Is there a PvP exploit that makes backstabbing super-easy?

  1. Before proceeding with the details, let me clarify: I don't want to know what is the exploit, or in other words how to do it. I hate PvP and sharing it here will only make it spread more if it exists.

    Now that that's cleared up, me and my friend (with whom I keep playing with my characters, and only with him) get invaded relatively often, and 99% of the time, if the invader isn't a pyromancy user, he will most likely have a melee weapon with which he will proceed to basically charge us, barely protecting himself and backstab from the front.

    That is, even if we're facing him, or even dodging, everyone trying seems to be able to backstab us no matter what. If memory sreves, this problem was present in Demon Souls too but it never seemed to happen so often to me.

    I'm pretty sure it's not lag, or at least not always, because I never got disconnected from the game (neither does my friend), and we never seem to be able to backstab invaders, or almost, and certainly never from the front.

    User Info: Darkunov

    Darkunov - 5 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    I forgot to mention, when getting backstabbed from the front, it is /my/ character that would turn around so the guy would hit me in the back, and not him suddenly teleporting behind me. Let me picture it in an example.

    Say I get invaded in the Depths and I'm facing the door leading to Blight Town when the black phantom suddenly appears between me and the door, and charges. If I understand ham_sandwich_ correctly, what would happen is :

    The invader hits me from the front, but instead of actually hitting me from the front, he teleports right behind me for the backstab.

    What actually happens is:

    The invader hits me from the front, but instead of actually hitting me from the front, my character turns around 180 degrees and away from the blight town door, and gets backstabbed.

    User Info: Darkunov

    Darkunov - 5 years ago


  1. Haven't had the joy to play dark souls online, but i certainly had my share of demon' souls pvp. In demon's souls lag was responsible for this effect (the kind of lag where the opponent seems to be slightly ahead/behind in time, not the kind that freezes your screen), in fact, lag was so prevalent that in order to be a good pvp player you had to learn how to use lag to your advantage. Time difference between host and guest gave the illusion that the opponent was straight into your face, while in reality he was already behind you (may be the same effect you're experiencing) and i had quite a few hatemails from newplayers who thought i was using some glitch. There's an amazing demon's souls pvp guide here at game faqs that explains lag and backstabs pretty well, i advise everyone to read it

    User Info: melchaios

    melchaios (Expert) - 5 years ago 1 2
  2. You may not think it's lag, but it most likely is. Lag-stabbing is very, very, very common in Dark Souls. When they run straight at you, they are actually trying to run past you, lock on and end up right on your back. On your screen it may look like they're in front, but on their screen they're behind you. The back stab mechanics are touchy enough as it is, and sometimes being at your side is enough to get a successful back stab. I find that having a heavy, wide-swinging weapon like the zweihander helps a lot because it hits all around you, including behind and can stop them from getting a back stab. Either that or just spam wrath of gods... like everyone seems to do.

    User Info: ham_sandwich_

    ham_sandwich_ (Expert) - 5 years ago 1 1
  3. Well, that's certainly weird. Never heard of a glitch for backstabbing, but i suppose the only way to say for sure if it's lag or not is for you to upload a video. That would help greatly

    User Info: melchaios

    melchaios (Expert) - 5 years ago 0 1
  4. There is a very strange exploit a person can do, where if you stunlock someone (even just one hit), you can backstab them after and between i-frames from almost any angle right after. Works regardless of whether u are facing them locked on or facing away while unlocked. This is primarily done to punish rolling but I think it can be used if they don't roll if the entire technique is done almost at once.

    I found this out in Dark Souls 2 (go ahead and hate. i don't care really, I'm just trying to answer his question), but what you are describing sounds like the same thing. Here is a youtube key of a video I found demonstrating this post stun backstabbing:


    User Info: shadedspirits

    shadedspirits - 2 years ago 0 0

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