ignores shields I only know the the shotel's R2 ignores sheilds now. And I believe heavy weapons are what breaks a guard easily now.

    I hope this helps a bit.

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