How much does Estus heal in Co-op?

  1. When I've used it for co-op, their HP bar never went full, but I wonder if it's just because they have much more vitality than me.

    I have an Estus +7, and I've used it to heal co-op phantoms, but I'm not sure how much it actually heals for. Is it half for the phantoms (and full for you)? Does it split evenly if there are two phantoms present (so 1/3 to each phantom and yourself, or 1/3 to each phantom and full for yourself)?

    User Info: EtherRush

    EtherRush - 5 years ago


  1. Don't take what I'm about to say for granted, but as far as I know the Flask heals more with each fire keeper soul you reinforce it with (that I am certain).

    As for healing in co-op, I'm pretty sure the amount of hp restored to the user is the same wether he is in co-op or not, and that the phantoms receive half of the user's restored hp, even when 2 phantoms are present.

    User Info: Darkunov

    Darkunov - 5 years ago 0 1

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