Is Smough's armor set the one with the best defence?

  1. I killed Smough last on my 1st playthrough, and since i already planned on being tank i had enough stamina to wear it while still being between 75% and 100% load with havel's ring.

    It's kinda ugly though, but on the other hand every other armor set I find has lower values. So is this set really the most defensive set there is, enough for me to upgrade it and stick with it?

    User Info: Darkunov

    Darkunov - 5 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. yes, it is the set with the best defence. Don't get your hopes up with the upgrading thing though, as far as I know, that armor can't be upgraded (like it's already top notch). I recommend not to go just for the armor with the best defence overall, but the armor with the best defence and movility for your present stats. As you know there are four moving tiers in dark souls: unberable (you surpass 100% of your equip burden), slow (you surpass 50%), medium (25-50%), fast (<25%), the last two should be your goal and you can equip any combination of havel's ring, ring of favor and protection, dark wood grain ring, mask of the father to achieve this. Believe me, having a lot of defence isn't so good when you become a backstabing excercise for other players.

    User Info: melchaios

    melchaios (Expert) - 5 years ago 1 0

Other Answers

  1. Smough's is one of the best in the game, however there are at least 2 helmets that I know of that offer better defense (but only barely):

    1. Black Iron Helm +5
    2. Giant Helm +5

    check the elemental defense and resists of these to see which one fits your build best. Black Iron Helm +5 probably gives the best combination of defense, elemental defense, resists, and weight (It's only 6.0, comapred to 6.3 for Giant Helm and 6.8 for Smough's Helm)

    However there are 2 other helms that are at least comparable, those being Elite Knight Helm +10 and Catarina Helm +5. These are only a few points below the heavier helms, but they only weigh 4.5.

    User Info: AlabasterFilth

    AlabasterFilth - 5 years ago 0 0
  2. I think the ?havels? set is the best overall armor set ( best in defense and resistance ). it weights a lot too, so use havels ring or other load+ accessories if necessary.

    User Info: chocobojam

    chocobojam - 5 years ago 0 0

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